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These are original works, written by SeeingClues, ("SC"). 


With eyes still closed, I pause a breath to catch my heart beating,
Pulsing in time while the moments are eternally fleeting,
Head pounding as each new second vanishes; a past repeating.

The strongest arms are weaker than the permenance of the clock's hands,
Its weights of time inscribed with regret as guilt's burden expands,
Poisoned words imprinted as history's memory forever stands.

Unable to rewrite time, wounds of the raw verses remain,
Etched deeply in perpetual shadow, an echoing pain,
Haunted that I can't reverse, erase, the monster I disdain.

His words are bricks fortifying the illusory facade,
But enslaving and beating me are the seconds ticking inside,
For alone as this mortal rhythm repeats I ask of God,
Why is it from myself that I can never hide?

Daylight again, as evening stars fall into the Sun,
The alarm awakens me that this is not a rehearsal,
Is life's stage a single act, this moment our only one?
Are we a prisoner of time's hands, no option of reversal?

The face of the clock stares coldly so much has elapsed,
But my heart's still alive through time's ceaseless night,
I pray the false security of timeworn walls has collapsed,
Granting me a future now protected with the armor of Light.


Beyond the forest approach the swirling storms,
Cutting words hail upon Earth with anguishing knives,
As claws of the flames manifest clutching forms,
Pulling each tree to the ground, tongues extinguishing lives.

Beneath the surface, the roots of purity sleep,
Untouched by the rage their buried seeds remain sown,
For our branching souls remain perfectly deep,
Existing in worlds whose truth lies in grounds unknown.

Does the thunder awaken us or cloud who we are?
Do we listen to the winds and just stare at the fires?
Dreaming of finding answers in the light of a Star,
While our inner beings lie quietly beneath the pyres?

Smoky pollution is the exhaust of blurred perception,
And clarity of truth eludes all but the most wise,
For they know Love’s fire burns stronger than the storm’s deception,
If we focus the view on the Sun behind our eyes.

Forever Falling

Slowly open your eyes to me,
And let me immerse within,
Let's swim through Love's eternity,
Heaven's ocean lives herein!

Your soft gaze purifying me,
With radiance of Light infused jewels,
As I silently dive into,
The shimmering aquamarine pools.

Absorbed we transformed to one from two,
Cleansing currents ebbed and gently waved,
Submerging deeper I'm sanctified by you,
Enshrined in hope, my heart lies saved!

Open your mind along the branches of Life's tree,
Where Love's winds soar let's ascend toward the ceaseless skies,
While our entwined souls float into eternity,
In this moment I'm falling forever within your eyes.

Sun Lights (song)

(1st verse)
It’s raining where you are
And it makes me want to cry
Just wishing from afar
Doesn’t bring sun to your sky

So I sit here and wonder
"After The Storm", photographed by Glyn
Why I’m causing the pain
Misjudgement’s the thunder
Before the pouring rain

And I want to burn the cloud
That’s blocking what shined
The masks of my endless pride
Keeping feelings confined

Sun lights
Waves of the sea
Long nights
Talking so free

Storm fights
Ends angrily
Long nights
Rain falls on me

(2nd verse)
I know that you’re dreaming
Of a path that could have been
In your eyes tears streaming
Wishing a new life begin
Daisies at Sunrise, by Bill Maile (

So I sit here and wonder
Could I still be your friend
Or will we fall asunder
Broken apart in the end

And I want to burn the cloud
Oh please give me some signs
I can be just one small light
Sun that forever shines!

Sun lights
Waves of the sea
Long nights
Talking so free

Storm fights
Ends angrily
Long nights
Rain falls on me

(repeat chorus)
Sun lights
Waves of the sea
Long nights
Talking so free

Storm fights
Ends angrily

......After the long nights
......In the sun you’ll find me


The Pane

Tears drop as the soul’s storm rains,
Streaming visions blur the panes,
Liquid words form the illusion of you,
Among the drops a kaleidoscopic view.

Pouring down on the glass they appear,
To form a shallow mirror image first,
But gazing deeper the reflection’s here,
Not to quench a vanity’s thirst.

Drops on the other side they lie,
Trickling along the face of the glass outside,
Elusive to my touch, can't make them dry,
While thoughts are drowning my mind inside.

Many hearts have their windows closed,
Desiring Love and Peace together,
But choose to not be left exposed,
To the tumult of emotional weather.

So surging rivers rage to sever Mankind,
The currents flow down to our sons and daughters,
But the torrents of pain keep these lives entwined,
As our lives are paths of the streaming waters.

When the drops flow in our moment of prayer,
Healing light quiets tearing rain,
As the sun dries the glass removing a layer,
While we hide behind the pane.


Bird of paradise,untouched by Earth    
Your colors freely soar!
Aspire to highs, a perpetual birth,
You're my Soul’s metaphor.

Oh spirit’s meteor, your orbits complete,
As time’s wall once confined,
Now a ceaseless light, I awaken to greet,
A life’s call redefined.

For unbound peace I have secretly yearned,
During quiet nights of introspection.
As sunset mirrors upon the ocean I've learned,
To be unscathed by my own reflection.


Jamaican Waterfall, photography by JG
The cloud gently parts, its edge illuminated;
As light pours over the infinitely mutating border.
Its beams fall to Earth, a link to the heavens is created,
Serenity bathes me, oh how I was awaiting order!

Sheets of water, you mask the clamor in my mind,
Surging into foam you curtain me with white noise.
Each drop a fleeting moment, until a lifetime you find,
Turning into memories, that old age destroys.

Hear nature's pulse in rhythm with this nebulous heart of mine,
Like the cloud there was a break, but outpouring were tears,
Each drop a regretful word, absorbed in the streaming timeline
Water can drown or water can cleanse, the choice appears.

For the love in a soul endures over despair once and for all,
As the water crashes down,
Your light cascades down,
Like a waterfall.

The Key

These thoughts are chained like an iron weight
Enslaving they’ve pained, can’t communicate
My light unveiled suffers from diffusion
The words I say result in confusion

The Earth's a greater pool of need
Smothered in the spilled fuel of greed
Africa’s rising suns, a prayer for silence
Children disguising guns in games of violence

Burden of our brothers and sisters impending fates
From oceans away to behind your gates
Feeling helpless that no one can comprehend
The views in your soul that you try to defend

But the world’s a greater place because of you
Believing that is the key to get through
While tribulations will never cease
Sharing your light will give you peace

May golden rays lift up your heavy head
Cleansing regret of words stated or unsaid
When pain runs deeper than the surface exposed
Releasing your radiance opens a door long closed.

Escher's Moebius Ring With Ants
Nine lives has the feline, the metaphor insists,
Eight Illusion’s ants, only marching simple twists,
Seven’s offer of riches, is not comprised of an Earthly token,
Sixth commandment when etched by man, became a rule to be broken.
Five Smooth Stones, don’t underestimate your faith’s reasons,
Four elements were formed, altered by passing seasons,
Three lines connected - encapture past, present and future,
Weaving together time, and the wounds it tries to suture.
Two sides of a timeless soul, our life’s a mirror image deflected
One mission to accomplish, in each other’s light we are reflected.

Light of You

Infinite particles from which stars are meld
Lit the timeless moments of the dreams we held.
Teardrops shroud the constellations of the night
Only the darkest skies reveal the smallest light.

Opening eyes as dawn raises its curtain
You’re still by my side, in love I am certain,
But days are long, and distract with illusion
Thoughts misspoken, unintended confusion.

In the end skies are brushed in amber and red,
Its beauty paints over regret of words said,
We sit front row, and when the sun bows from our view,
I’m still illuminated by the light of you.

Imaginary World (song)

(1st verse)
A silent dream never heard,
Hidden silence deep within,
Until the sudden occurred,
The new light beneath my skin,

The world is filled with our names
Observing, hoping, praying
That all doesn’t turn to flames,
Bright light can be betraying.

Imaginary world come to me
Imaginary world love is free
Not afraid to share the light
Not afraid to care to fight

Imaginary world forces of love
Imaginary world source is above
Not afraid to share the light
Not afraid to care to fight

(2nd verse)
Dreamed of visions, they’re not reality
Can we still love with no finality?
Will barriers always necessitate,
The reasons to cry, the reasons to hate?

A quiet day sees the sun,
While storms elsewhere taking tolls,
We create, it’s begun,
Love unmasks the aching souls

The world is filled with names,
Learning, living, delaying
Until we’re done with the games,
False light we are portraying

Imaginary world come to me
Imaginary world love is free
Not afraid to share the light
Not afraid to care to fight

Imaginary world forces of love
Imaginary world source is above
Not afraid to share the light
Not afraid to care to fight

Sing it, sing it
Imaginary world
Bring it, bring it,
Imaginary world

Dreamed of your reality…
Imaginary world,
No fear of finality…
An end to the brutality….


Seek The Light

When you dim your light to fit in with those around you, the world as a whole becomes a darker place. When you see or read about the world, consider the messenger…are they there to spread light or perpetuate the darkness?

The sun still shines no matter how many storm clouds block its rays. It may be hidden, but it it there. Clouds are temporary, mutating and changing. Darkness takes on various forms, and pretends to be more powerful. In the end, the clouds are forced to dissipate, and only the light survives.

Truth is light. What do you see?

Share Your Light

Everyone can discover a person they never knew, within themselves, if they listen to the messages of love. That is really the point. To discover that you have the power to influence positive changes, if you only realize that you can.

It begins with caring about yourself..your children..your friends and family…the world around you…recognizing that life goes beyond just today..beyond this moment in time. The finite nature of things makes the world fragile. Nothing is guaranteed..and can be gone an instant. We have to nurture ourselves and nourish the world. Not take anything that is beautiful and that gives light for granted. It is all a gift that we must hold dear.

We have one shot in this world..this is it…we have one world……don’t we want to make this the best experience? Not only for us but for the generations that will follow?

In our everyday interactions we can make a difference. Making someone smile…telling them thank you..or God bless you…doesn’t just emit light from our soul, but rather, and more importantly, causes their soul to awaken. Their light then reflects on us which we bring back to them twofold.

What we need to realize is that helping others releases the light of their souls and will make this world brighter for us all! You make someone feel loved, and what happens? That love comes right back at us.

Every soul has an intense brightness. In today’s world we conceal it…we are afraid to show it. Why? It’s because spreading darkness and negativity is considered “cool”. It’s not fashionalble to be care… But what is the end result? Everyone get sucked into a dark abyss. The soul craves happiness. It takes a single person to break from the pack and spread the light of joy. Once you do, then others will realize that it is OK to also feel this way. There is much more of an amazing peace in sharing a smile with a friend for one second, then spending an hour commiserating in misery. Embrace the light of hope and encourage others to as well. Our souls seek the light and don’t want to be suppressed in darkness.

When we do not nourish our souls, then as a result we do not nourish the world. It’s treated as an object, and we do not realize it’s fragility; we assume because the Earth is so massive it can take care of itself. But something so large and consequential should be treated with the highest level of respect. Like a relentless storm, the cyclone of exploitation is churning, digging into the Earth and culling it’s natural beauty found in various life forms; wounds that over time will be too deep..unable to heal. We are left with a void that can not return. Not unless we act.

We need to voice injustice..not assume that someone else will carry the light. We carry that torch for each other. We are each other’s keeper, and we are the keeper of our home, the Earth.

These are just some of the thoughts I have. I have been on this "investigation" for a long time. And aside from the “clues”, I observe human nature, and how everyday people respond to questions and develop their thoughts and theories. The human experience is fascinating.

Love and God Bless,


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