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Monday, March 29, 2010

9282 Days


Ok everyone, I had hesitated posting this because I couldn't find enough of a tie in, until _Xscape_ on Twitter gave me a photo that at least made this worth mentioning.

This may need to be filed under "very odd coincidences" as this is a breaking story that is still being researched.

It is starting to become mainstream news that there were exactly 9282 days between Michael Jackson's birth in August 29, 1958, to the Pepsi incident on January 27, 1984, and exactly 9282 days between that event and June 25, 2009.

At the same time, 9282 days is significant in another way. It was 9282 days since the Philadelphia Phillies won their last world series when they finally won in October 2008. This article was posted on October 29, 2008, about one year before This Is It was released in the theaters:

Completely unrelated stories, but uncanny in the fact that they are both tied to "9282 days". I had discovered this previously but couldn't find any type of tie-in.

Then, a blog reader named _XScape_ sends me the following newly released photo. It is from a website called 24/7 Smash that has released some rare video of MJ, and immediately after shows a gold coffin. The significance? Once of the men in the image is wearing a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap!!!!

The video can be found here:

This is a very odd coincidence and we are in the process of researching further...

3/30 UPDATE:
MJ may have had at last a mild interest in baseball. One of the three Nelson De La Nuez paintings MJ purchased in June was the below piece entitled "Play Ball". (coincidentally, letters spelling "BAM" can be found in the painting - I've circled them for you to see)

3/31 UPDATE:
Interesting bit of additional trivia.. Frankie Lymon, best known as being the young lead singer of The Teenagers, was born on September 30, 1942 and died of a heroin overdose on February 27, 1968. His most famous song was "Why Do FOOLS fall in LOVE".

The kicker? There were 9282 days between the birth date and death date of this child star.


  1. How I have learned to LOVE coincidences! (And since I'm not the type who beLIEves in coincidences, I'll look forward to this 'coincidence' being revealed... hopefully)

    9282 also is:
    - Giorgio Armani GA 9282 Sunglasses
    - A Luminox 9282 F-22 Raptor Mens Watch
    - Knights of Columbus Council #9282 - part of the largest Catholic Family Fraternal Organization in the world.
    -> Not that it makes sense...

    :-) I hope to get the connection between the funeral and the guy wearing a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap solved. Fingers crossed!


  2. Hi SC, this may also tie into the news about Sammy Sosa of the Phillies "bleaching his skin" like MJ..that was a big story last year.

    Nice work.. you show us unique things not found anywhere else. Love you!!

  3. Get ready for this one SC... 9282 days?
    9+2+8+2= 21


    How bout dat.

  4. Hi, this Philadelphia P. reminds me of Nuez's painting Play Ball. Here are Nuez paintings. Must be a connection, I think. Anyway I know very little about the players and this team, but you can look at that painting there are some sportmen,who I believe are famous. Also the balls, and numbers.

  5. @cristinadobre, this painting was posted on the old mjhd months ago, with some tie in's circled and darn my brain I can't for the life of me remember what the point was... at that time the connections were super obscure.

    BUT... the painting does say BAM... top left center.

    There was more to it though, maybe someone else remembers better then I.

  6. @bec there is the 21 again!

    @cristinadobre it may be worth it to explore that painting

  7. bec, I can't remember from that forum but you are right I know it's important this painting as were all of Nuez.

    SC,I'll explore that painting again, but there are some players who I don't know or each of them,maybe one.. is from this team we need an American!!!!! ha! I'll look at other details, promise ! :)

  8. Hi guys!
    It’s most probably nothing, but don’t you think that the pic of Mike used by TMZ for the "Conrad Murray - Michael Was Alive at UCLA" article today looks very similar with the way Mike looks in the beginning of the 24/7 Smash video, walking in that store?

    And speaking of coincidences and of the De La Nuez paintings, what’s up with the "alive" in the Obama painting, "The Chosen One"? LOL, I have to admit I love the Wizard of Oz painting, I can almost see Kenny in there…Take care!

  9. Great Anonymous!! I like your comment yes Alive - The Chosen One painting. But it's fabulous this" I love Wiz of Oz, I can almost see Kenny there, take care!" hahaha, I see KO everywhere AND together with MJ, even in my night/day dreams, I don't get to sleep in the night, ha!

    Ok SC I did my homework. Yes in Nuez painting -Play Ball is just the word Phillies, so What about PHIL LIES (Phillies) we just split the word in 2 ha!. Also the player Jim Bunning with no. 8 on T-shirt, great player and senator conservative. Another player SPALDING, with his GLOVE. And another player Say Hey - Song- Willie Mays song which by the way I like is old music here is the link with Willie and the song.

  10. The Divine Mrs JonesMarch 30, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    Hi there,

    Being from the UK, you must forgive my lack of knowledge about Baseball..teams and players. I did however notice the words..White Sox..A trade mark of MJ's.

    Well done SC..and everyone..the they say..thickens.


    Unbelievably EXTRAORDINARY work, SC & Team SC! THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! I'm thrilled beyond words :D :D :D

    Surely, there can't be this many "innocent" coincidences...there just HAS TO BE links in here! Good luck to us ALL making those "connections" :)))

    This is MOST DEFINITELY NOT "IT" yet: let's keep the faith & be there for each other.

    Much LOVE,

  12. April 5th there is some big baseball game and Prez Obama is throwing out the first pitch... the game is between the Phillies and some other team. Heard it on the radio today and went damn...

  13. Hmm... did you know that John Branca has a huuuge baseball card collection?
    Was this painting a gift for Branca? Where are those paintings now?