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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ambulance Photographer Blacked out in TMZ photo

TMZ published a "Remembering Michael Jackson" gallery here:

I noticed that in one of the shots, they purposely black out the person to MJ's right, who just happens to be the infamous photographer who snapped the ambulance shot. Hmm..why block out the association? I suppose it would look funny to show MJ and that guy near a white van..hmm..where else have we seen a white van?


  1. I saw the original picture all over the internet.Don't you think that removing the photographer from the well known shot only attracts people's attention?Things got so complex and twisted...
    Keep on trying to find light in this maze.

  2. Who is the man standing in back of Michael? Thank you.

  3. That doesn't seem like something TMZ would normally want to edit out. I mean, a picture of Michael WITH the guy who took his "final picture". That just seems like the kind of picture TMZ would like to sling all over the place. :/ This whole thing just gets more and more strange as the days pass...

  4. Is it possible that the white van maybe either:
    1. ) the ambulance? or 2.) the coroner's van?

  5. The guy standing behind Michael looks like Tohme.

  6. I don't think the person standing in the background is Tohme Tohme. This man looks too non scowling. As for TMZ, all media outlets have their own agenda. We just need to find out what it is.

  7. Another thought, Is MJ wearing pj's? Is this photo taken in his garage of his home?

  8. yes it looks like he's wearing pj's.. hmmm interesting!

    yes, why would TMZ leave the photographer out?? makes you go, hmmm;))