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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Timeline: Oxman Knew About MJ Before 911 Or Murray?

It has been stated that 911 was called from Michael Jackson's home at 12:21pm on June 25th.

Apparently now, there have been multiple phone conversations going on simultaneously right "before noon".

Take for example the revelation that Dr. Murray contacted a patient regarding test results at 11:54am. This is allegedly documented in phone records. How could Murray calmly make such a call if MJ was immediately in distress after receiving Propofol at 10:50am? Ed Chernoff, Conrad Murray's lawyer, says that Murray's recollection of the timeline was a "mistake", and everyone makes them.

But you could say, well, perhaps Murray found him at 11:55, which would still make it "before noon". Unless he was performing CPR while making additional calls this does not make sense, as he finished his final call at 12:13pm:

Here is video of Brian Oxman saying that he received a call from Randy's assistant (Randy Phillips or Randy Jackson??) that MJ was already taken "from the hospital" at some point "before noon":
(embedding was disabled on video so click YouTube link after hitting "play").

Even if this is a Jermaine style slip up and he meant taking MJ "from the HOUSE", how could he have left the house before noon before 911 was even contacted, or before Murray even realized MJ was in distress?

Special thanks to 77_Sunrise_77 who had sent me the Oxman video link.


  1. Little wonder I'm addicted to this site!

    SC, Atta girl & THANK YOU SO MUCH again.

    Much Love,

  2. I agree, SC! It’s about time to get an exact picture of what (and when) ‘it’ happened on June 25th. Yet I must admit, that I myself have given up on understanding the timeline and the 'dramaturgy' of the 'day of death'! So I feel a need to emphasize it from another angle. - And I find it very interesting to read the headlines of the articles from June 25th till today, because to me it seems MJ went from being ‘very dead’ to ‘he had a heart beat’ to ‘he was alive’. I can’t wait for the next headlines and articles, cause it seems getting better! ;-)

    I post the most significant headlines, I’ve found here, to show the *development*: (The newest headlines in top and the ones from June 25th in the bottom; read it bottom-up)

    - Doctors restarted Michael Jackson's heart at Los Angeles hospital after cardiac arrest: report (Dauly News 30/3-2010)
    - Conrad Murray - Michael Was Alive at UCLA (TMZ)
    - Dr. Murray: Why Apologize? I Did Nothing Wrong (TMZ)
    - Conrad Murray - I Tried Saving Michael Jackson (TMZ)
    - Cover-Up in Michael Jackson Death? (TMZ)
    - Jermaine Jackson Knows Who Killed Michael (TMZ)
    - Conrad Murray Pleads Not Guilty in Jackson Case (TMZ)
    - Jackson Time of Death a Mystery (26/8-2009) (TMZ)
    Paramedics: Jackson Dead When We Arrived (27/7-2009)
    Emergency Workers Felt Jackson Dead at Scene (TMZ)
    Jackson Family - Demerol Shot Caused Death (TMZ)
    Jermaine - They Tried to Revive for an Hour (TMZ)
    Michael Jackson Dies (TMZ)
    Michael Jackson - Cardiac Arrest (TMZ)

    What has been so confusing all the time is the T.I.M.E.-perspective. - I almost feel like singing: “Do you remember the time?”

    - Time of death - EXACTLY WHEN did MJ ‘pass’?
    - At what time did he go to the airport... EHM HOSPITAL!!
    - Time (date) of MJ’s last being in the Staples Center (KO’s speech at the memorial)
    - Time (date) of Jermaine’s tribute-concerts
    Time (date) of the funeral (postphoned several times)

    Well, maybeI need to accept Mj breathing in ‘his own T.I.M.E.’...

    Much LOVE

    Oh - an interesting article with the headline: “Jackson’s hospital known for ‘raising the dead”: ’

  3. Good analysis Judith, but you forgot that at least one of the major U.S media networks announced that MJ was in a coma, about 15 minutes before they announced him 'pronounced dead'!

    Convenient that most news failed to look into the "coma" angle more...


  4. You're right, Mr/Mrs 'Anonymous'. :-)

    Still what I find extremely significant is the actual themes: *heartbeat* and *alive* in the press - and Murray suddenly standing a little more up for himself - according to the press. To me that's good news. (And beLIEving the Hoax, I'm very concerned for Murray as well as for MJ!)

  5. Great list, Judith. The progression of headlines is fascinating. :)

  6. i love that slip up thanks everyone is doing such a great job to keep that faith ! i know many lost faith and i feel said about it

    much Love Bernadette (Detje)