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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Black Widow - Who's Your Mummy?

One curious aspect of the Thriller segment in This Is It is the never before seen use of a Black Widow Spider. Michael Jackson emerges from the paralyzing clutches of the Black Widow unharmed (start at :22 of the video below).

However close inspection of this Black Widow shows that it's design is like no other Black Widow I have seen:

Interestingly enough, after he walks out of the spider, and takes a look around to the left and right (making sure the coast is clear?), MJ strikes a similar "mummy-like" pose:

Then still looking at the camera he indicates he is ready to fight:

And finally..the scare!

These three moves happen in about a second before the scene switches.

So was a metaphorical spider holding the "mummy" until it was able to emerge?

UPDATE: Seeing Clues blog reader "Cristadobre" sent me the below vintage Disney short film "Egyptian Melodies" which contains a segment where a spider brings mummies to life:

If you are in the mood for a "Silly Symphony" you can watch it here:


  1. he escaped coming back to life.I liked Thriller 2..awesome!!

  2. I looked up pictures of all the species of black widows and those of some related species and none of them have markings that look quite like those on the Thriller spider. I also refreshed my memory on some black widow facts (I was obsessed with spiders as a kid. Weird, I know.) and the mortality rate is actually fairly low. The figures I saw ranged from 1-5%. (The 5% was before the advent of anti-venom.) And, despite their reputation, in most species the females do not kill the males after mating. In the one species where this behavior is observed in the wild, that still is not always the case. I know most of that was probably pointless, but spiders are cool. :)

  3. see there: DISNEY !!! ;)
    i really love your blog !!
    I like your analysis, you're very observant and focused on the essential ;)
    and that thing with the spider.. its very odd.. like you say, we've never seen it before in relation to thriller, ghosts or anything with michael. i can't remember.
    and just btw.. i was thinking about the 'movies' in this is it. don't you think its interesting he chose of all things SMOOTH CRIMINAL and THRILLER to make a short film for. smooth criminal = hoax!
    thriller = cemetery, death, thriller=living deads.
    like i said before.. we can find everything in This Is it. =)

    Thanks for always keeping us up to date :)

  4. More great observations, SC. Your blog is the best... thanks again!!

  5. Another connection to Disney... Thanks SC! xx

  6. thank you, everyone, for visiting my blog and writing your comments..much love to all! :)

  7. SC, as usual you are at the "top" of your game! What an excellent discovery! Every time I am feeling a bit discouraged and I read your blogs it helps me to "keep the faith". Just wanted to ask whether you have received any feedback from MJ's nephew, Austin B., who recently became one of your FB pals. I mean, if anyone, wishes to challenge your blogs it would be a family member. You know what I mean? I still feel that "silence" from the Jackson Family regarding your blogs speaks volumes. But if you are able to divulge anything has Austin B "debunked" any blogs you have made thus far?

  8. @Anonymous, there are a couple of interesting people who follow me in one form or another but have never sent objections about my blog. All I do is present oddities in actual photographic/video evidence that is real and exists. I have posted 152 blog posts to date. Perhaps it is all "just a coincidence".. only time will tell. Thank you very much for your kind comments and for visiting.

  9. Hello :)
    Now.. i don't know whom to tell this, but i have to say it after all LOL
    i am the only one who thinks its really 'strange' that #MJis is trending today
    for so many hours.
    and who started it?
    and all that on the first day of spring???????
    and its #MJ - IS not #MJwas..

    okay now i am really fooling around maybe. but could you imagine Michael started something like that? Lol just to see what ppl are thinking about him..after that time.
    i mean come on.. almost nothing related to mj ever trends on twitter, but that now does. and for hours !!!!!!

    lol is it stupid to think that?
    I'm just wondering..

    sorry for rambling :X

  10. @SC...Wow, 152 blogs to date???? Thank you very much for your quick response to my question. It's greatly appreciated! Maybe, it's a coincidence but, I believe you are really onto a path to the truth. I'm keeping the faith!

  11. SC, I couldn't possibly begin to explain how much I appreciate this blog. Even the posts I don't always agree with or understand too well fill me with hope! You've got such an upbeat vibe going here that's just WONDERFUL & IMPRESSIVE. Love you for it & DON'T U DARE STOP!!! :)))


  12. Hi SC, I agree with all the positive posts here. Your blog is so cool! Thanks for all you do. Just a side note... the Disney spider cartoon is sooo cute. I enjoyed watching it. Disney was the best, like MJ was/is!

  13. hello, another connetion with disney? i love your blog is so cool. much LO.V.E.

  14. Very interesting.
    We were told there will be clues in his dance moves...I think you just found one.

  15. The spider in this is it resembles the markings closer to the Red back spider which is the Australian equivalent to the black widow. So maybe check out who made the mechanical spider it may be why the markings are different then expected. its worth checkin out