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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nelson's Mystery Friends - Are We In The Twilight Zone?

Nelson De La Nuez is a talented pop artist who has gained an audience on Twitter (@kingofpopart) due to his relationship with Michael Jackson in the months preceding June 25th. MJ purchased many pieces of art from Nelson, which in themselves have invoked conversation due to their possible symbolic aspects.

Nelson in the last few months has gained curiousity of the MJ community due to his stories of receiving unsigned gifts from an unknown sender, and has caused the greatest stir in his publishing of mysterious photos, which refer to an unnamed "special friend". Posting of these photos accompanies talk about MJ, which directly implies that the photos are also tied to MJ.

The most recent photo of this "friend" arrived at the same time Nelson tweeted about the "magic" of MJ.

It makes you feel as if you are in the Twilight Zone:

Perhaps even more so as the spiral stairs in the image of the "mystery" friend not only resemble, but invoke the feeling of the spirals in the above Twilight Zone intro.

Looking at the photo raises the question of why...what is the purpose of tweeting a photo with a mystery person in a black hoodie who is obviously hiding from the camera (but at the same time, a seemingly willing participant, as they had to stage the photo by having a third person climb to the top of the stairs.)?

There would be no reason for a "regular" person to have a hood over their head and hiding from the camera, unless Nelson was intentionally trying to "pretend" that person was MJ.  But what would be his motivation?  If it is to sell art; he'd do better appealing to the larger population of "non-believers" and writing stories about how he knew MJ, how MJ enjoyed his art, etc.  He even stated that he's not trying to "mess" with the fans.

If he's not "messing" with the fans, then why the secrecy, while at the same time saying it is a "special" friend?  And if this person didn't want to be photographed, then why (1) take the photo, and why (2) post it on a public place like Twitter?  Nelson has since deleted the tweet, but it is still on his Twitpic account (for now):
EDIT: The twitpic was deleted shortly after this blog article was posted.

Who is this person?  What is interesting is that this person does have similar proportions to MJ, with just a quick initial analysis of the body frame:

But again, what is the purpose of this?  Some people are getting angry at Nelson, so could we be ignoring the obvious because it is too "in plain sight?". Are we more comfortable analyzing the more obscure clues, thinking what is too obvious, too good to be true, must be false and discarded?

Or is this just another example of "don't believe everything you see"...or..are we truly in..The Twilight Zone?