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Monday, March 15, 2010

7 "Mystery Projects"?

It was announced on 3/15 that Michael Jackson's estate signed the largest recording contract in music history (Guinness record plaque, anyone?) with a contract worth between $200-$250 million.

The deal runs through 2017 (a seven year deal), and calls for 10 "projects". It has been reported that there is enough material for 3 albums, so that leaves 7 (there is that number again) "mystery" projects.

Since they have identified 10 as the number of projects, with that commitment of money they must know what those projects are...time will tell..

Now Reuters reported yesterday that the deal encompasses 10 ALBUMS over 7 years. Which makes you wonder, if there is enough unreleased material for 3, where is the material for the remaining 7 coming from?

Financial News USA had reported the following on Friday, March 11th:

So apparently, it must be more than just albums, but what will break new ground?


  1. pardon the pun but that is "thrilling" news!!
    TII 2 perhaps? whatever the case can't wait!!


  2. That made me smile smile smile !!!
    If this is not Thriller II then I don't know what it is !!!

  3. Yo creo que con estos datos se descarta que Michael haya tenido problemas financieros,si hubiera grabado un disco con algunos de los tantos temas inéditos que supuestamente tiene,ya los habría solucionado.Interesante noticia!!

  4. its interesting again that this deal comes up 9 months after he 'died'
    and it will last for 7 years.

    the magical numbers, lol

  5. Hmmm...I'll leave it to the numbers experts to figure out the 7s & the 9s here cos I really do suck at math...

    I found the TMZ article to be shocking, disturbing & a bit scary too.

    I vaguely remember it being mentioned somewhere that MJ might own more of Sony than what we had originally thought. Also, there has been much debate on the authenticity & integrity of the MJ estate executors too, right? The big question is whose interests are best being promoted/protected here...I really don't know how to make sense out of this one!

    Much L.O.V.E,

  6. I read that first project is TII the CD released last year, and the other 9 will be albums, with old songs + new unreleased.. Kind of like TII cd but with whole songs hopefully. Probably 4 new songs on each album.. 4 times 9 = 36 = about three full albums?..