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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is the "White Umbrella Man" MJ?

Credit goes to PianoGames for posting another amazing video on YouTube, which I have included here.

I have captured a screen shot of "White Umbrella Man" this MJ?? (click on image to enlarge). According to X17online, the footage was shot October 14, 2009.

PianoGames Video:


  1. I had to have a little giggle when I saw this footage SC..Dont these people realise they are attracting much more attention to themselves by acting in such a way?..Probably no one would have noticed as much if they had all walked out normally without the blanket and umbrella's..Michael would not have been there..Not unless he WANTS to be seen and it's my guess he never wants to be seen again.
    Still it was a great video and I agree the guy with the white umbrella does look like MJ from the distance..It's a little off that the kids went to this Karate place after the burial..
    That cant be right as the burial took place in the evening didn't it?? Perhaps it was a few days after..
    Take care SC..Hope you are well..
    Much love and light to you my

  2. The person under the white umbrella looks like that Grace chick. And it's kind of silly the way they are shielding the kids because they are drawing more attention than avoiding it. Why couldn't they just put a simple towel or something over their faces?

  3. I agree with some of the points in the above post. Especially about creating more of a scene with all the covers and abnormal behaviour. Perhaps this is all part of the show? Maybe MJ just wants to do regular things but feels he cannot. I hope we will see his talents again but if not as long as he lives his life the way he chooses I will be happy.

  4. I don't understand the need for the "drama" with all the umbrellas and the large cloth thing if it was just nothing more than the children going to their Karate lesson..We have seen them before..the person in dark garb reminds me of the Mata Hari's daughter post you put up about Kenny saying that Michael would disguise himself like that...
    I also don't understand why the umbrellas if Michael is not there then why use them..It does not look like rain!!.
    I don't think this person is Grace the nanny because their face is covered and she never covers her face..
    There is only one conclusion and that is the person is Michael...
    The people from the Karate Centre must also know what is going on here..

  5. it looks like grace....i can tell

  6. I have a friend who owns a investigation company. He knows how to work a picture from every trained aspect and he said 100% Grace. He also said that from his years of experience that people get tired after awhile of always being followed and always being taped or pictures being taken to the point that they begin to act strange or begin doing things to make you think something is wrong. With private investigations you learn to desifer between real and made up. They probably thought it was funny to have Grace dress that way with the umbrella and the children acting like they are trying to hide. They probably were laughing at the people with the cameras and the people who always follow them. Michael wouldnt be out in public for one thing and my friend said that with investigations you have to have a open mind, a sense of reality, and sometimes listening is way more productive than what the eye can see. Next time those following shld concentrate on listening to the conversation instead of trying to get that pic. Thanks for letting me share this with all of you.