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Thursday, April 8, 2010

"This Is It" Debuts on TMZ December 2008?

Could this be the start of the odd TMZ articles relating to "This Is It"? Below is a screen shot of an article that talks about how Pat Harrington, Jr. "resurfaced" at an event in Los Angeles. He had played Dwayne Schneider in the 70's sitcom "One Day At A Time".

It then goes on to show images of other people who haven't been seen in a long time, under the title "memba them" ("remember them").

Why would the article be entitled "This Is It"? The One Day At A Time theme song does begin with the line "This Is It", and perhaps gave them a reason to list that as the article's title, but still, does it make sense?

Fast forward to June 2, 2009. In this posting TMZ says that "Michael told us yesterday" that he was going to do a concert with the Jackson 5 in 2010.

So Michael Jackson was communicating directly with TMZ in June 2009 but was the extent of it just random quotes given to the TMZ Paps as he left the doctor's office or was there more to it? How far back did this all begin? Note the photograph of MJ hiding a smile is one of TMZ's own, and it's with a blue screen background. This is what makes it appear that there could be more to the story....

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  1. I've seen the words "This is It" dating back to I would gather this has been a thought in the making for many years.... even in interview with Gerald Michael states - Movies - and he's having fun... It is in my opinion "The Greatest Show on Earth" ....

  2. oO they knew that michael wanted to tour with the jacksons AND janet?
    I thought Janet would just make it BECAUSE michael couldn't anymore. interesting :o

  3. This is all very interesting. I have never been able to figure out much about all this. That is until now.
    Somehow it just hit me what could be going on here. I think he always planned on doing the concert with his brothers, and then doing the London shows. Somehow both contracts got signed, and the schedules got crossed.But here is where I have no answer as to why he would have to Hoax his death because of this.
    As far as the "This is it" goes, I am not sure if it is a coincidence or not. I have a hard time believing this was planned as far in advance as some do. But the story was only Dec.2008 so that is possible.

    The blue screen does seem odd, very odd. Guess we just need to wait and see if it comes into play at some point. None of it really makes any sense, and I am bad at clues, and puzzles.

    SC, Thank you for all your hard work and time you put into this. It is appreciated, glad to have someone like you "seeing the clues" for me.Haha

  4. Thanks again SC! This is just more to think about. Something interesting... I have a Rolling Stone tribute book about Michael. One of the stories in the book is about the making of the Thriller album. It describes how Michael and Quincy Jones got Eddie Van Halen to play guitar on the song Beat It, because Michael was friends with Eddie's then-wife, Valerie Bertinelli. She was one of the stars on the series "One Day at a Time" with Pat Harrington, Jr. Another "coincidence"? :))

  5. Well, the pic seems to be from one of the MJ & friends shows, at least that's what I can make of the pics, see more here :
    I hope I'm not mistaken about it. If I am, please correct me :)
    Take care,