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Friday, December 18, 2009

LaToya Again & MJ liked Toy Medicine Kits?

The Jackson's seem to enjoy shopping at Target. While watching this video, I didn't think that it would contain anything worth noting, until the very end, when LaToya mentions how MJ liked the toy doctor and medicine kits..but not for Christmas... it seemed like a subtle statement that implied he was interested and educated in medicine.. I just thought it was interesting that out of any toy she could have mentioned, she talked about medicine kits...

Then another odd video; where LaToya is seen going into a lingerie store and she bizaarely states that she is buying "for the children"... at first this seemed quite odd, but then if you think about it..I'm wondering if she is really saying "don't assume the things I say are the truth". Either that, or she has totally lost her mind.. :)


  1. Perhaps Doctor Da Troot shopped at Target for his medical supply kit. I suppose it would be too much to ask, for it to include a defibrillator.

  2. Ya gotta love LaToya. She loves the attention. I'm happy for her. Btw, she should already have that CD. It's her brother for christ sakes.

  3. something is seriously wrong with her if her brother is really dead.