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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Timeline: Oxman Knew About MJ Before 911 Or Murray?

It has been stated that 911 was called from Michael Jackson's home at 12:21pm on June 25th.

Apparently now, there have been multiple phone conversations going on simultaneously right "before noon".

Take for example the revelation that Dr. Murray contacted a patient regarding test results at 11:54am. This is allegedly documented in phone records. How could Murray calmly make such a call if MJ was immediately in distress after receiving Propofol at 10:50am? Ed Chernoff, Conrad Murray's lawyer, says that Murray's recollection of the timeline was a "mistake", and everyone makes them.

But you could say, well, perhaps Murray found him at 11:55, which would still make it "before noon". Unless he was performing CPR while making additional calls this does not make sense, as he finished his final call at 12:13pm:

Here is video of Brian Oxman saying that he received a call from Randy's assistant (Randy Phillips or Randy Jackson??) that MJ was already taken "from the hospital" at some point "before noon":
(embedding was disabled on video so click YouTube link after hitting "play").

Even if this is a Jermaine style slip up and he meant taking MJ "from the HOUSE", how could he have left the house before noon before 911 was even contacted, or before Murray even realized MJ was in distress?

Special thanks to 77_Sunrise_77 who had sent me the Oxman video link.

Monday, March 29, 2010

9282 Days


Ok everyone, I had hesitated posting this because I couldn't find enough of a tie in, until _Xscape_ on Twitter gave me a photo that at least made this worth mentioning.

This may need to be filed under "very odd coincidences" as this is a breaking story that is still being researched.

It is starting to become mainstream news that there were exactly 9282 days between Michael Jackson's birth in August 29, 1958, to the Pepsi incident on January 27, 1984, and exactly 9282 days between that event and June 25, 2009.

At the same time, 9282 days is significant in another way. It was 9282 days since the Philadelphia Phillies won their last world series when they finally won in October 2008. This article was posted on October 29, 2008, about one year before This Is It was released in the theaters:

Completely unrelated stories, but uncanny in the fact that they are both tied to "9282 days". I had discovered this previously but couldn't find any type of tie-in.

Then, a blog reader named _XScape_ sends me the following newly released photo. It is from a website called 24/7 Smash that has released some rare video of MJ, and immediately after shows a gold coffin. The significance? Once of the men in the image is wearing a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap!!!!

The video can be found here:

This is a very odd coincidence and we are in the process of researching further...

3/30 UPDATE:
MJ may have had at last a mild interest in baseball. One of the three Nelson De La Nuez paintings MJ purchased in June was the below piece entitled "Play Ball". (coincidentally, letters spelling "BAM" can be found in the painting - I've circled them for you to see)

3/31 UPDATE:
Interesting bit of additional trivia.. Frankie Lymon, best known as being the young lead singer of The Teenagers, was born on September 30, 1942 and died of a heroin overdose on February 27, 1968. His most famous song was "Why Do FOOLS fall in LOVE".

The kicker? There were 9282 days between the birth date and death date of this child star.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Connect The Dots, Fool!"

Could this be what they are telling us? On March 4th, TMZ posted an article containing Jermaine's response to the stun gun incident, and the title was, "Connect The Dots". At the time, it was somewhat of an odd title for the post.

And before then, back in October 2009, TMZ posted an article about a letter that Arnold Schwarzenegger sent to the California State Assembly, after being heckled at an event. A not-so-nice message goes down the side of the letter - Arnold's rep said it was "just a coincidence":

So that takes us to more recent news. On 3/28, News of The World posts an article about how MJ was almost "brought back from the dead":

In the article, with points bulleted with large DOTS, it states that documents revealed Dr. Murray:

If you "Connect The Dots", it spells out the word "FOOL". Prop, Fool anyone? (I mean..Propofol...)

Special thanks to a reader, "Bernadette" who suggested this topic.

"Still The King" Tour - This Is Not It?

Travis Payne announced that the This Is It Dancers will be embarking on a "Still The King" World Club Tour in April and May 2010. The website is located at

Here is a partial screen shot:

The blood red spray paint graphics are eerily similar to:

Is this to let us know "This Is Not It"...or merely another coincidence?

UPDATE: Amazing images were discovered when zooming in on the word "KING"! Notice the crown is above the rabbit's head!(Click to enlarge)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did MJ Know The End Was Near?

As we know, during the memorial service, we heard Andrae Crouch's choir sing "Soon Very Soon We Will See The King":

Below is an interesting video with Rodney Jerkins,aka "Darkchild", a music producer who was interviewed just a couple of days after June 25th. At 1:40 in the video the interviewer asked him if MJ "knew his time was coming". That made Darkchild recall a chilling story of how MJ actually met with Andrae and Sandra Crouch just 3 weeks prior to his passing, which would be the first week of June:

The song that MJ requested they sing was "It Won't Be Long, We'll Be Leaving Here". Here is an audio clip of the song:

Did MJ have a premonition of what was to be?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Was Michael Jackson Officially Conrad Murray's Patient?

According to Ed Chernoff, the answer would have to be "no". He is calling the restriction of Conrad Murray's license in California to be "disingenious" because Murray does 'not have an office AND HAS SEEN NO PATIENTS there."

The below article was just released on RadarOnline:

click to enlarge:

So in order to have your license taken away, you need to have a physical office in the state? With that said, then how did he obtain the California license in the first place?

And if he has treated no patients in California, what was his relationship to Michael Jackson then? It would certainly be a physician role if he was able to overrule the paramedics that arrived at the home. Does the fact that Murray and AEG never executed a contract mean that MJ is not officially a patient, even though he was treated by a licensed physician? And Murray can legally practice by going to people's homes in California as that is the loophole that ensures your license isn't taken away?

An even more curious aspect of this is the letter that Conrad Murray wrote to his patients on 6/15/09, which states that we will not be practicing medicine:

Murray was to manage his affairs from a distance but assured his patients that he would "come back"...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo of "Dangerous" Rehearsal for TII

Below is a photo of the rehearsal of "Dangerous" for This Is It. (click to enlarge)

Sort of reminds you of this image from the paramedic's report...

Note that ECG heart monitors use a similar green light:

It has been said that the background screen was to resemble brain waves, and below is a screen shot of an EEG, which measures such waves:

At minimum, it is interesting that an image of an aspect of the body being monitored is the backdrop for the "Dangerous" song.

And speaking of "Dangerous", did you know - Michael Jackson began recording the "Dangerous" album on June 25, 1990, almost 20 years ago. Bit o' trivia to start your week.

UPDATE: Here is the video of the whiteboard notes for the "Dangerous" rehearsal, which shows notes about brain waves (thank you Jessicakthx):

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Black Widow - Who's Your Mummy?

One curious aspect of the Thriller segment in This Is It is the never before seen use of a Black Widow Spider. Michael Jackson emerges from the paralyzing clutches of the Black Widow unharmed (start at :22 of the video below).

However close inspection of this Black Widow shows that it's design is like no other Black Widow I have seen:

Interestingly enough, after he walks out of the spider, and takes a look around to the left and right (making sure the coast is clear?), MJ strikes a similar "mummy-like" pose:

Then still looking at the camera he indicates he is ready to fight:

And finally..the scare!

These three moves happen in about a second before the scene switches.

So was a metaphorical spider holding the "mummy" until it was able to emerge?

UPDATE: Seeing Clues blog reader "Cristadobre" sent me the below vintage Disney short film "Egyptian Melodies" which contains a segment where a spider brings mummies to life:

If you are in the mood for a "Silly Symphony" you can watch it here:

Monday, March 15, 2010

7 "Mystery Projects"?

It was announced on 3/15 that Michael Jackson's estate signed the largest recording contract in music history (Guinness record plaque, anyone?) with a contract worth between $200-$250 million.

The deal runs through 2017 (a seven year deal), and calls for 10 "projects". It has been reported that there is enough material for 3 albums, so that leaves 7 (there is that number again) "mystery" projects.

Since they have identified 10 as the number of projects, with that commitment of money they must know what those projects are...time will tell..

Now Reuters reported yesterday that the deal encompasses 10 ALBUMS over 7 years. Which makes you wonder, if there is enough unreleased material for 3, where is the material for the remaining 7 coming from?

Financial News USA had reported the following on Friday, March 11th:

So apparently, it must be more than just albums, but what will break new ground?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

MJ Says "Yes" to J5 Tour on June 1st, 2009

Our friends at TMZ posted a compilation video of all of Michael Jackson's doctor visits from April - June 2009. If you watch this video at around the 3:29 mark, you see MJ answer a question from the Paps. On June 1st, 2009 they ask him if he is going on tour with the Jackson 5 and he answers, "YES", before getting into the SUV.

It pays to wear headphones while watching these videos... ;)

Flashback: "He's Breathing Fine"

"All sorts of rumors" is the theme here, as they report how Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital.

The news announcer says that "someone from Los Angeles" will make a statement. Note that they are not saying "someone from UCLA Medical Center".

And then of course the most curious comment, emailed to Fox News from someone "representing the spokesperson of Elizabeth Taylor" who said, "he's breathing fine" (midway thru the clip).

What is intriguing, is wondering who informed the news that there would be a statement? According to Fox News, only Katherine was at the hospital so far. Could one speculate that Jermaine already knew about his speech on the way to the airport, I mean..on the way to the hospital?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Issue With The Ambulance Photo

Oftentimes we need to go back and revisit those items that we have researched many times before. Brian Oxman exclaimed that the "ambulance photo was a fake" and provided "proof" via photoshop comparisons. Since there are more than one "ambulance photo" shot milliseconds apart, it would serve to prove that the photo wasn't photoshopped, and the only chance for it to be a "fake" is if the person in the photo was a double or a mannequin.

For example, take a look at these two shots:

The odds of this being a "photoshop" are significantly reduced due to the issue of there being multiple shots...would they photoshop multiple images? Most likely, not.

But the question still remains is that the image of MJ in the ambulance looks nothing like the 2009 Michael Jackson. In fact, it looks more like Navi without makeup in 2009:

I'm not implying it WAS Navi or one of the "doubles" in the ambulance, but you have to admit that he makes a better fit than the 2009 MJ:

Note that it was Navi who admits to have gotten a call to do some "visuals" for This Is It, and he's worked as a decoy but "can't talk about it" (start at 1:23):
If anything, this serves to make anyone wonder - who really was it in the ambulance in June 2009? Someone with darker skin than MJ in 2009...there are many possibilities; only one is the truth.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcoming a Jackson Family Member

Austin Brown, Rebbie Jackson's son, sent me a friend request on Facebook (click to enlarge images).

Welcome to the SeeingClues family of friends!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It was the "Burn Victim Look"

In December of 2007 Michael was seen with bandages around his mouth, while shopping at a book store with his children. Pictures from that day where taken and surfaced the internet, many wondered why the bandages where there.
The story that was making headlines was that Michael was accidentally whacked in the face by his younger son Blanket while playing around, and part of Michael's upper lip collapsed. Apparently his lip was so bad that he needed to get it surgically fixed.

The media had reported that the reason for the bandages was due to MJ's lips bursting due to the accident with Blanket. Below is a report from "Extra":

Curiously though, during the GMA bodyguard interview, the topic of Michael's appearance at that time came up. They showed the pictures of Michael wearing bandages across the screen. When asked if Michael was hiding injuries under them, one of the body guards answered "No. That disguise to him was the burn victim"
You can hear this at around 5:15

Michael has been known for showing unique appearences in public. Most often, has been seen wearing masks, sunglasses and scarves, not so much bandages. So, why would they question the bandages over all his other disguises?

What does burn victim remind you of, Dave Dave perhaps?
The "disguise" really isn't a disguise, you can see it is MJ. So the bodyguards changing the story doesn't make much sense when they say he wanted to "disguise" as a burn victim. In light of the reports in 2007 where the explanation was given that an accident caused the surgery and resulting bandages, why would the bodyguards say that MJ was trying to disguise as a burn victim, now in 2010? And why a burn victim? In light of the Dave Dave Larry King Live appearance, it could make you wonder, and we are burning to know the truth... ;)

It's Joe, According To The Passport

This will be the first of two articles on the GMA bodyguard interview. But in this first one, we will not point to anything that the bodyguards said, rather, what was briefly shown on the screen.

We have seen old copies of driver's licenses on the FBI report, and have yearned to see a form of identification that was CURRENT.

Well, a current passport would fit the bill!

For unknown reasons, Michael Jackson's PASSPORT flashed on the screen while they were discussing his finances..something unrelated to a passport. Did you see it?

Here is the screen shot. (click to enlarge). Many thanks to bmclane for finding this in the video, appoximately 3 minutes in:

It is an image from the passport overlayed over a $100 bill. (This time no doubt a REAL hundred dollar bill. :) ) You can watch the video here:

The passport expires 10/18/2013, roughly 4 years after the burial. Oh, and for fans of the Joseph vs. Joe debate, the passport lists "Joe" as the middle name.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

TMZ's "Federal Bureau of InvestigationS"

TMZ announced today that the FBI will be at the Oscars. The first thing immediately noticed is that they put an extra "S" in the word "Investigations":

The proper name is "Federal Bureau of Investigation". The below image was taken from the official FBI website (

Was the extra S intentional or just a mistake? In any event they want to bring this truck to our attention. So, of course, we examined it. Looking closely you see an interesting image in the truck (click to enlarge):

I almost see a jacket similar to this one, which interestingly is one of the "Pepsi" related jackets:

But the mind plays tricks..Perhaps it is all a Fabulous Bunch of Illusion..........

Friday, March 5, 2010

MJ Wrapped in a White Sheet - While Rehearsing..

Just another one of those coincidences... for just a couple of moments, we see MJ wrapped in a white sheet while filming the rehearsals for This Is It.. if anything, it is a bit eerie to see, being that the first images of him after the media declared him dead, was him in a white sheet..(click to enlarge)

For those who would like to see the "sheet removal" in action, a video creator by the name of 631Productions, captured this in one of their videos at the 48 second mark:

Sort of stunning, isn't it?

It brings me back to this image of a sheet being used instead of a body bag. I know there are "white" body bags available, but this looks like a sheet tied in a knot and not a professional body bag:

Perhaps with the California budget crisis they had to replace white sheets for body bags...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Usher's "Man In The Mirror"

Usher has a very interesting CD cover forthcoming for his new album Raymond vs. Raymond which contains some interesting visuals...

There appears to be a hidden "Man In The Mirror" within the smokiness of the mirror image:

There also appears to be lettering or a drawing below the arrow coming from the "H" in Usher.

Additional examination reveals that the font used in the letters of Usher's cover is the same font used in the This Is It movie poster:

This CD was originally due to be released late 2009, but had been delayed. A representative of Usher's told MTV: "The release of Usher's next album, Raymond vs. Raymond, has been delayed because we believe that the album is so strong that we want to give it the opportunity to have the proper setup before coming out"

Timing is everything...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Flashback: Brian Oxman "Stunned"

In light of the "stun gun" incident I wanted to post this video, which was originally broadcast on June 25th, 2009 on CNN. Brian Oxman repeats that he is stunned, but that is not the main point of interest.

What has always interested me is the fact that he goes on and on about alleged drug use, and "when there is smoke there is fire". He stresses the focus on drug addiction being the cause of all of this.

But yet..he won't confirm anything. And even odder, at the very end, makes an ironic and bizarre twist in the conversation saying that Michael Jackson was completely healthy!! How can it be both ways??

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dr. Klein's Promise to Michael?

In light of the the stun gun incident that has been reported to have occurred at the Hayvenhurst Jackson family home, Dr. Arnie Klein postedt the following message on Twitter:

But the way this was worded does not fit the logic of an unexpected death. According to Dr. Klein himself, MJ was healthy a week before he passed. So why would such a promise be made? Michael was to take the kids to London and Dr. Klein was not going to accompany him there. Dr. Klein is not listed in the will as a potential guardian.

When and why was this "promise" made?