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Friday, December 25, 2009

Freedom Is Just The Beginning..This Is AI?

After watching the following video on YouTube by fellow "hoaxer" mjdhor, I felt one aspect of the video was worth mentioning on my blog to expand the conversation.

The poster for the 2005 film "After Innocence" draws a striking similarity to the This Is It poster. The man in the "After Innocence" poster has fists clenched, while MJ in the TII poster seems to be pushing against imaginary pillars, perhaps further tying the TII image to the AI image. (click to enlarge)

After Innocence..AI..hmm..This Is It..This Is AI..TIAI? Another one of those interesting coincidences.

Now what happened with MJ's life in 2005, after his was declared innocent? The title alone, "after innocence" can parallel MJ's life after the trial, as it depicts men exonerated after evidence points to then not being guilty. He was to be condemned to death. Did MJ feel that he was being condemned to death, in the sense that everyone around him was leaching on his life?

More on this in a future post....


  1. Very interesting, thanks for posting.

  2. indeed interesting!
    what you said. Another one of those weird coincidences... ;)

  3. Seeing Clues just wanted to point something out I noticed as well...In 2001'S You Rock My World this is Mike's Exact pose behind the Curtain when he says in accapella "My life will never be the same"..just a tidbit of food for JennyAppleHead

  4. Can't TIAI also stand for "This Is Also It?"