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Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Still The King" Tour - This Is Not It?

Travis Payne announced that the This Is It Dancers will be embarking on a "Still The King" World Club Tour in April and May 2010. The website is located at

Here is a partial screen shot:

The blood red spray paint graphics are eerily similar to:

Is this to let us know "This Is Not It"...or merely another coincidence?

UPDATE: Amazing images were discovered when zooming in on the word "KING"! Notice the crown is above the rabbit's head!(Click to enlarge)


  1. Hm... It seems the 'Still The King Tour' paraphrases the This Is Not It symbol. Still I don't 'feel' a direct connection, which I'll try to explain...

    Knowing the agenda of the TINI's, the 'running paint' in the TINI graphic definitely tries to create a picture of a blood stain. - Of Michaels life and blood being so 'sadly wasted' in the 'harsh and dehumanizing' making of TII. - TINI's are crying out how MJ was victimized, used and even 'killed' by Ortega and the people surrounding the making of the TII tour. As I've written in a comment recently here on your site, SC, Michael IS the genius above us all. The genius in charge...still!

    But I definitely see Travis Payne as one of the important message carriers of MJ's at the moment. So the similarity annoys me!

    Why the feeling, Payne still works for MJ? Watch Travis dancing the drill... all over the world in different shows. Watch him dancing with the inmates:

    ... to me he's so extremely *communicating* and he's not just dancing MJ's part to try to fill MJ's part. Look at his mimic, his aggressive kicks, his 'singing a long'... it is all together so STRONG... very message carrying! It's much more than 'just' honoring MJ to me! Because MJ has a significant agenda at the moment. (YouTube videos about the theme are on their way... Keep an eye on PianoGames...)

    Remember Payne's slipups? Remember the dancers being hired for a longer period than the concerts were supposed to last? Remember...?

    I would really love to discuss the 'problem' of the coincidental similarity of the above symbols with other beLIEvers...

    Much LOVE to all - and to you SC!
    Thanks again! :-)
    Judith - who loves you all more.

  2. oooooh you are good
    they look really so alike !!!

    interesting.. ;))

  3. What strikes me as the biggest similarity, other than the color, is the pattern of 3 drips. On the graphic for Still the King, the pattern is the reverse of that on the TINI symbol. TINI's is medium short long. Still the King's is long short medium. So they are similar, but opposite. I wonder if that was deliberate. Or am I giving it too much thought?

  4. You have a Hawk's Eye, SC! I could't imagine the hoax without you around...

  5. SC,How on earth do you see this stuff?
    My goodness, I can not see a rabitt. Now I am going to be going crazy trying to see it. I will ask 6 yr old he is good at this.
    But seriously, this is interesting. I have to wonder why there are so many hidden pictures all the time. I find it very odd to when you go to the page for show, they are going to have a fire show and a snake charmer.

  6. to see the rabbit, focus on the bottom part of the circled image and you will see what appears to be a rabbit's nose and mouth. There is a faint "eye" in the upper right, making the whole image appear as a Rabbit's face.

    How do I see this stuff? Well, I See Clues..that's what I do! (Or I'm insane after doing this for 9 months) :)

  7. I definitely see the eye in the K. Now that you've pointed it out, it's obvious. The other stuff I'm not so sure about...

  8. I wish I'd have your eyes :)

  9. Hi, bravo for your discoveries, really like this: Still the KING. I can't make a connection with TINI, even if the colour and design are almost the same.I relate with Jermaine speech This is it, but This is not definitly is it.. etc..haha. Wonderful speech that one. The predominant colour red and spots like blood make me think of movies: LOVE, Passion and Murder. By the way that red spot where is written CONNECTION, Become a Fan.. it looks like a gun for me, and the ppl. bullets, ha!I usually have great imagination. The end of word CONNECTION "ON" is cut by some lines. So remain CONNECTI-I searched about CONNECTI - is related also to net connection -genial! aren't we all connect by net system e.g. " is delegated to two nameservers" ...
    Now about the KING and what you saw there you have good eyes :). First when I saw this I said wow looks like a marble design, and I liked it very much.And it's true that in such marble image is very easy to hide a lot of "things". Of all you discover there the joker face is my fav.:) I can see a SMILE there:). Our beloved MJ is a GENIUS, 9 months he proved to the world his geniality.



  10. just something else..
    i think its interesting that karen faye's new background on twitter is a blimp
    i saw in some videos that the blimp is an important sign related to the hoax..
    can't find the video at the moment :/
    just wanted to say that.

  11. Interesting post! And someone else suggested what I was thinking that it looked like a gun pointed at the 3 people with the bullet coming out. I'm thinking more that Michael has people in charge of disinformation and distraction, like maybe the starter of TINI and Karen Faye. The whole red stain reminds me of the USA shape. The Criss Angel poster had drops of blood on the floor. ALL of this blood business connects me to "Blood on the dance floor".

  12. Na minha humilde opinião,a conexão aqui destacada é simplesmente a cor da tinta e maneira á qual está sobre o cartaz.
    Essa tour promete!
    E dá pra ver sim um desenho da carinha de um bicho que se supoe pode ser um coelho.
    Seráuma direta de o Rei irá msm voltar em abril!?

  13. Ok, guys, this sounds scary, I just start to be more and more of a beLIEver... not because of the facts but it's in the air. Don't you feel something? I haven't watched any hoax videos in the last months but in the last 2-3 weeks I started to feel something- feel, not think, I'm really not thinking about it, anyone understands what I mean?...

    But some things I myself realized earlier on about this tour: it's only Europe, ok. But it's 13 cities/12 cuntries in 13 days, quite quick isn't it? Wonder what this rush is?...
    They are supposed to announce which celebrities join them. 2 of the dates are on Black Eyed Peas concert days, 5th May London and 16th Prague- NOW HOLD ON THERE IS SOMETHING OR SOMEONE WRONG!!! it can be me who is wrong, but I checked these dates when the homepage first appeared and I swear I remember it was Antwerpen and Barcelona that were the same days. Ok, I'm gonna right it down now, and the BEP dates as well...

  14. Great observation! Once again :)
    And how come there is no tickets available for the Still The King Tour?

  15. Quite strange, isn't it? Ypu wouldn't expect them not to announce in advance if they cancelled it, but there are absolutely no news since the homepage appeared... it should start in 3 days, so I'll keep my eyes open in London...

  16. Yes, but I suppose it never really was to be since now it appearently is cancelled and like you said Anna there was never any news on the site.
    From Travis Payne's Twitter:

    " Greetings! Unfortunately, MJ's dancers & I are no longer involved w Ledon/Phoenix Ent. and Still The King Club Tour.-TP
    6:03 PM Apr 15th via web

    We are currently preparing our tribute to The King of Pop to be presented on June 25th in Rome, Italy. Blessings to ALL!
    6:07 PM Apr 15th via web "

    Wonder if that thing in Rome will ever be...

  17. Fairylandofbutterflies, thanks for the twitter message, at least one tiny note from Travis...
    but quite unprofessional not to announce the cancellation on their page.

    Btw, just ckecked the page again, and what's new contet compared to 5th May whe it should had started, you ca click on the Dancers and Travis Payne menus- so someone did change the content of the page even after it was clear it's not gonna happen.

    I read something on facebook about a group asking fans to boycott the Rome event, will try to find it tomorrow if it's of any importance.
    However, Rome is the eternal city...

    So do you think there is any message about this Still the King tour? what's the clue here?