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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Jack5ons - Clues or Clever Marketing?

There are mixed feelings about the whole "Jackson Family Dynasty" reality show. Is it a family simply cashing in on the death of a brother, or are they opening up to show us something truly compelling?
By watching the promo clips for the show you can't help but wonder if the similiarities between their promotional "teasers" and the This Is It ones are purely coincidental, or are they purposely intended? If they are purposeful, then are they to ride off the wave of popularity of This Is It, and trying to equate "The Jacksons" with "Michael Jackson"? Jermaine has been quoted at the movie premiere as saying "This Is Not It". But does that mean he's trying to portray the remaining brothers as being a viable substitute for Michael? In other words, is he saying that MJ was just part of the "The Jacksons", and don't worry, because "The Jacksons" are still continuing.
You wonder if this is the case, because in the promo for the Jacksons show they indicate that "The Wait Is Over". What wait? Has there been a burning desire of the public to see the other 4 brothers resurrect their careers?

And the dramatic line of "You Think You Know Them"..will their actions surprise us? Are we going to discover brothers we never knew? (again, tying to the This Is It theme).

Also curious is the clothes that Jermaine is wearing in the clips - featuring the names of countries - Bahrain and who has been associated with visiting those countries in recent years?

Another interesting observation is Marlon wearing an FBI cap:

The "Jack5sons" name alone is curious, being that there are 4 brothers. There has been speculation that Janet will work with the brothers in recording some material, but I have not seen Janet herself validate that.

A news article posted on 12/3 said:
"Producers on Friday said fans would have to watch the six-episode show to find out whether the brothers decide to go ahead in some form, without Michael.
"That is a surprise you have to stay tuned for that. The guys live all of those answers out on camera," said executive producer Jodi Gomes."
The article can be found here:
So again they are being dramatic and making us believe there will be an amazing this a clue to something truly spectacular, or will it be that they are just working together to record an album or go on tour (perhaps with Janet?). But that wouldn't be THAT much of a surprise since it's been in the media.
The promotional teaser ends with the line "Family Comes First".
We shall see if it is really family..or money..that comes first in the end.


  1. You really have to wonder about this...Perhaps they are riding on the wave of Michael..
    Jermaine and his shirts! well what is he trying to tell us?? Who knows I suppose we will just have to watch...

  2. Reminds me of TIAI...and the Year Zero ARG for the Nine Inch Nails album...when fans discovered a hidden message "I am trying to believe" written on a Nine Inch Nails tour t-shirt. Maybe Jermaine is giving us a message somehow - not quite so hidden though?

  3. On the surface it does seem like the bro's are using Mike's 'death' as a way to resurrect {sp?} their own careers..I hope that isn't the case..I do hope the series is shown in Australia..I would love to see it.
    Ireland and Bahrain...Michael lived in both places..Perhaps he resides in one of these countries today..Let's hope so hey..xx
    Love to you SC'
    MJ's Tinkerbell

  4. i dont think they are trying to use michael by making this show because they was filmin the show before michael died....they even asked him did he wanted to be on the show but he refused.

  5. Michael probably bought him the T-shirts while he was there, Jermaine wearing them to get more hype for the programme. Cryptic messages make people watch. There may be something it in but I won't be holding my breath!


  6. Yeh - I live in Australia too. I haven't seen it advertised here anywhere.

    I guess we will see it somewhere though.

  7. SeeingClues, Sorry to be such an annoying and pedantic poster but you have said Jack5sons rather than Jack5ons like the poster shows. Is this another clue? I do hope so.

  8. I used "Jack5ons" in the title as that is how the title of thier show reads. :)

  9. SeeingClues, Thank you. I realize that you have said JACK5ONS with a 5 the same as your caption and poster picture. I am referring to your blurb underneath the photo of Jermaine in the White/Red shirt. You have said JACK5SONS including the no.5 and the letter S. I just thought I was seeing clues. No offence.

  10. I am probably going to get slammed for this, but it does cross my mind once in a while. Do you really think the Jackson's are THAT clever? I mean, to place clues and keep something as big as Michael's death hoax a secret? The insincerity they have shown leads me to believe that they ARE just cashing in our their uber-famous brother's death. Plus, I would not put it past "Big Media" to be planting ideas in people's heads on the various hoax sites just so they will go out and buy the CD's, DVD's, movies etc.

    I am not saying that it is out of the question that Michael faked his death because I am not that closed-minded as to believe everything I hear and read. Just putting my thoughts out there.

  11. I think the Jackson family are extremely clever. To all intents and purposes they have been in the business for decades. Some more successful than others. I think we know who I'm talking about. Joe Jackson had the desire to improve all of their lives by getting the boys into the business. He knew they were good and would succeed. Have the family really kept the hoax a secret? For fans of MJ who are of a suspicious nature, the family have not kept it a secret. One is only going to buy the CD's etc if you are a fan of what you hear and see. If MJ returns then I think the rest of the family will enjoy the limelight to the full once again. I think that is why they look and act so happy. Years in the wilderness and suddenly to be on top again must be exhilarating for them. To be doing the talkshows, reality show and everything surrounding MJ's "death" this is where it's at. I'm not swayed by "Big Media". I went to see "This Is It" because I wanted to. Yes I saw the trailer for the film, but if there had been no trailer I would still have gone if it involved MJ.

  12. i just want to know how was the person that said germany is the key??? who was that cause if we look at it from the movie/fantasy/detective perspective then jermaine(germany) is the key as to where can MJ be but then again this man introduced MJ to the people in bahrain....the ireland one i have no explanation...oh i almost forgot...did you see the clip were the brothers are crying cause they are talking about the jackson 5 days and jermaine is telling them something about their break up or something...well i think they cried more there in that episode than from MJ death

  13. Anonymous, Are you asking who said "Germany is the key"? I think it was "Joke Calms China". Or almost an anagram of Michael Jackson. I still need to check out that clip. So much to do, so little time.

  14. Anonymous, I have now caught the clip from the reality show. Do you mean the clip that was featured on Larry King a few days ago? Yes I saw Jermaine upset talking about the old days. I don't think it is fair to judge Jermaine's crying habits. I'm sure Jermaine would grieve privately for MJ. Some things really are too personal for public viewing. As for all the Joke Calms China business I am far too busy stalking SeeingClues.