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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Was Michael Jackson Officially Conrad Murray's Patient?

According to Ed Chernoff, the answer would have to be "no". He is calling the restriction of Conrad Murray's license in California to be "disingenious" because Murray does 'not have an office AND HAS SEEN NO PATIENTS there."

The below article was just released on RadarOnline:

click to enlarge:

So in order to have your license taken away, you need to have a physical office in the state? With that said, then how did he obtain the California license in the first place?

And if he has treated no patients in California, what was his relationship to Michael Jackson then? It would certainly be a physician role if he was able to overrule the paramedics that arrived at the home. Does the fact that Murray and AEG never executed a contract mean that MJ is not officially a patient, even though he was treated by a licensed physician? And Murray can legally practice by going to people's homes in California as that is the loophole that ensures your license isn't taken away?

An even more curious aspect of this is the letter that Conrad Murray wrote to his patients on 6/15/09, which states that we will not be practicing medicine:

Murray was to manage his affairs from a distance but assured his patients that he would "come back"...


  1. I don't really have time to do much reading at the moment, but there may be answers to some of these questions here:

    I looked through it enough to know that section 2052.5 deals with out-of-state physicians practicing in California.

  2. "Does the fact that Murray and AEG never executed a contract mean that MJ is not officially a patient(...)"

    According to this article he did signed a contract:

    «Miranda Sevcik, publicist for Ed Chernoff, his lawyer, said that AEG had been "dragging its feet" over the payments, hinting that a lawsuit was on the way. "Dr Murray needs the money and he's entitled to the money based on the contract he signed with AEG," she said, reports TMZ.»

    more here:

  3. The medical Board of Examiners filed the suspension of Murray's Medical license same day as arraignment. According to papers, Murray's California medical license goes back to April 1991.

  4. I remember reading around the time of the "death" of Michael Jackson, that Conrad Murray did not have a medical license in the state of California. Just Texas and Nevada.

  5. Hi all ,my point of view regarding the letter of Conrad Murray to his patients:
    The date,6/15/09 Murray has been hired just a 10 day before previous MJ "death",
    this confirmed MJ didn't know him from long time.
    "In my absence,I will continue to manage the practice,and be involve as much as possible but it will be from a distance" in fact meanwhile Michael was not breathing,Murray was on the phone whit a patience.

    "but please know my absence is not permanent"
    of course the absence was related to the duration of the contract as MJ' doctor.

    And regarding the medical license, I think didn't really matter he did not have a medical license in the state of California because he was supposed to practice in the UK during the tour.