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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did MJ Know The End Was Near?

As we know, during the memorial service, we heard Andrae Crouch's choir sing "Soon Very Soon We Will See The King":

Below is an interesting video with Rodney Jerkins,aka "Darkchild", a music producer who was interviewed just a couple of days after June 25th. At 1:40 in the video the interviewer asked him if MJ "knew his time was coming". That made Darkchild recall a chilling story of how MJ actually met with Andrae and Sandra Crouch just 3 weeks prior to his passing, which would be the first week of June:

The song that MJ requested they sing was "It Won't Be Long, We'll Be Leaving Here". Here is an audio clip of the song:

Did MJ have a premonition of what was to be?


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  2. (OH. Something just went wrong. So I'll have to re-do it. Sorry!)

    My comment goes:

    Wonderful post, SC!

    Of course Michael knew something was coming up, because he was so much in charge - ALWAYS! He knew he was 'leaving' and this shows us that he had many speculations going on about the *narrativety* of the Hoax. ->

    1. First the meeting and the singing with Crouch and MJ's almost psychic feeling 'that he knew something was coming up' which gives Rodney Jerkins (and everyone) the chills.
    2. The 'DEATH' - the shock, the stress and the chaos.
    3. The Memorial: Crouch's choir singing -> tying a bow in the 'Crouch theme'. The Memorial was supposed to announce the ending, yet it was loaded with clues and symbols and to many it was really the resurrection and the very beginning of their believing. The Hoax to me was 'born' the moment I heard: "Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King..."

    So I'm very amused by the whole 'Andrea Crouch theme', Michael choses to surround himself and the hoax with before and right after his 'passing'. Soon and very soon...

    To me the above described it's the genius working again! And *BAM* again speculations run sprint! I quote from "But news of the meeting [between Andrea Crouch and Michael] spiraled out of control as a series of blogs and emails raced around the world proclaiming that Michael had converted to Christianity at the end of one of their meetings, raising hopes, especially among Michael’s African-American fans that Michael, a onetime member of the Jehovah’s Witness sect, who had reportedly converted to Islam in 2008, had become a Christian."

    See!? Michael is so bright. He outthinks everybody! ;-P

    Yet there has been a lot of speculation going on whether he was treated badly and forced to work so hard up to TII, and that TII 'killed him'. If you choose to believe, that MJ passed and that he knew he was close to 'the end', his passing, the final curtain call and therefore sought some kind of peace in himself singing and praying with Crouch, then go for it. (Shame!) ->

    I believe differently! Yesterday I watched this:

    - and what I see (AGAIN!) is a GENIUS in charge. He was NOT a pitiful victimized person. Some (many TINI's) tend to think, that MJ totally lost control and faded out ending up 'dead' in 'a desperate attempt' to satisfy the people and the 'system' around him. Yet I don't get that picture! Not at all!

    Much LOVE - and thanks for your GREAT posts and site Seeing Clues. 1-4-3

    JudithBeLIEVes (and alway will!)

    Between right and wrong there's a field.
    I'll meet you there.

  3. @Judith Thank you for your detailed comment Much love back :)

  4. thank you SC for doing this blog. If MJ did die, then perhaps it is right that he is psychic. But I hope he was psychic in the fact that he knew people were out to get him and he had to get away. (I hope!!0

  5. Thank you SC for having included these clips.
    Of course he should have a very well planned 'feeling' ...for something within three weeks.

    This reminds me of the phrase at the O2 conference 'this is it, this is the final curtain call because ...' Because ... of what ?
    Another premonition ? I don't think so. He was laughing.

  6. To Seeingclues, I know this is off topic but is something I need to say. I have been a member of the MJHD forums since the beginning and have not been online for awhile ( my father passed away recently) but I saw and read the topic regarding you and I have to say to you I am so very sorry that that happened to you.

    I value your insight and have done so from the beginning and am very sad to see what happened. Please know that there are people who wish you no ill will and I think you have done nothing but good things and have provided me with many many wonderful insights and information. You have always been about the L.O.V.E. It was awful and must have hurt you very much but "chin up" and keep the faith. MJFantasy

  7. @MJFantasy I am so sorry to hear about your father's passing, I will send a prayer your way. Thank you so much for your comment, that was very kind of you. God Bless ♥ SC

  8. Hmm... Well first it has taken me 2 days to be able to watch the video of the memorial, and then it took me 3 trys to actually watch it with out crying. Even thought I know he wasn't in the casket it was hard to watch. Beautiful songs!

    As far as did Michael have a premonition he was going to die? Well I guess if you believe he is dead then it sounds likely. However I don't for 1 second believe he is. I think it could have been just a carefully planned secret meeting. Michael knew that this story would get out and everyone would say "Of course Michael knew he was going to die." Makes perfect sense to me.

    I have to say though that when/if this hoax is revealed we may still never know all the answers to all these questions.

    Excellent post SC, does make one think and wonder.

  9. MJ was keen on teleportation and morphing.......