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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcoming a Jackson Family Member

Austin Brown, Rebbie Jackson's son, sent me a friend request on Facebook (click to enlarge images).

Welcome to the SeeingClues family of friends!


  1. Hmmm.. Interesting. Well, that was very nice of him. ; )

  2. WHOA, SC, looks to me like u r going places ;) Congrats & all the better for us!!! :P
    I second Only Human above...V interesting indeed & do keep us posted on any 'new developments' :)))

    MUCH L.O.V.E

  3. Another hmmm. Yes, plz keep us posted. Thanks SC! .)

  4. This is wonderful news, Seeingclues!!! Austin befriending you raises a question: Why would a relative be interested in someone whom they felt were misleading the public about their family member? Answer: Apparently, there is truth in what you have shared, thus far, through your research, which appears on your blog. Personally, Austin's sudden appearance is confirmation that you are on the right track. Bigger things are about to happen thanks to you, SC!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  5. Show off! loll just teasing .. you rock kiddo.. im gonna give you the columbo detective award of the year... by the way check out our detective work on "zoom in on paris brooch" topic on's about mr magoo..several of us did some work last night and came up with some great pics, check it outttttttttttttt! L.O.V.E

  6. @tisruthy I will take a look at your thread today. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. LOVE back, 2x - SC

  7. Sorry. This is not the account of the real Austin.
    But this one:

  8. @Anonymous - this post is not about his Twitter account but rather his Facebook account. You are correct about the Twitter account. Much love.

  9. I checked him out because I came across this post... Let me just say...


    He is cute and very talented. He has a lot going for him. He seems to be very humble too. As, I have seen a couple of small interviews/segments. WOW... I must say, I have a new American crush. Which has been rare since my sudden interest in Kpop last year. :D