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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Michael Jackson - No IV Drip, No Straps

Looks like everyone gets an IV drip and is secured on the stretcher with straps when they are rushed into the emergency room from an ambulance...unless you are Michael Jackson. Compare this photo of Tiger Wood's mother-in-law to Michael Jackson's photo. There is no IV drip in Michael's photo. He's not even strapped in....
I suppose cardiac arrest doesn't warrant these minor details...

To contradict the assumption that MJ was "dead" and therefore did not need an IV, Randy Phillips himself says here at 2:39 that MJ was on life support at the hospital. (They don't put dead people on life support).


  1. Good observation!

  2. Yes, so true, SeeingClues!

    I've always also thought it was odd, paramedics were looking ahead even though ambulance bay doors open automatically. They were not focussed on Michael, he had been reported to be critically-ill, at that time.

    As a patient with a chronic condition this needs to be added. If Michael's veins were so bad, how was Dr. Murray, able to place a saline or heparin lock? According, to the press, Dr. Murray would access Michael nightly. He'd than hook him up to the propofol. This seems odd to me. Even though, Dr. Murray is a cardiologist; doctors are often not experts when an IV must be started.

    If Michael were in the hospital, an IV nurse specialist might be called in to do this task (place a saline/heparin lock, etc). If he, required medication over an extended period of time, Michael might even be sent to the radiology department. A radiologist might insert a PICC line. This is a type of central line. PICC's can stay in for an extended length of time. Such lines are helpful, when venous access is poor.

    In other cases, when access is challenging, a patient may receive:
    1. ) a Hickman line.

    2. ) A port-a-cath might be another choice. They are often placed, in the chest during day surgery, but maybe placed elsewhere.

    3. ) PASports provide another option. These are really a smaller version of the port-a-cath, placed in the arm (arm ports).

    Although, central lines are used to deliver potent medications, e.g., chemo, they are also used for patients like me. When one lives with a chronic illness, often veins are used up, due to IV antibiotics, and so on. Frequent, treatments, especially over a course of years lead to veins becoming scarred up!

    Almost every month or so, it’s necessary for me to receive IV treatments. Henceforth, providing the opportunity, to learn a little bit about needles. I could play the nurse or doctor role on television!

  3. You have some serious observational skills -- what a great find...

  4. I noticed this too, when I saw it on the news this morning. Thanks for pointing this out on your blog!

  5. None of the above occurred because MJ wasn't dead!

  6. Your are so, so great! keep looking for clues, you have serios observational skills!

  7. Hey! Why does the one guy have a
    jacket in front of HIS face? That is
    silly looking..who is he and what is
    he hiding? The stretcher has already
    gone past him.

  8. I was thinking that this was because they knew he was already gone?

    And did that to "keep up appearances" so to speak?

  9. I've been on many a stretcher. In my experiences, I tend to slide downward on stretchers, even when awake, and not being transported. I don’t think EMS would take such a risk even if Michael were gone. This could turn into a publicity nightmare, for the paramedics, if Michael’s body were to land on the ground.

  10. To be fair if he was already dead it would be impossible for the paramedics to give him an iv. Your veins literaly blow up if someone tries to stick you when your blood pressure drops below a certain point.

  11. I agree that if he was already dead an IV would be useless, however...according to Randy Phillips he was still alive when he was admitted to the hospital and was on life support until his mother arrived..I have embedded the video in this post - at 2:39 in his own words Randy Phillips says this.
    So obviously, something is not right here...

  12. Did anyone notice that the interviewer also slipped up? Around 5:07 he starts to say "obviously the experiment" and then stops to correct himself and says "obviously the experience isn't over for you".