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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Per Cirque CEO, MJ "Returns To The Stage"

In a recent interview Cirque Du Soleil CEO Daniel Lamarre states that MJ will "return to the stage".

Take a look:

He says there will be no Michael Jackson impersonators. "No one can do it the way he was doing it", he said. "Plus, if you're a true Michael Jackson fan, that's want to see him. and that's the challenge, we want to have his presence, a strong presence., on stage like you've never seen before."

MJ as you've never seen before..where have we heard that?

Could a hologram be the answer?

UPDATE: Credit to _Xscape_ for the below find.  In the below Associated Press Article, it says "Daniel's creative team is already looking at "This Is It" dress rehearsals to use in the shows".

This raises a few questions:
1. Doesn't Sony own all of the rehearsal footage now? (they paid millions for it)
2. There were full dress rehearsals that exist that weren't shown in the film, but now can be used for this?
3. If there weren't full dress rehearsals, why would they show unfinished "rehearsal" footage when Cirque Du Soleil wants to put on a show to MJ's expectations?

What is this footage Cirque Du Soleil was looking at, and who was showing it to them?


  1. I'm jumping up & down my room from shear happiness. a million thanx 2 u 4 this beautiful post. much l.o.v.e 2 u

  2. Yes, a hologram. What exactly is a hologram?

  3. Oh My Goodness!!
    I have never seen a Cirque du Soleil show before, but I would love to see both the traveling one and the Vegas one.
    It looks amazing,and exactly like something Michael would love to do. This makes me think more and more that perhaps TII was meant to be a movie, and this was always the plan for a long time.
    Yes, Michael as we have never seen him before. haha

    Thank You so much SC!!

  4. YEAH, Michael... I wanna be starting something as well!!! ;-P

    I just really feel, that the trailer for the Cirque de Soleil show is almost a natural part II of the trailer for TII. And wow, I just L.O.V.E. Daniel Lammare in the interview!!!! I want a group hug with him and Michael so badly! ;-)


  5. Yes, a 3D HD hologram.
    Or a 3D HD alive hologram...:O
    It would be fun to see MJ being a hologram of himself.

  6. The Divine Mrs JonesApril 23, 2010 at 3:48 AM

    Hi there,

    This is a link to a UK company that specialises in 3D effects for the stage. It is good, but in order for the effect to be realistic..the LIVING person has to be projected from either another part of the country..or another country altogether. What I am driving at is this..In order for the Cirque du Soliel to have this tour the way they want it, the technology is available for them to have MJ on stage..but for him to be performing elsewhere. Watch the link and look out for the girl from Berlin who sings..she is a HOLOGRAM being projected into the room and she can interact with the audience.

    I suggest that you take a look at the whole is interesting both visually and verbally.

  7. @The Divine Mrs Jones Thank you, that is great information!

  8. Except for the fact that this makes me cry a lot, I don't understand what's going on and your questions are legit.

    What dress rehearsals?
    I am not excited about any tribute, in fact they sadden me always because it's like reminding that Michael could be dead for real.

  9. Think how spectacular the TTI movie showed that a concert would be with all the "airial dancers" - the 3D affects - ... I think how grand the stage were to look with the "video man" and MJ dropping out.. the pyro-technics.... was that really a preview to this new deal?

  10. I'm already saying WOW!!!!!

    Yes - I would love to see Michael Jackson on stage and nobody can do it like he can do it.

    Great post SC and co-contributors!!!!


  11. I'm wondering if AEG couldn't deliver on the "final product" and MJ bailed? For all MJ wanted to do, the original TII concerts would have never been ready on time. I don't think he wanted to do them half-assed.


  12. 1) No impersonators??? They said that about TII too.It could be a mispeak. The CEO of CIRQUE is FRENCH.He may have meant rehearsal footage and not dress rehearsal.(Bits of "dress rehearsals" are in TII such as MJ in the Smooth Criminal outfit taken from the Gilda video).
    2) Who is to say MJ has not already filmed what Cirque needs??? They admit in article above they have been discussing this for years. After all, much HD and 3D filming took place for "MJ'S private library" and for concert "review". No way would MJ do this live as in a hologram. Cirque puts on 9 shows a week.

  13. The Divine Mrs JonesApril 23, 2010 at 12:10 PM

    Hi there,

    Just a thought, but could the Cirque du Soleil be a part of the infamous "Dome Project"..I am led to believe that this was completed a couple of weeks before the "death"..and apparently James "Titanic" Cameron was working on it with him as well..

  14. A thought about the clothes that were being designed for the "concerts"... the lighted Billy Jean Outfit... seems those would be really appropriate for this type of "show"... would be cool to see them get worn by someone really special! :-)

  15. also... the article above talks about "dress rehearsal footage" how could there have been "dress rehearsal footage" when it was stated that Michael's costumes weren't complete yet? Confusing?

  16. Hi, SC, please I want to know your opinion.

    Kenny Ortega : Everything about the concert series pushed the edge, including the technology Ortega and Jackson were hoping to use to give the fans an experience unlike anything they'd had before. "[...]One of the first ideas that Michael and I talked about was, 'Let's create a 3-D experience in an arena for the fans.' Of course, people were like, 'What?' The technology, they were really racing to get it finished. We had the first HD 3-D screen up and we were creating these films. There were people that were not even sure it was going to work. When we first tested the 3-D on the screen in the arena, it was mind-blowing. Then what we were planning on doing was Michael had all these other ideas of we had Michael Curry, who designed The Lion King, was one of our scenic designers and puppeteer designers. We had giant illuminated characters dropping out of the ceiling over the heads of the audience and these beautiful puppets that were coming doing the aisles," revealed Ortega. "Michael was so excited about it. He liked to call it a 4-D experience, so you were going to have a 3-D movie, the cast on stage, and then the smoke billowing off the edge of the stage into the audience and all of these elements dropping in over your head and your 3-D glasses on."
    Also Michael Curry designed the puppets in 2002 Winter Olimpics Salt Lake.
    So he is with theatrical illusions too.
    Look here:
    Now I read this in an article about Cirque du Soleil and MJ
    "first project end of 2011 ..SIMULATES the experience of live concert, second show end 2012 HOLOGRAMS and 3-D MOTION SIMULATION
    "gives fans Michael via a HOLOGRAM and 3-D TECHNOLOGY.
    So these days weren't my happiest of my life, I fall really and felt heartbroken, especially realted to this Cirque du Soleil and MJ. What does it means? We'll never see MJ real? After all these months 30 sec. to see him, he is ok, and safe and happy, that's all I want. Not a HOLOGRAM, NOT 3D 100 Dss, God I am upset. I can not L.O.V.E. a hologram and simulations does anyone understand me??? L.O.V.E is a feeling for humans not simulations, illusions, holograms OK? Mayebe after 50 -100 years when I'll see 2 holograms kissing on the street I'll accept to love one! I know it's sounds crazy all I wrote here, but I'm human and I L.O.V.E humans.
    Or maybe I simply don't understand and I miss something with these shows. In fact I miss Michael and he is not a simulation and not a hologram. Have you see a hologram with feelings? L.O.V.E. feeling-I didn't!!!.
    OK, "great" post I made here, I can't keep it in me, I'll explode!
    L.O.V.E. you SC, and all MJ's fans. Pls. don't judge me too hard.......I'm just afraid..of all this with Cirque du Soleil.

  17. I don't wish to dampen anyone's spirits here, but I wonder when MOST of us "believer" crowd would call it "IT" to the whole hoax. I mean, when I first heard about SOME of us issuing ultimate dates for ourselves, it didn't make much sense to me. But NOW, it's different. I mean, we have been hanging in there together through the MANY ups & downs SOMEHOW, clinging onto H.O.P.E MORE than hard facts & real clues for the GREATER part of this hoax (again, NOT meaning to hurt anyone here, So I apologise if I unintentionally do so. Also notice that I FULLY include myself in there too!!). Let's consider MJ's CONSTANT insecurities & fears about his looks & ageing, FOR ONE THING. I just don't see how that could work itself around the whole 2012 theme AT ALL (He has had a lifetime of habit & practice doing/being that way!)...The more 'postponement' this keeps getting, the more my unease grows.

    BUT then again, if he feels that "THIS is the BEST yet to come from him", then maybe he could get past them or work around it somehow!!! And that may be the reason for the 'mystery' delays...I REALY do pray with ALL MY HEART that it is so.

    I JUST DON'T KNOW for sure anymore...But one thing I know FOR SURE is that we JUST CAN'T ALL keep putting our lives on hold or working our lives around "the hoax" INDEFINITELY. We all have our VERY SOLID non-MJ lives (although seemingly "insignificant" in comparison) to live as well. LIFE DOES NOT & CANNOT REVOLVE AROUND JUST ONE MAN no matter how much we want it to! I know there would be no shortage of people who would write this off simply as "Oh ye of little faith", But I know that EVER WORD I write here is sincere & well-intended in my heart, So that is more than enough for me. PLEASE do try to spare a few thoughts on the idea too (not just with your heart ONLY, but ALSO with your head TOO: The two don't ALWAYS have to be at war, you know!) :)

    Much LOVE (without the dots this time).

    Here's hoping that we ALL receive the inner peace that we SO crave & need.


  18. @Z Thank you for sharing your feelings. I agree that each and every one of us should focus on ways to enhance our own lives, as that is where the true sense of fulfillment lies.

    Nothing in life is certain, so we have to take a look at ourselves and see where we are empowered to make those positive changes - focusing on the light and the love. It is true that ultimately happiness comes from within, and we need to discover that place where our souls are at peace.

  19. SC, sorry don't want to seem I'm pushing you, but last night you said you'll read what I wrote here. Don't know now, maybe my questions are without answers from you, and I understand that. You already answer somehow:"Nothing in life is certain..." but I want to tell you and others who maybe read here I'm sure that my heart and my mind will never stop to believe... to love, to hope that MJ one day he'll give a sign to us so our souls find the real peace.I also believe and see that he bring us at the highest levels of understanding and L.O.V.E. It's like a tree he helped to grow, I pray to God he'll not cut the roots of this tree, it's much too painful...........both for him and us.

    I will always L.O.V.E. him!


  20. @cristinadobre Yes, I did read your comments and I understand your view in regards to the potential of holograms being used in the Cirque shows. I wish I was able to make you feel better; perhaps if you take these shows at face value, as the tribute to the contributions of Michael Jackson, that will put your heart somewhat at ease. He would be excited that his vision is celebrated and for a global audience to experience it.

  21. The Divine Mrs JonesApril 25, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts.
    Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day.
    The content of your character is your choice.
    Day by day, what you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become.
    Your integrity is your destiny ... it is the light that guides your way.


    I was thinking on what Cristinadobre had written. Very wise words that came from somewhere deep inside.
    I believe that it is our collective destinies to be a part of this "hoax"
    Trying to understand it will cause much confusion and sorrow. Being a part of it, without trying to inderstand it will bring harmony and peace.
    The unity that has come about because of it has created something quite profound. We have learned to love again, unconditionally, like a child.
    This should be a testament to the legacy that Michael Jackson has given us..not to cry because we have lost something or someone, but to rejoice because we have discovered something special and eternal. L.O.V.E.

  22. SC, thank you first that you wanted to make me feel better, apreciate this. You were with your poem.
    Regarding what you said about the rest, anything is best for Michael and makes him happy is my happiness too. Just I say again if he will not show himself for 1 min. at least, sometime in future, personally I'll be able to control my mind, but not my heart, there always will be a tear, not in my eyes but in my heart.

    God bless you Michael, and you all!


  23. Cristina I feel the same about Cirque du soleil.
    All this "tributes" sadden me so much, I don't think I will be able to watch them. Who cares about holograms, who cares about other dancers or artists? We are here for MJ only, why don't they understand? No technology can ever replace him or impress us like he did. I don't see what's the point to all this, except for the money involved, and this is disgusting.
    I also don't like the postponement of the return, it's too much, I'm on the edge with all this story, if he doesn't come back this year I will probably stop believing he might be alive

  24. Gina, all I can say now is I BELIEVE IN MICHAEL and I'll never stop believing in him, I L.O.V.E him with every breath I take.

    "A tear of gratitude started to fall, and miraculously YOU WERE BACK. Soft fingers touched my cheek and bent over for a kiss.

    Why have you come?
    To wipe away your LAST TEAR." MJ

    Hope he'll wipe away my last tear hidden in my heart. Please Michael.........


  25. My thoughts on the hologram issue.. Michael loves performing but really didn't like touring - what better way to have it both ways.. a live hologram on stage - but he wouldn't have to travel if he didn't want to.

    I know "tributes" bother some of us that love Michael - but either way - it is celebrating the life and the music of Michael that we all appreciate so much - how could any of it be bad! If the tributes bother you then chose to not watch them. I can't watch tv anymore - because I don't want to see news telling me what I don't want to hear.. so I don't watch TV.

    What SC said is so true - what we do in our lives with the light & love is what is important.. to sit and do nothing with the knowledge we've been enlighted with would be a waste and so against what Michael would want.

    Hope I haven't offended anyone, if so, I apologize, just felt this needed to be said.

    Love & Peace to all always !