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Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's All A Mystery, At TMZ

It's all been a mystery - the doctor's appointments, the body, the time of death, the burial...
Every aspect of this continuing investigation has been a mystery, and TMZ agrees. And it appears that every time they use the word "Mystery" in the title of an article, there is curious verbiage that goes along with it.

First, let's travel back to before June 25th, to one of TMZ's postings about one of MJ's doctor's appointments:

This was at the same time that TMZ caught MJ saying that he will be touring with the Jackson 5.

Then we have the mysteries of the location of MJ's body - it's all just a "puzzle":

Like the above article, the next one posted the same day, which talks about the mystery burial, also contains verbiage of MJ not going to Forest Lawn and there being a "decoy":

Then the time of death is also called a "mystery":

Note that they said that Murray's account of the incident seemed "scripted".

Then we have a "mystery" date.

January 18th was Martin Luther King day (which was uneventful), but TMZ suggested it was "a clue"... clue for what?

Yes, it all has been a mystery. Including this posting from May, where TMZ makes a point of calling Michael Jackson a "mortal"...hmm...

But the above brings up another mystery.. before June 25th, TMZ ran several articles about MJ being "human"...from the "human" arm above to the following:

This next one was interesting because of the two definitions of the word "Pachyderm". Below is the article snippet and the two definitions that I have added:

Michael had told Geraldo he had "rhinocerous skin" on Geraldo, so it was interesting that TMZ alluded to this..

Why the overuse of the word "human" in early 2009? Was it a mock to say he was human? Or is it symbolic in some way? Even Dave Dave had commented that "what people fail to realize is that Michael was a human being".

What we have realized is that there is more to the story than meets the eye...

UPDATE: minutes after I posted this, I saw that TMZ posted another "mystery" article..this time with a poll asking if MJ is still alive!


  1. Reading old entries about Mike on TMZ (as obnoxious and infuriating as they are to read) and adding them to that "rhinoceros skin" statement, I’m seriously starting to believe that TMZ really stands for The Michael Zone, that it really is his creation. I’ve googled it a bit and they say TMZ started off in December 2005. I don’t know the exact date, but is it really out there to think that? And besides, what on earth does that mean, composite (aka THIS AIN’T REAL)? Is that serious journalism or what? LOL, I’m gonna go take a moment.. Take care,
    ex _lurker

  2. Hi, SC great work to collect all these articles. I really appreciate!
    It's clear that we are in MYSTERY ZONE : clue, decoy, puzzle.. etc.. all words marked.
    Look here: "Finally, our spies have come clean. Jackson's body did indeed arrive in a hearse, but it left in a SWAT van. The van was driven to a secret location, where it rendezvoused with a Forest Lawn van -- which then transported the body to the cemetery without being noticed."

    SC, This is a L.O.V.E. Story : "rendezvoused" When talking about MJ even the cars-vans have a rendevous haha! TMZ has offices in Paris too? God! how I like it. So a L.O.V.E. Story within Agatha Christie Mystery. :)


  3. they are using that word 'mystery' a whole lot !

  4. Excellent post SC, one of my faves!

    @Anon 9:57am - I agree with you. Like many others, I've always thought it's very likely that MJ is running the TMZ show. Harvey and MJ have actually have connections a ways back back - you can find info on this with some research. Here's one of the examples:;photovideo

    SC, would love to see a blog post on this topic....Harvey & Michael connections, and when they started....

  5. But do we totally trust TMZ? Are all they doing all this for publicity?..They always had a love affair with MJ for years..that's for sure!

  6. The CBS Harvey Levin interview video that I posted above is not always working properly. I was finally able to get it to play after unsuccessfully trying for 30 minutes, but it did finally play. Just keep refreshing the page. If you can't get it to play, it's a 2003 video interview of Harvey Levin discussing the molestation charges (back when he was with "Celebrity Justice") with Julie Chang on The "Early Show". Interestingly enough, it appears that this 2003 video was posted in April of 2009 on Harvey has clearly had an interest in MJ for some time....

    There is also some interesting information to be found that shows that Harvey was involved in uncovering the fraud around the allegations....He definitely seems to be in MJ's camp....

  7. @Iloveyoumore Thank you, something else to look into deeper. ;)

  8. SeeingClues, this is excellent! Thank you so much for putting this all together! About the "January 18th mystery date"... some people speculated that Michael might show himself on that date. But then the Haiti earthquake happened on January 12th, and he didn't want to be a distraction from what was going on there. If he is alive and wants to reveal himself at some point, the timing has to be just right. :))

  9. If I were seeing each TMZ article containing the words "human" or "mortal" separately, I would probably assume that they were being snarky. However, seeing all of these comments together, it does make me wonder if they weren't trying to convey something else...

  10. Duality
    the Human Nature of Michael Jackson in contrast to the Divine Nature. In my opinion, this is the whole premise behind the "double".

    A Trailer Leading Down A Path... - Michael Jackson's Death Hoax

    That's A Wrap! - Michael Jackson's Death Hoax

  11. SC, you ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL person, you've done it again: handed us EVERYTHING nicely laden on one plate!!! You REALLY spoil us,you know, So bless you TONS for the time & effort you ALWAYS put into this. It's striking how much of a difference & more sense EVERYTHING makes once it's been nicely compiled & summed as a whole, isn't it? (& SC has a certain way of inserting & inducing humour from most of her posts, which is also much appreciated too!) :))) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO!!!
    Thanks to everyone else for your interesting comments too (especially, "Iloveyoumore" again for yet another 'first' for me). :)

    Much LOVE,

  12. We have to be careful with Harvey Levin of TMZ. He, along with Diane Dimone(the head vampire ,wrote an attack book, said MJ kept his "noses" in a red velvet drawer and had proof from around the world he was a predator) , Ashley Bennfield ( did "3 bodyguards" interview and declared she had completely changed her opinion on MJ) and Nancy Grace( said for 2 years!!!
    "videos and 3 books of "kid porn" were taken from Neverland" and "MJ begged to be put under with propofol for up to 3 days at a time) all got their start on Court TV where they practically "invented" the story line MJ was a pedophile. They pounded that rumor day and night until they all,except for Dimone( now under contract to Entertainment Tonight) got their own TV shows. I do not think Harvey is capable of 1) being loyal , 2) keeping a secret.

    Now .........IF , TEAM MJ is a "source"for Harvey and feeds TMZ what they need to get out to the public that is another thing.

  13. With the word 'human' goes the word 'real', 'well known reality' and 'like all of us'. With 'mysterious' goes possibly the words 'myth', 'legend', 'illusion', 'special' and also 'surreal'.

    I almost get a feeling TMZ by repeating 'mysterious' tells us for sure, *someone* is playing us some serious tricks on purpose. Being mysterious around us playing the genius card while giggling -> aka the game controller in Michael's hand...

    What annoys me in the TMZ articles is the combination between 'mysterious' and the negative nickname 'Jacko'. I don't like that, TMZ!!! PLEASE! :-/