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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Update: White Umbrella Man

This new screen shot makes it appear that the White Umbrella Man may be Prince (or MJ) and the dressed in black "ducking" person to be Paris. (Look at the Halloween mask with the "horns" on top of the head). Hard to tell though.

Also at 8:02 in the video is someone with dark hair and a white cap...a third mystery person.. perhaps this is the elusive one? (or maybe just Prince or Omer?)

Who does everything think the three circled people are? I was talking to Pianogames and he made a great observation that white umbrella man actually turns around to go back to the building, and hands the umbrella off to what looks to be a woman. This can explain why in some screen caps it is a lighter skinned Michael and in other screen caps it appears to be a woman.

12/10 UPDATE: Prince is seen exiting Karate on 12/9, and he is filmed out in the open, not blocked. Makes you wonder about that other day...


  1. what's the name of the video??

  2. Is there really any need for this? We know what the Jackson children look like now. Unless it is to prevent as much as possible the paps selling photos of the children. I did not see the "elusive one" or any face mask in sight this time so what is the real reason for the cloak and dagger behaviour. Maybe this is "normal" for Hollywood?