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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TMZ Throws Out Photos, But We Recycle

Yesterday we posted about TMZ's Coca-Cola theme. One curious aspect of this is that they switched the original photo that was in the article. The first time they posted the article, it was the image you see to the left. Later, they switched the photo:

We couldn't find significance in this alone, but then the realization came that the original photo could have an interesting use and decided to "recycle" it in a sense.

It has been a while since we did a Dave Dave comparison, and the original photo seemed like it could fit the bill. So for fun here is a comparison.

First, Dave Dave and the original TMZ photo of MJ:

Next an overlay of each side of MJ's face over Dave Dave, with slight adjustments for angle:

Whether or not you believe that MJ portrayed Dave Dave on Larry King Live, these comparisons always turn out uncanny!


  1. Hey, heres a couple of my own comparisons see what you think....

  2. And they changed from Coca-Cola light to normal Coke ... ?
    Or do I not see well?
    Addicted to Diet Coke. Ah!

  3. - And it goes perfectly with the Coca Cola 'recycle-theme' -> the recycle garbage can behind Murray on the picture from the former blog post.

    ;-) *WINK*

  4. I feel like adding: to me it seems everything happening [in the hoax] is 'orchestrated' with some kind of *aesthetic perfection*. To me that's so interesting!

    In the former Coca Cola pictures of Chernoff and Murray having a Coke and smile they're both dressed in blue clothes complementing the red of the Coca Cola 'objects'; the set design you could say. -> Red and blue theme; complementary colors. And also in the pictures above this comment the same perfection of angels and the choice of pictures do NOT seem random at all!

    To me the perfection supporting the clues creates a very complex, sublime and sophisticated hoax.

    Thanks SeeingClues for your enlightening blog post with very different perspectives and ANGELS! ;-) I really appreciate your work!

  5. So what do you want to say with that?
    That Michael is and has already been Dave Dave?
    Mhhh sounds weird..

  6. Looks like the Coca-Cola logo without the ice on it is from the 1990's according to this link

    The logo with the ice on it says "Enjoy" above the "Coca-Cola" and it seems to be a more recent logo, but I can't find an exact year to go with it

  7. I did mean ANGLES instead of ANGELS in my former post. (Letters doing their crazy tricks!) :-/

  8. SC, I'll tell you my opinion they changed photo. I'll not refer to MJ's photo, but to Coca-Cola brand image.The first was with that snow-ice on it. We all know that this kind of advertise of Coca was made for winter-Christmas time. So they TMZ or others had to connect photos between them. The one with Murray and lawyer looks like in spring-summer time... as we see the Coca-Cola umbrellas, which are used in summer mostly. So they wanted to bring the story in summer of 2009 or now in spring 2010. As you see their cloths are for spring-summer season. So this is what I believe they do this in order that Coca -Cola ... Propofol... MJ etc... to be more credibile. So first they make a little IMAGE MISTAKE with that Cola brand specific for winter.

    Once again, good job you did with these articles and photos, you put our mind to work:), just that I'm little tired now......


  9. I think TMZ has answered your DAVE DAVE -MJ connection with the newest headline. The "Eyes" have it.

  10. There are way too many "conicidences" for this not to be a "Hoax" - The Dave Dave that was on LKL doesn't to me look like the real Dave Dave.. and your comparison above only points that out pretty clearly.

  11. denial is the next stage of our grieving, and we are all in denial, and it makes us feel better to hope that michael is still alive peoples faces are changing all the time even a person with burns and how long before the larry king interview were these pictures of dave dave taken,and then of coarse there are all the operations he has had between sorry it really is not michael you will know that for sure eventually.

  12. Look, Michael Jackson may or may not be dead, I know we all wanna know the truth but we need to give this a break. If Michael is alive good, but he can not reaturn to the U.S.A because it is against the law to fake a death. Michael probably just wants to be out the public eye so let's just leave him alone. All of this is unnecessary. If he is dead the family is probably offended that people think he faked his death. If he is alive the family knows, as well as the children, and that's all that matter. I have to admit he does look like Dave Dave and that blonde lady at his memorial though. I wanna believe that he is still alive but we all must face the fact that he may be gone.