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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Joe, According To The Passport

This will be the first of two articles on the GMA bodyguard interview. But in this first one, we will not point to anything that the bodyguards said, rather, what was briefly shown on the screen.

We have seen old copies of driver's licenses on the FBI report, and have yearned to see a form of identification that was CURRENT.

Well, a current passport would fit the bill!

For unknown reasons, Michael Jackson's PASSPORT flashed on the screen while they were discussing his finances..something unrelated to a passport. Did you see it?

Here is the screen shot. (click to enlarge). Many thanks to bmclane for finding this in the video, appoximately 3 minutes in:

It is an image from the passport overlayed over a $100 bill. (This time no doubt a REAL hundred dollar bill. :) ) You can watch the video here:

The passport expires 10/18/2013, roughly 4 years after the burial. Oh, and for fans of the Joseph vs. Joe debate, the passport lists "Joe" as the middle name.


  1. thank you for posting...have not watched this yet.


    Much L.O.V.E,

  3. This is great for the Joe vs Joseph thing.
    The thing I am wondering is how did they get his passport? Somebody gave it to them, right? I will be interested to see what you put in the next one because what they have said is where I am having issues :(

  4. Thanks so much for posting this. Very interesting. Love your website!

  5. The video makes me sad. Interesting that the body guards weren't in LA when MJ "died".

  6. I can't believe MJ is broke. This is something I just can't believe at all.

  7. Yes, saw that, too. :o) But what about the SSN/SSDI/Joseph thing? Any ideas?

  8. This has to do with the 3 fake autopsy reports.

    Look at them and you will find in the there are three different names throughout the autopsy report used: Michael Joseph Jackson Michael J. Jackson and Michael Jackson.

    The corner investigator Identify Michael Joseph Jackson by his driver's license at the er in UCLA.

    Next clue throughout the report it is not consistent and it is illegal to have other people's name in a chart.

    Next two ways of acceptable identification a family member or birth certification or passport.

    Next, if you go to the LA times Obituariea June 25, 2009 three Michael J. Jacksons died on that date. Yes, three.

    Different birthdate and causes. I just gave you a major pieces.

    Look at the autopies again, obitutaries, read the rules of identifying a body, go and locate the bodies, Good luck....Well I gave you the answers al except the locations of the bodies lol