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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why is someone from TMZ in a Markus Rothkranz video?

One of the "" redirections had taken us to this to a "" which directly links to Markus Rothkranz - another person who talks about 2012, "love", and "this is it".

When you go to, there is a video that plays. I found it very interesting that the guy from TMZ is in the audience. The video is a must see for the entertainment value alone.


  1. good to be here. Following you on twitter too!(VPB_MARIA)
    What's Mike's connection to TMZ you think?

  2. well we know that the MJ camp, or sources close to them have been feeding information to TMZ. The connection to Markus is odd but perhaps it alerts us to question some of the videos we have seen...

  3. Darn. They didn't show the sexy part at the end. I can't wait to purchase the DVD just to see it again. :)

  4. The above comment should have been posted under the "This Is It - Billie Jean" video. Sorry. :)

  5. yes that's very interesting..
    good find SC!!