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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A "Green" Day

It's always interesting when one of Conrad Murray's patients comes out of the woodwork to lend a comment about their experiences with the doctor.

This time we have a patient named "Robert Day":

Knowing that names of people in this investigation have provided some interesting coincidences, I did some research on "Robert Day".

Turns out there was a "Robert Day" who was a movie director. Not only a movie director, but one of his films was entitled "The Green Man":

Information can be found in the IMDB here -

Hhmm..remember our "Green Man"?

UPDATE: An anonymous reader sent another connection!

When looking at the plot for "The Green Man", we see that one of the main characters is William Blake. William Blake ultimately saves the main character from an assasination attempt:

The name "William Blake" recalls another place where we have seen this name, in it's nickname form, "Bill Blake". Let us reflect back to the mysterious tombstone that was in the Thriller short film in This Is It:

Picture credit to

The tombstone reads Bill Blake, which would be a nickname version of William Blake.  (Hmm..we've had some discussions of nicknames versus full names before... ).  Could this name be inspired by the character in "The Green Man"? 

The eerie coincidences continue......

Robert Day also directed a film entitled, "Corridors of Blood". The main character develops an addiction to surgical anesthetics!
Information on this film can be found here:

Thank you @annabel_lee_h for that discovery!

But a blog reader "Sarah" noticed a few interesting character names in the film. Let's look at the cast!

We have a "Resurrection Joe", and even more curious, a "Mr. Blount".  A paramedic with the last name "Blount" testified at the preliminary hearing.  Small world!!

As a side piece of trivia, an actor named Robert Day played a part in the 1980 film, "The Elephant Man".

Make no bones about it, it must also be a silly coincidence... :)

Thanks to all who have found interesting Robert Day connections such as @annabel_lee_h and @Nitrogen_ .


  1. Hi SC - - Really Smart you are SC...

    You know, it wouldn't be a normal "DAY" in the hoax world without a new "something odd" coming to light.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts...

  2. Well now isn't this all so interesting. Yet another "coincidence".
    I have to say I never thought Dr Murray would actually have to go to trial.
    This whole thing is so odd.
    Thanks for sharing what you have found, it is nice to see a new blog post from you! : )

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this find with us. Of course, the "green man" happens to be one of our favourite characters. :)

  4. Lol I thought "Green Man" too when I read " Gentle Man " on tmz.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I mean "Gentle giant" lol sorry

  6. Corridors of Blood (1958) MJ birth year

    Cast :

    Christopher Lee >> Resurrection Joe (!)

    Frank Pettingell >> Mr Blount ... Like #7 Prosecution Witnesses, Paramedic Martin Blount ???

    Just coincidences... lol

  7. Wow, this is fantastic! Thank you SC, Annabel, and Sarah! :o)

  8. Sorry, I missed you @Nitrogen_. Thank you to you too. :)

  9. The Divine Mrs JonesJanuary 12, 2011 at 12:47 PM

    Thank you for adding this to your blog..As ever SC I cannot praise you enough for the efforts that you go to, and hard work and dedication that put into everything you research..with a little help from your friends..Sounds like a Lennon and McCartney song..Hummm!!!
    The last part of the post was about the film with Boris Karloff..Whose aunt was Anna Leonowens..of the "King and I" fame..The King and I..another Hummm!!! moment.. :) I wonder????

  10. Corridors of Blood - Directed by Robert Day

    Starring Boris Karloff

    The Raven - Directed by Roger Corman

    Starring Boris Karloff and Vincent Price


    Michael Jackson Death Hoax - The Raven

    so many connections so little time :P

  11. Boris Karloff in... Thriller!

  12. @SeeingClues Thanks to you ! ;)

  13. Vaugh Taylor

    Also in "Thriller" with Boris Karloff

    He also played "Conrad Murray" in The Court of Last Resort - The Conrad Murray Case

    this is the biggest game of connect-the-dots I've ever played lol!

  14. @Mr. Professor yes it is!! good find!

  15. I did not see a Vaugh Taylor in the full credit list for thriller.

  16. This is THRILLER 2

  17. This is so very very cool.....great find everyone :) So fascinating too.


  18. Another extremely small coincidence...

    In "The Green Man" there is a character named William Blake. The TII Thriller video had a tombstone marked RIP Bill Blake. In previous discussions on this it was thought that Bill Blake was short for William Blake. Probably not important but I just happened to recognize that name.

  19. @Anonymous perhaps small, yet interesting in light of all the other coincidences. If anything, it is fascinating how so many things are interconnected. Perhaps it means something, or perhaps life itself contains dots that can all be connected in some way. Either way, very interesting and thank you for your comment.

  20. Saw a photo that appears to show a Pink Panter stuffed doll in the courtroom 1/25 - Blake Edwards is connected with those movies.. (William Blake - Blake Edwards) just another odd thing