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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Man In The Bubble?

In previous posts we have examined the Sony "make.believe" marketing campaign, and a few of you have created videos analyzing the various advertisements.  Some have noticed items of interest in the below video - the rabbit, the apples, the ball that is similar to "Light Man's" ball, and the sword movement which was similar to what was seen in a leaked video of Blanket.  All of these can be deemed "coincidences" (one of the most frequently used words on this site I believe...:) ).

But a SeeingClues blog reader ("TWK") discovered something new about the above video that no one else has picked up on.   Near the end of the video is a series of bubbles which contain quickly mutating images.
An especially interesting image was caught at approximately the 2:26 (interesting time) mark of the video.
I captured a screen shot and there is an image in a bubble which resembles a reverse image of the Thriller album cover.  The image changes very quickly, so here is what I was able to capture:

Here is a closer look:

Trick of the eye?  Optical llusion?  Subliminal marketing?

But if the concept of the "man in the bubble" sounds far-fetched, consider this. In the Jackson's 1980 video for "Can You Feel It", the use of bubbles and images in the bubbles were part of the special effects.

Stopping the screen at the 4:51 mark shows this image:

Can you see it? :)


  1. I do see the image of the Thriller album. Intentional for any reason is awesome -- if it was unintentional and just a coincidence - even better. Thanks so much for all the work you do to bring these cool things to your blog for everyone to see. I personally think it was meant as a subliminal message of some sort. Life is a Thriller no matter how you live it.

  2. I can see the white belt loops even! Good find TWK and SC!

  3. Regardless of any connection to MJ, the commercial is absolutely stunning - a visual work of art, par excellence.

  4. The Divine Mrs JonesSeptember 11, 2010 at 6:52 PM

    Hi there SC,

    The model is pointing towards the bubble as if to burst it. Could this be a "visual metaphor"? Or, is she pointing THIS SPECIFIC ONE out. I wonder????

  5. He's definitely there! In the bubbles.

    Bubbles... Ha ha. That word/name rings a lot of wonderful bells to me...


  6. Great job!!! Glad to see your findings again.

  7. An amazing find by our friend TWK! :) Brilliant work, SC, I do see MJ in the bubble. Fascinating.! Thanks to you both. We must pay more attention to SONY make.believe! (Sorry for the delay, I'm still playing catch up!)

  8. I thought 'Can You Feel It' is about the shift which is occurring since 1998 (when our solar system crossed the Photon Belt) which is transmuting our bodiesand our consciousness. I think MJ has known these things a longtime ago. I think you are right about the image in the bubble, and what about the pixie dust both in the ad and in CYFI video...what about Can You Feel It(coming), and This Is It(it's happening now)... the two titles relate.

  9. What you are actually seeing is an image of Michael Jackson as the "Smooth Criminal" and the white hat is very clear along with the rifle he is holding as he leans. Look again, very closely.
    Michael is very much alive and the clues are intentional because MJ believes his fans are sharp enough to pick up on them and when he returns to prove one of his points about the media showing what they want to, etc. he will have all of this material to point out and make reference to. I have been going over my findings and facts for the last year and a half now and there is just so much its obvious that all this stuff is beyond coincidence and besides the odds are just NOT in favor of such a large number of events lining up so perfectly. The real word here is PLANNED and the Liberian Girl pictures that poped up at both memorial services were the most bold statements (pictures) of the obvious. MJ has been sendings messages to the public very frequently and you would have to be brain dead or just plain stupid not to notice. Things aren't always as they seem, especially the things you see on TV cause they show you what they want to and that is Michaels point that he has made time and time again about the "lies" as he calls it. "Smooth Criminal" is symbolic in many ways. It can suggest that the media is a criminal cause it manipulates peoples perception of the truth, the government is a criminal cause it dosen't really care about us and is NOT giving us the truth about money and the plans of the illuminati and then the actual smooth criminal which portrays a man who faked his death and later returned. This thing has many layers and the truth is, only MJ himself has the answers. Michael is letting us know he is running this show from behind the scenes, that he is in control and when he does come back the whole world will be watching and listening to him and the Victory will finally be his cause he will have showed (them) that he is smarter and wiser than anyone ever gave him credit for being and that in fact it is possible to fool people throught the media and also expose the government and it's plans for the USA and abroad, I'm sure you know about the New World Order that is rarely spoken about due to fear or disbelief of it, MJ is aware of it and concerned about it as well as the planets natural resources
    and care taking of if. Michael is a very high profile person with alot on his plate and the whole world watches him with bad and good reasons
    and thats alot for any man to carry, but he's handling it. This death hoax is a bit extreme yes, but the ultimate goal is way bigger and of utmost importance not just to MJ but also to the world and time will show that this is the real truth. Michael was destined to do this and like all things there is a reason for it and it will in the end have a positive affect. Some people will be shocked, some hurt, others relieved but believe this, you have not seen the last of MJ and this is not just a case of people missing someone who achieved greatness & celebrity or idol status. Michael may very well be the arc angel in human form sent to save the world. For more info go to and follow me for updates, insites and the newest discoveries about MJ, the family and this very unusual case. Everthing does happen for a reason and remember MJ is a pioneer, one of the first to do many things in the entertainment and media field, so sit back and relax, don't be sad and watch the greatest show on earth as it plays out many scenes until it's conclusion. It's all about L.O.V.E. L=Listen, O=Observe, V=View, E=Evaluate and finally just wait for BAMS Day....Back Again Michael!!!!

  10. @Tena

    Thank you for taking time to write the detailed comment. I will check out your Twitter. :)