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All of the below are original writings by SeeingClues sent initially as "Tweets" on Twitter. They are archived here as they are created.  Please give proper credit if you wish to utilize any of these:

When the humming noise surrounds, silence cannot numb the strong; as others speak in clamoring sounds, it's up to us to become the song.

As the night consumes the day, and the day burns away the night, where are you in life's array, between the darkness and the Light?

Oh for life to be cloudless skies, showering Light instead of pains, where drops of joy replace all cries, only the downpour of Love reigns.

Humans are like diamonds. Only when the light is reflected upon our multiple facets can we truly be free to display our innermost beauty among the inherent flaws. But together we have the ability to shine a brighter love that supercedes individual specks of darkness therein.

If you choose to step into the light, do it not to block that light for others, but rather, do it to magnify it, so we can all shine.

Moments are grains of sand thrown into the ocean of time.Some will muddy the waters, while others settle into the permanence of history.

A leader in an Army of Love does not ask for unconditional love for themselves, but rather, leads those to love each other.

Not noticed unless you seek,the Earth's magic you will miss. Even the soft breeze against your cheek, can reveal nature's gentlest kiss.

Breaths of time,our daily endeavor,quickly astray,But a fragment of time can live forever,A memory is the moment that never slipped away.

Let our love comprise its mirror, when the Sun sets out of sight, for even when unseen, it still radiates an endless light.

If those walls begin to smother you, Break them down for another view Life's not just yours to bear, See beyond my love’s still there.

Petals unfold,abuzz are bees,blossoms of gold adorn the trees.A baby bird's in nest- a song to sing, wakes up the rest,are you listening?

A fleeting rainbow so fragile graces me with its most delicate hues, Contemplate the mystery that faces me,and pray I am seeing clues.

The path is guised with the Walk of Truth and the Road of Lies…Equally they appear pleasing, riddled with their austere teasing..

Sunlight creates dancing crystals on the ocean,as the moonlight's fireflies illuminate in motion.Nature's light show mirrors love's glow.

We are formed from atoms that have existed in nature since the universe began. To preserve nature is to preserve the future of mankind.

Beneath the surface the future’s blossoms will adorn, a world that is sleeping, waiting to be reborn.

I long to caress your hand gently as the sunlight escapes the skies,as you feel my soul's love for you,when I look deeply into your eyes.

Truth is like a diamond, so pure and brilliant, a family’s love is binding, powerful and resilient.

We are the Directors of each of our lives.Create timeless memories of life’s precious moments.Inspire love, light, and hope this season.

LOVE in the soul shimmers like a crystal’s brilliant light, magical like the stars glimmer against the dark of night

Let us not close our eyes to shut out the world around us, but rather, close our eyes to envision what the world can become…

People in the world may fail you,but love in your heart prevails true.Flutters of a butterfly’s wings,without a sound nature still sings!

Grow strong my Sweet Children, you’re born from LOVE’s light, like tiny candles, illuminate the night.

The Will to Live causes the Will to Leave, like the Will to LOVE, creates the Will to Believe…

From the Stars in the Skies, to its Shimmer in our Eyes,let the Truth’s Light be unfurled,the World consists of Us, We Are The World..

May your sadness be short and rare, cleansing tears showed you care. A legacy of laughter is the goal, find that peace inside your soul.-

Little Dove I hear you sing the sweetest tune, Purest Love, has no words to be misconstrued.

The simplest gestures of love are in reality the most grand; when you gaze into another’s eyes and quietly hold their hand.

Michael Jackson had to exist in reverse…he had to be an adult before he could be a child, and had to die before he could live..

L.O.V.E.-Alone they are just letters;but together create a powerful word. As we are just individuals, but together one voice can be heard.

Crystal drops of sparkling rain,shower my soul to soothe my pain.Refreshing gems of truth come down,the sun will shine like a jeweled crown.

I close my eyes and view my own reality.Images swirling taking form,tears roll down like a quiet storm.If I open my eyes what will I see?-

Love of the world and a devotion formulate a soul’s purpose and stance, as the artistry and emotion engage in their own delicate dance..

As winter grips like a hand so cold,we patiently await blossoms to unfold;natures colors hidden under white,ice melts to expose their light.

In the Advent of this December,time to reflect and to remember.Now allow the warm Yule log to burn,it’s time to give happiness it’s turn.

I look up to the evening sky and to eternity I gaze,while pondering the path of my own finite days.One Life:One Earth;One Hope:Rebirth.

Give thanks with your attitude, to those hearts that surround you. Emit warmth and gratitude, let them know that love is true.

Little star glowing in the sky,mystical wonder as I gaze up high.Light appears small as you shimmer,I can reflect your light as a mirror.

Words we can handle, focus on the screen. Light the first candle, the truth is foreseen.

Not by the sums of money should you be measured, but by riches of the heart forever treasured.

Land. Ocean. Vegetation. Earth. It’s not too late to reverse the fate. Everyone owns a precious soul, let healing the LOVE be our goal.

The tiniest star hidden in the sky can hold as much light as the Sun you know;don’t ignore the random person whose love to you they show.

Sunset is nature’s final act as the night veils the sky.Stars behind the dark curtain emerge as points of light never saying goodbye.

Winter appears cold & swift,know you own the greatest gift. Of all that you see & hear one fact remains true,the most wondrous miracle begins with you.

In a cocoon they lie, their miracles concealed. Very soon butterfly, your glory is revealed. Sing your next tune, we await to be healed.

Each of us has a unique part,of our universal beating heart.Let our souls sing, & holiday bells will ring,to announce a brand new start.

Befriend those who feel alone,warm the hearts made of stone.Little by little we will fix this blight,transform the Earth,Share The Light.

Eyes can view the Lies, Ears can hear the Smears, Your Voice has a Choice…Seek what is Right, and Share the Light

Moonlight’s bright glow spotlights Autumn’s show.Confetti leaves break free,escaping the tree.

We will become truly blessed when we let the sleeping rest; don’t focus on the Mystery, but create your own History

Hear angels whisper via nature’s gentle breeze,secrets of eternity passing through the trees.There is not death, but a neverending breath.

When the light of your soul is revealed, it is only then when you can be healed. In Love’s arms you’ll be taken, and then you awaken.

Even after the worst storm, the clouds reveal a dazzling Sun. Open your heart,and unveil your light. Let our souls shine together as one.-

Like confetti the autumn leaves will fall, Sunset’s spotlight shines the show for all, this year’s beauty has it’s final curtain call..

The early sun illuminates Earth|Past & present, daily rebirth|Splashing light on the ocean of sky|A unity of love between the world & I.

While you hear birds sing a song to greet the brand new day, think of what you will do, how you will react, and what you choose to say.

Morning Sun: Your Magic is Bright, Erasing the Night, Recharging Souls with Light.

Does a man truly die,leaving dreams to you and I? If we can capture and hold them dear,then the one who has passed, will always be near

When you nuture your children to value themselves and to love,they will value the world, as they will realize their importance within it

The sparkle in your eyes when you give someone a smile can impact them more than the most brilliant nighttime star.

Your soul is shining, even when the sun is hiding. Embrace your power to brighten the world around you.

Midnight arrives,once every night.Hope for tomorrow,as we await the light.Souls energized by love within,rejoicing the new day to begin.

Have Pleasant Dreams That Last Through to The Morning and Beyond…

Feed hunger, not greed.

The Earth is too large to take its existence for granted, yet at the same time too small for us to take each other for granted.

There are no lies in a child’s eyes.

Allow the light of your soul to keep that spark alive forever. P.E.A.C.E.

L.O.V.E. is what helps you make through the challenges. Happiness needs to be nourished and blossom from within.

LOVE shows its many faces in the most unexpected of places..

May your nights be filled with the sweetest dreams and your days with LOVE’s warm light.-

A positive thought emits a ray of light from your soul.

A light that shines forever is a light that begins with LOVE, share the light the eminates far from up above.

It just takes a small gesture to spread the light.If you’ve made one person smile today, you’ve transformed that one moment for eternity.

There are those who will believe, and others who will deceive. Using your mind does not detract from what you will ultimately find.

Michael Jackson didn’t lose his life, but rather gave it to the world. What we do to keep the light shining lies in our hands.

The only thing you can’t disguise forever is the truth…

Beauty is not skin deep but rather often obscured by it.

Your breaths are quickly gone forever,however the words spoken in between can last for eternity.Respect others and you’ll have no regret.

Being kind to others costs not a thing, in fact it builds incredible wealth within your soul.

Michael would wish for you to spread his light versus mourning the darkness…

It’s only a nightmare until you awaken..