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Saturday, April 3, 2010

MJ's Handwritten Thoughts From 2009

A month before his "death" on June 25th, 2009, Michael Jackson signed many personal items to be later sold off for charity. An executive in the entertainment industry who had worked with Michael for 17 years had personally obtained these unique pieces from Michael, and is putting them up for sale.
A listing of all of the pieces can be found here:

Most interesting are the items for which Michael included a handwritten quote. These notes can give us insight to Michael's mindset shortly before his passing.

On this first note, he quotes a Japanese Hiaku poet named Matsuo Basho. The text reads, "Fallen sick on a journey, my dreams wander, over a withered moor"

Was Michael contemplating the future of life's journey, feeling fallen, but yet the dreams were still alive? This was Basho's last hiaku recorded before his passing, and was believed to be his "final farewell" while he was on his deathbed. Did Michael use this as a way to say "farewell" too?

This next piece offers a glimpse of hope. On it Michael writes, "He alone is great who by a life heroic conquers fate" This is a direct quote from Sarah Knowles Bolton, from a poem called "The Inevitable".

The full text of the poem "The Inevitable" is:

I like the man who faces what he must
With step triumphant and a heart of cheer;
Who fights the daily battle without fear;
Sees his hopes fail, yet keeps unfaltering trust
That God is God,—that somehow, true and just
His plans work out for mortals; not a tear
Is shed when fortune, which the world holds dear,
Falls from his grasp—better, with love, a crust
Than living in dishonor; envies not,
Nor loses faith in man; but does his best,
Nor ever murmurs at his humbler lot;
But, with a smile and words of hope, gives zest
To every toiler. He alone is great
Who by a life heroic conquers fate.

The above poem symbolizes that God has a plan for each of us, and honors the man who despite his fate in this mortal life, continues to love and overcome the hardships.
Here Michael may have realized that there could be danger, and he was "Fated", but the hero within battles this, with hopes to conquer any demons that may cross his path.

That takes us to this next piece:

In this one Michael quotes the bible and says "Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life". Michael may be implying that we can often carry a heavy heart, carrying life's burdens.

But in the end there is love in his heart, as expressed in this last piece:

In this it appears that he may be speaking to God, or perhaps his fans in general, when he includes lyrics from "I Can't Stop Loving You" in this next note: "Each time the wind blows I hear your voice, so I call your name. This time is forever, love is forever". A month before his passing, has Michael proclaimed his devotion to all, and stated that regardless of his fate, he knows that love is what truly lasts in the end?


  1. "A month before his death on June 25, 2009... " His death?

  2. "Each time the wind blows I hear your voice, so I call your name. This time is forever, love is forever".

    That's a quote from "I just can't stop loving you"

  3. @Anonymous - Made some editorial changes and added the source of the quotes for the 2nd and 4th piece. The full poem of "The Inevitable" was worth mentioning for the 2nd piece and wanted to make sure that was included.

    @Iloveyoumore - put death in quotes for you :)

  4. "Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it 'SPRING' the issues of life" (I don't especially care if it's really telling that I'm grasping at straws here! :P). "The Inevitable" poem is most thought provoking too :)

    Hmmm...Easter & Spring...both GREAT times for a rebirth, don't you agree? ;)LOL:D

    Thanks SC & CO for yet ANOTHER upbeat & WONDERFUL find (also LOVED the link LOADS too!:D:D:D) & post :)

    Cheers to FAITH & HOPE, everyone :)))

    Much LOVE,

  5. Thank You SC for showing all these wonderful items.
    I am not the least bit surprised that Michael would do this for such an amazing charity. :)

    The writing is great and I agree it just might offer a small glimps into his mindset. But with that said I think no one but Michael can really know what he was thinking when he signed these. We can assume, but I don't like assuming anything when it comes to him.

    If there is one thing I have learned since June it is that Michael is a very complex man, and trying to fully understand what he is thinking would be an impossible task.
    I believe when he signed these he did so with great thought and huge amounts of love.
    And yes I also agree that in the end Michael always has and always will have massive anounts of love in his heart♥

  6. Hi, SC
    Did Michael use this as a way to say "farewell" too?
    For me the answer is this:

    But, with a smile and words of hope, gives zest
    To every toiler. He alone is great
    Who by a life heroic conquers fate.

    No farewell of Michael because his life was a struggle so he HEROIC always WINS the life battles and heroic conquers the fate.
    I also believe that for MJ life means profound philosophy so every quotes he choose from poets or great thinkers of the world reflect his sensitivity of being touch by philosophical ideas and not a backdown in face of life.
    I know he wanted to play the role of Edgar A. Poe's life in a movie. Interesting and I would say a great role if he would have played.
    Michael is a Conqueror, he is born to be this.


  7. "This time is forever. Love is the ANSWER." Aren't these the correct words from "I Just Can't Stop Loving You"? Why would he change the last word from "Answer" to "Forever"??

  8. those look like forgeries .