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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Connect The Dots, Part Two: make.believe

There has been some discussion regarding similiarities in Sony's "make.believe" commercials, and how they tie into Michael Jackson related projects such as "Moonwalker".
The print ads continue these similarities; most notably to the This Is It film.

This first ad shows a city scene that is very reminiscent to the Smooth Criminal backdrop in This Is It:

This Is It Smooth Criminal Scene:

Sony "make.believe" ad:

Then we have a similarity between the beginning of the "Earth Song" short and another "make.believe" ad. The beginning of Earth Song shows the sun rising above the Earth:

A Sony make.believe ad captures an almost identical image:

So to "connect the dots", perhaps we should look at the overall theme with Sony's new campaign in that the "dot" connects what you can imagine, to what is reality. When Sony announced that "make.believe" campaign, they released the following diagram:

So the dot connects ideas, and we have seen that as a recurring theme. From TMZ's articles referring to "connecting the dots", to the "FOOL" spelled out when "connecting the dots" in that News of The World article about Dr. Murray, to what may be the ultimate theme in this...

We as individuals are single small "dots" in the scope of humanity, but together, when connected for a higher purpose, can make dreams become reality:

Connect The Dots - It's all for L.O.V.E.


  1. And I am dot #249808.

    By the way, it's by a dot that we are all connected with each other: .com, .net...

    Thank you SC.:))

  2. Hi,SC your sentence said all -the main message: "We as individuals are single small "dots" in the scope of humanity, but together, when connected for a higher purpose, can make dreams become reality."

    SC, this "Dreams become reality":) ..reminds me of :"Dream the impossible dream"

    But as you already know me I'll write more, my opinion : usually a kilometric one! haha.

    So it's a deep philosophy here :the LIGHT as sunrise symbol-LIGHT : heart and mind spiritual illumination, always by SPIRIT cultivation.MJ and KO made a philosophy of the ideea of LIGHT, in the spiritual meanings I've mentioned. So they used words symbolistic in TII but also images -sunrise and the Earth..Earth Song.

    In one tweet KO said: "Michael In the LIGHT I L.O.V.E. you more! again symbol and philosopy.
    TII lyrics song : I'm the LIGHT of the World

    Sony has its role, too many similiarities.

    And as I said to you before without SPIRIT there is no ACTION, that's why Sony united make and believe. Also I saw on the pic. here -Sony that between make and believe is a dot of.. LIGHT white and green,LIGHT is white and green I believe means Green Earth, ideea of a Green World. Nature, Planet Earth must be saved and protected- MJ's WISH and message to us.

    About the SPIRIT I'll end saying this: Think, Imagine, Dream! All very imp. in order to Do, Build, Design Everything in life. And once again I L.O.V.E. KO, he tweeted: "JPH", which made me THINK! and I found the relation in H.M.quotes: "Age means nothing.It isn't age which make us wise. Nor experience, as people pretend. It's the quickness of SPIRIT. For those who CULTIVATE the SPIRIT nothing is impossible, for others, everything is impossible, or incredibile, or futile".
    So Sony.. MJ ... SPIRIT..and spirituality:it's ALL FOR L.O.V.E.


  3. Excellent!!!

    Thanks for all ♥

  4. Hi,SC again :)
    So we (each) are the dot between make and believe, between action and spirit. I want to relate this with the news Orianthi made 1h show at Neverland... it was surreal.. I saw this word surreal many times used connected to Neverland, but I also saw some interpretation of it surreal : Make.Believe. I think I've said all :)


  5. I am dot # 14486 I think lol....o geez I just forgot my #....but its something like that...ahahahaha