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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Prince Going Shopping - Continuing on The T-Shirt theme...

X17online caught Prince shopping on 12/17, and his T-Shirt is interesting. I see the word "Rise" but can't decipher the rest...calling all comic book fans out there! ;-)
(click to enlarge photo)


  1. So, yeah, I'm about to reveal the geek in me LOL...

    The bubble on the left says, "At the command of Galactus you have fallen"

    The top one on the right says "And my command once again..." and the bottom one says "I bid you...RISE!!"

    The pink hand is Galactus, the silver guy in the middle is the Silver Surfer.


  2. I see a gigantic hand. I also recognize that woman that was with Paris at the airport in Vegas.

  3. Stan Lee would be so proud....

  4. The creation of the silver surfer - is what is on the shirt.

    Good luck with that :) smile perhaps he just likes the shirt.

    There is not a message in everything people