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Monday, December 28, 2009

Oops! Mike Bearden Movieweb Interview

Today I was just casually strolling down memory lane reviewing older interviews and watched a few from the Movieweb website. You may or may not have seen this interview clip with Mike Bearden, the Musical Director for This Is It. He's known for some suspect slip-ups in the past..and this interview adds some more to his portfolio. But to give him credit, he tries to catch himself...

1:14 "We were working with MJ the last 4-5 days of his life.. (oops, I mean MONTHS of his life)

4:24 "MJ was happy, vibrant, healthy... he wanted to do this fi(lm)... (oops I mean TOUR!)

Mike B, we'll let you slide on this one..but next time, realize your audience here.. ;-)
Side note - Movieweb had their own error by saying he was Kenny Ortega!


  1. haha
    Mike B is my favourite slipper-up or slip-upper [whatever!]
    I just love the part in which he and Michael rehearse The Way You Make Me Feel... MJ is so sweet there, just a perfect teacher <3


  2. I agree with Agnesemoon. Very interesting slip-ups!

  3. Hi SC..
    At 2:19 MB is saying "for his fans who he LOVES" Hmm wouldn't it LOVED???

    MB is the slip-up master:-)

  4. Hahahahaha!! errors are evident, and put "kenny Ortega" in bigs words, and this guy isn't Kenny XD

  5. Michael está vivo yo lo sé pero él quizo que los medios lo dejaran en paz como ya se lo merecía.
    Aun que el fingir su muerte tenía lados buenos y lados malos.Uno bueno:
    La prensa lo dejaría en paz.
    Y un lado malo:
    Ya no podría estar más con sus fans,sus amigos y su familia

  6. They did the same thing for Kenny; they have him as Michael Bearden.
    Huge mistake on their part or deliberate?