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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Match The Arms to The Body Game

If you are ever bored on a rainy day, here is a game for you to play... see if you can match all of the arms in this photo to an actual body... of course, that is assuming there is an actual body that goes with all of the arms in this photo. :)

UPDATE, 1/2/2010 -
Comparing the photo above to an overhead view makes things even more puzzling. The fans seem very close to the stage in the first photo, but further back in this photo below... (click to enlarge)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Oops! Mike Bearden Movieweb Interview

Today I was just casually strolling down memory lane reviewing older interviews and watched a few from the Movieweb website. You may or may not have seen this interview clip with Mike Bearden, the Musical Director for This Is It. He's known for some suspect slip-ups in the past..and this interview adds some more to his portfolio. But to give him credit, he tries to catch himself...

1:14 "We were working with MJ the last 4-5 days of his life.. (oops, I mean MONTHS of his life)

4:24 "MJ was happy, vibrant, healthy... he wanted to do this fi(lm)... (oops I mean TOUR!)

Mike B, we'll let you slide on this one..but next time, realize your audience here.. ;-)
Side note - Movieweb had their own error by saying he was Kenny Ortega!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Ankh - Life After Death and This Is It

Michael frequently used symbols in his clothing, such as 7's, crowns, stars, etc. One new symbol we see in This Is It is the Ankh, an Egyption symbol for "life". And not only just "life", but historically the Ankh appears frequently in Egyptian tomb paintings and other art, often at the fingertips of a god or goddess in images that represent the deities of the afterlife conferring the gift of life on the dead person's mummy - life after death.
In the photo stills from This Is It, we see Michael in two different jackets which both include the Ankh symbol:

Even the pose on the This Is It poster bears some resemblance to the Ankh symbol:
A related symbol in Egyptian hieroglyphics is the Djed, which is symbolized with a pillar. In a previous post I mentioned how it appears that MJ's hands in the TII poster are pushing against imaginary pillars.

If you want to take the Eqyptian theme even further, consider the goddess ISIS. ISIS is interesting because images of her hold an Ankh, and her name is within the context of the "This Is It" title. Michael's head is actually right below the "ISIS" in the movie poster.

Just some research on wikipedia will tell you that "Isis was instrumental in the resurrection of Osiris (her brother) when he was murdered by Set. Her magical skills restored his body to life after she gathered the body parts that had been strewn about the earth by Set.This myth became very important in later Egyptian religious beliefs."

On the MJHDI forum, a member named 2good2btrue discovered that during the funeral, the dancers have the ankh on their jackets:

Did Michael study Egyptian history and incorporate that into This Is It? He does have a precedent of incorporating Egyptian images into video, so one more thing for us to ponder...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Menu Screen for This Is It DVD

Sneak Peek at the menu screen:

Freedom Is Just The Beginning..This Is AI?

After watching the following video on YouTube by fellow "hoaxer" mjdhor, I felt one aspect of the video was worth mentioning on my blog to expand the conversation.

The poster for the 2005 film "After Innocence" draws a striking similarity to the This Is It poster. The man in the "After Innocence" poster has fists clenched, while MJ in the TII poster seems to be pushing against imaginary pillars, perhaps further tying the TII image to the AI image. (click to enlarge)

After Innocence..AI..hmm..This Is It..This Is AI..TIAI? Another one of those interesting coincidences.

Now what happened with MJ's life in 2005, after his was declared innocent? The title alone, "after innocence" can parallel MJ's life after the trial, as it depicts men exonerated after evidence points to then not being guilty. He was to be condemned to death. Did MJ feel that he was being condemned to death, in the sense that everyone around him was leaching on his life?

More on this in a future post....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Was MJ The Blonde Woman at The Memorial?

This is to follow up on a great post by TruthSeekerMaura on MJHDI. I took her blonde lady photo and put it side by side to MJ at the end of the TDCAU rehearsal. (click to enlarge the photo)

The woman does have many facial similarities to MJ....oh, and of course..the Adam's apple. :) The sunglasses are very large, and are large enough to cover the eyebrows. There does appear to be light makeup applied to the brow bone..hmm..what do you think?

UPDATE: I lined up the jawlines from the profile pic of MJ and the blonde lady..they align perfectly.

In addition, the eyes seem to match the lightened version created by je on MJHDI:

UPDATE 12/30 - A new video by alwaysbelieveMJ has uncovered a photo of "Blonde Lady" that shows what appears to be dark sideburns...take a look and decide!

Below is the related video:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mysterious Camera Man At Memorial has recently uploaded MANY new never before seen photos from 2009..why are they all being released just now?
One from the memorial caught my eye...there was an odd cameraman, dressed all in can't see his face; the camera is hiding most of the head. All you can see is his hand...and what appears to be black curly hair in the back.

Take a look....

I've enlarged it for a better look (click to make even bigger):

Sort of gives you a chill, doesn't it?

Friday, December 18, 2009

LaToya Again & MJ liked Toy Medicine Kits?

The Jackson's seem to enjoy shopping at Target. While watching this video, I didn't think that it would contain anything worth noting, until the very end, when LaToya mentions how MJ liked the toy doctor and medicine kits..but not for Christmas... it seemed like a subtle statement that implied he was interested and educated in medicine.. I just thought it was interesting that out of any toy she could have mentioned, she talked about medicine kits...

Then another odd video; where LaToya is seen going into a lingerie store and she bizaarely states that she is buying "for the children"... at first this seemed quite odd, but then if you think about it..I'm wondering if she is really saying "don't assume the things I say are the truth". Either that, or she has totally lost her mind.. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Is It - DVD/Blu-Ray Additional Footage

Trailer for new footage availble on DVD/Blu-Ray:

Prince Going Shopping - Continuing on The T-Shirt theme...

X17online caught Prince shopping on 12/17, and his T-Shirt is interesting. I see the word "Rise" but can't decipher the rest...calling all comic book fans out there! ;-)
(click to enlarge photo)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Austin Brown Wearing a BAM shirt is likely a coincidence...and the BAM probably stands for something..but still..ironic, wouldn't you say, that Michael's nephew (Rebbie's son) owns a shirt that says BAM?
Original image found here:

Michael And His Nephews

No story here, just wanted to post a nice shot of MJ with his nephews.

Monday, December 14, 2009

LaToya Slip Up Back in May 2009?

Paps caught LaToya in her car and asked about Michael's health, and she refuted the skin cancer rumors. But more interestingly, at around 1:06 she mentions that she is working on a project, but can't give anyone the details yet.

The only project she ended up doing was a song dedicated to the memory of her brother Michael Jackson... so perhaps that is why she couldn't say anything?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

They Don't Care About Us - Camera Angles & Oddities

A suspicious aspect of the This Is It film was that for filming that was meant to be for "archival" purposes only, or perhaps some "filler" behind the scenes footage for a concert tour DVD, there were not only quite a few cameras shooting from different angles and distances, but also zooming and panning techniques as if the footage was shot purposely to be seen by audiences at a later date. Now I've looked at past footage of other rehearsals from other tours, and you do see multiple angles, but often the footage looks very raw, uncentered, dark, and not "polished" like it does with This Is It. (Of course HD cameras helped in This Is It.).

First you have a close up view of MJ to his left side. In this shot it's almost as if he's looking at the camera.

Then you have various angles at different distances and positioned in various places:

You have cameras focusing on the musicians and dancers. While examining the various angles, I also found some oddities in some of the scenes. It may be worth some additional looks into the footage of some of the songs to rediscover and analyze things that we may have overlooked. The camera views change quickly, so it is easy to not see something unless you pause the footage frequently.

For example, what are those odd facial images on one of the dancer's shirts?

There is also an image of a strange "helmeted" and cloaked figure standing at the side of the stage. If you watch the video it is a person who moves.

Another interesting aspect of this during the "greatest demonstration of our freedom" part of the clip, MJ points at the sky, and then it could be interpreted that both him and Orianthi are symbolically "giving the finger" to someone...the media perhaps? There is a sense of "defiance" in this part of the clip.

At about this time, the background light looks very much like a clock. Coincidence and illusion, perhaps...but I thought it was interesting that the "time" appears to be around 12:21, which is the same time the 911 call was made from MJ's house.

In the end, this performance had to have held significance..from the defiant gestures, to the big grins. Below is the video from which all of these above stills were drawn from..enjoy..!

Friday, December 11, 2009


This post is a bit of a rehash, or summary, of all of the research done by myself and my friends at MJHD and MJH Forum. There have been numerous postings tying Criss Angel's "Believe" show to Michael Jackson, that I thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to consolidate all of the findings into one post. If I have missed anything, please let me know.

First, the most obvious is the symbolism of Criss Angel's "Believe" poster. The following shows the aspects of the poster that seem mysteriously (or coincidently) tied to MJ: (click to enlarge)

Then, we see other interesting coincidences... first, Orianti's new album, which is called, you guessed it.."Believe"...

In addition, we have MJ's children sporting a hat and T-Shirt from the "Believe" show. (thanks to a poster named "Jamiee" who posted Blanket's pic on

Then one poster had shown a comparison of the two "angel" pictures between MJ and Criss Angel,posted by Miss-Zazi95 on

An interesting aspect of Criss Angel's show is that he is taken away by ambulance, and presumably dead:
"In the entry hallway of the auditorium hang pictures depicting Criss Angel surrounded by insipid white rabbits that materialize and fade as one passes by. The classical stage is hung with thick curtains and framed with rococo golden sculptures depicting rabbit motifs. After the usual amusing Cirque du Soleil preamble with the ushers, Criss emerges to thunderous applause and enthusiasm from a full house. His infatuation with the television camera as a tool for his magic is proven when he disappears from a rolled-up screen while being monitored by a camera. The banner drape he uses is coincidentally brought in by one of his fans sitting in the front rows. The subsequent trick is a straightforward prediction effect in an overhead-hanging casket that is baffling and direct. Then he speaks about his foolhardy obsession with an illusion involving an enormous Tesla Cage that delivers six million volts, which he was about to perform live. An impressively realistic Tesla coil suddenly injures Angel badly, and the rest of the cast is seen rushing to and fro, apparently quite helpless until a stretcher takes him to an ambulance. This is recorded on camera and shown on large video screens and, although everybody knows that it involves stage blood, the close-up of his face is graphic and provides quite a gruesome and unnecessarily morbid spectacle. From then on, what dominates the show is a weird dream emerging from a dark mind."
This is from a review of the show on ""

According to, MJ saw "Believe" with Kenny Ortega in April 2009, and wanted a lineup of "lookalike dancers" for his show:

Now is something very interesting...
"There’s a solid rumor that when Michael’s first England run ends in September and resumes again there in January that he may well do a series of U.S. concerts. Although AEG wants him to appear in Las Vegas, it’s more likely it will be in New York or L.A. where there are arenas with 15,000 to 20,000 seats.

The London ticket sales were really a testing of the waters,” one source told me. “There’s no question that Michael and AEG are discussing a world tour now.”

This was posted in an article here...

Now Cirque Du Soleil, which is home to Criss Angel's show, also wants MJ's show:
"..some interesting news from the live performance front: Cirque du Soleil is heavily courting the Jackson estate for a Las Vegas-style show featuring Michael’s music. The Canadian-based company is said to be working hard to convince all the parties that they can do for Michael what they did for the Beatles with the “Love” show at the Mirage Hotel.
The money involved is said to be astronomical."


Does "Believe" hold significance, or is it all just coincidence.....?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Michael Jackson - No IV Drip, No Straps

Looks like everyone gets an IV drip and is secured on the stretcher with straps when they are rushed into the emergency room from an ambulance...unless you are Michael Jackson. Compare this photo of Tiger Wood's mother-in-law to Michael Jackson's photo. There is no IV drip in Michael's photo. He's not even strapped in....
I suppose cardiac arrest doesn't warrant these minor details...

To contradict the assumption that MJ was "dead" and therefore did not need an IV, Randy Phillips himself says here at 2:39 that MJ was on life support at the hospital. (They don't put dead people on life support).

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Jack5ons - Clues or Clever Marketing?

There are mixed feelings about the whole "Jackson Family Dynasty" reality show. Is it a family simply cashing in on the death of a brother, or are they opening up to show us something truly compelling?
By watching the promo clips for the show you can't help but wonder if the similiarities between their promotional "teasers" and the This Is It ones are purely coincidental, or are they purposely intended? If they are purposeful, then are they to ride off the wave of popularity of This Is It, and trying to equate "The Jacksons" with "Michael Jackson"? Jermaine has been quoted at the movie premiere as saying "This Is Not It". But does that mean he's trying to portray the remaining brothers as being a viable substitute for Michael? In other words, is he saying that MJ was just part of the "The Jacksons", and don't worry, because "The Jacksons" are still continuing.
You wonder if this is the case, because in the promo for the Jacksons show they indicate that "The Wait Is Over". What wait? Has there been a burning desire of the public to see the other 4 brothers resurrect their careers?

And the dramatic line of "You Think You Know Them"..will their actions surprise us? Are we going to discover brothers we never knew? (again, tying to the This Is It theme).

Also curious is the clothes that Jermaine is wearing in the clips - featuring the names of countries - Bahrain and who has been associated with visiting those countries in recent years?

Another interesting observation is Marlon wearing an FBI cap:

The "Jack5sons" name alone is curious, being that there are 4 brothers. There has been speculation that Janet will work with the brothers in recording some material, but I have not seen Janet herself validate that.

A news article posted on 12/3 said:
"Producers on Friday said fans would have to watch the six-episode show to find out whether the brothers decide to go ahead in some form, without Michael.
"That is a surprise you have to stay tuned for that. The guys live all of those answers out on camera," said executive producer Jodi Gomes."
The article can be found here:
So again they are being dramatic and making us believe there will be an amazing this a clue to something truly spectacular, or will it be that they are just working together to record an album or go on tour (perhaps with Janet?). But that wouldn't be THAT much of a surprise since it's been in the media.
The promotional teaser ends with the line "Family Comes First".
We shall see if it is really family..or money..that comes first in the end.

"He Misses The Fans" - Remember This Video?

Just taking a stroll down memory lane...remember this gem of a video, when a pap asked Joe Jackson if he has a message for MJ's grieving fans? And the publicist with him says that "He misses the fans"..and Joe says to listen to her. Hmm..odd that the statement would apply to JOE??

Thought this one was worth posting in the blog as it's one of the "classics" as far as Joe Jackson interviews.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Police at MJ's house on 10/22 published this curious video of the police being at MJ's house on October 22nd.. but no one knows exactly why...

Update: White Umbrella Man

This new screen shot makes it appear that the White Umbrella Man may be Prince (or MJ) and the dressed in black "ducking" person to be Paris. (Look at the Halloween mask with the "horns" on top of the head). Hard to tell though.

Also at 8:02 in the video is someone with dark hair and a white cap...a third mystery person.. perhaps this is the elusive one? (or maybe just Prince or Omer?)

Who does everything think the three circled people are? I was talking to Pianogames and he made a great observation that white umbrella man actually turns around to go back to the building, and hands the umbrella off to what looks to be a woman. This can explain why in some screen caps it is a lighter skinned Michael and in other screen caps it appears to be a woman.

12/10 UPDATE: Prince is seen exiting Karate on 12/9, and he is filmed out in the open, not blocked. Makes you wonder about that other day...

Is the "White Umbrella Man" MJ?

Credit goes to PianoGames for posting another amazing video on YouTube, which I have included here.

I have captured a screen shot of "White Umbrella Man" this MJ?? (click on image to enlarge). According to X17online, the footage was shot October 14, 2009.

PianoGames Video:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Is It - Group Speech At The End

Below is video footage of the final speech from "This Is It". Note that there was a videographer inside the group ring, and one outside the ring filming at a distance.

New Billie Jean DVD Clip

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why is someone from TMZ in a Markus Rothkranz video?

One of the "" redirections had taken us to this to a "" which directly links to Markus Rothkranz - another person who talks about 2012, "love", and "this is it".

When you go to, there is a video that plays. I found it very interesting that the guy from TMZ is in the audience. The video is a must see for the entertainment value alone.

Ambulance Photographer Blacked out in TMZ photo

TMZ published a "Remembering Michael Jackson" gallery here:

I noticed that in one of the shots, they purposely black out the person to MJ's right, who just happens to be the infamous photographer who snapped the ambulance shot. Hmm..why block out the association? I suppose it would look funny to show MJ and that guy near a white van..hmm..where else have we seen a white van?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two Michaels at the O2?

Two Michaels, or..same..but different?

CNN Footage:

Fan Footage #1

Fan Footage #2