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Monday, April 26, 2010

Ushering In A New Era of Directing?

We've seen this famous image of MJ "directing" during the Liberian Girl video:

We've also thought it was interesting how the dancers/funeral ushers were posing next to an image relating to Liberian Girl at the funeral:

To add to our "what a wacky coincidence" file, below is a rare image of MJ in a similar type of military cadet jacket as our dancing ushers above...and what is he doing? "Directing" behind a camera!

This image can be found in the below video, which contains many "rare" and interesting MJ photos:

UPDATE: Courtesy of "Iloveyoumore", below is footage of the funeral, set to the tune of "Liberian Girl". (Does Kenny O. ever sit down during this?)


  1. Haha, the burial is most definitely one of my absolute favourite hoax topics. I am not at ~all~ surprised to see this photo, even though I have never seen it (thanks!). Par for the course. The entire burial seemed as if it was directed behind a camera. I could write pages and pages about the burial and all of the oddities and clues that were present. Oh wait, I already have. LOL.

    For those who haven't seen it, here is the brilliant video, Liberian Girl II (I just absolutely love this - but you have to "get" it, or it won't mean anything):

  2. SC you sure have a find here with all these wonderful rare photos of Michael and his ventures... definately a treasure. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Nah, I think MJ is just having "a go". Is that Frank Dileo sans cigar.

  4. SeeingClues said in the update above, "Does Kenny O. ever sit down during this?"

    Nope. He's just got that big 'ole KO sh*t-eating grin the entire service. (Feel free to delete if this is offensive. No hard feelings.) I love KO, for the record, bless his good-natured heart.)

  5. @Iloveyoumore Let's assume you mean "shoot"-eating grin, as in bamboo shoots? ;-)

  6. How does Kenny would ever sit down? He had to put everyone on set, in the right sites and the right time, smile at the cameras (as indeed he did constantly), fix the camera angles and adjust the lighting, maybe.
    By the way, did anyone bother with the heat that guests should be submitted at that hot day and for so long ? Did someone provide water or cold drinks? Maybe ... hmm .... Coca-Cola? ;)

  7. The Divine Mrs JonesApril 27, 2010 at 3:11 AM

    Hi there,

    I loved the series of rare photographs..especially the one with MJ sitting next to the 2 elderly ladies on the park bench. That picture just tickled me. They looked a little uncomfortable sitting next to him, and I bet he was experiencing an unusual moment.. being by women that don't leap on him. Bless those ladies.I wonder if they actually knew who he was??????

    The second picture in park bench shots has him looking at him and I can imagine one of the ladies saying to the other "Ethel, keep looking ahead and pretend you don't know who he is" and Ethel says "If only I were 50 years younger" LOL

    It's nice to glimpse these times when the camera catches those candid shots, (he is aware that they are there) but the pictures that aren't posed are often the best.

    Thank you for posting it SeeingClues

  8. and i still want to know so bad
    who is the man in disguise
    and the blonde woman
    that are still 'mysteries'


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  11. Kenny did sit down I think it was at 1:40 but what I like in the funeral video is at 2:27 on the left side of the screen the woman with the long hair just before disappearing from the screen says "Michael?" appears to be saying it to the man behind her. Guess there are more than 1 person named Michael - but found it interesting- anyone know for sure who the man is in the hat behind her using the cell phone.

    Funny also, that at the cost of what a funeral would costs... that a funeral director wasn't there...? Just Kenny... man of many talents as we already know.

    It is odd too how everyone is not appearing to be really sad... If I recall back in this day I was still crying a lot everyday... funny guess it is Human Nature.. and we are all different.

  12. The Divine Mrs JonesApril 27, 2010 at 3:52 PM

    Hi there,

    With regard to mjsonlygirl's comment about the way that not everyone appeared sad at the funeral. I have to agree..When you consider who it was they were burying, and the fact that the eyes of the world would be on was a bit to "rehearsed" for my liking. I would have thought that there would not have been a dry eye in the place..but, as was could just be human nature..but hey..wouldn't that mean that some of them would have shed tears and others not..On a personal level, when I saw my Mothers coffin..I went to pieces..I knew she had gone..and accepted as much..the day of the funeral and the coffin being brought to the house..just made it all so real..That's why I do not understand the calmness that they all seemed to display..He was a Father, a Brother and a Son..what am I missing here?

    My eldest son just commented that "Hatmans" hands, and fingers in particular, do not seem to "fit" with the rest of his physique..they look out of place..not right..quote..unquote..He could have a point..What do you think???

    Anyway, I feel when I watch the clip that it seems like an audience going to watch a play, or some other performance..there seems to be a aire of anticipation..

    I could be all wrong with this..but I thought I would share it with you..

  13. Hi,SC thank you for video with MJ pic. One pic. is very close to my heart. When MJ brings flowers at the stone cross monument, Bucharest, University Square. There died ppl. to fight against totalitarian regim and for a life in democracy. In that morning I was there too with some ppl. in front of 2 tanks trying to stop them. Think of the scene in Earth Song with MJ in front of the tank.There in that place University Square we were like MJ in Earth Song.

    Then they shoot from tanks, I thought I would die, I lay down on ground, but they shoot in the air. I'm lucky today to be with you all. God protected us then. L.O.V.E. YOU MICHAEL, with all my heart!
    Sorry I wrote this story but these memories come up when I saw Michael there at monument. Every day is a precious gift we must be grateful and L.O.V.E. everything that we see, touch,feel....

    In second video with Kenny, Kenny is Kenny:) and I L.O.V.E. him too. Once he said Michael and I created an adventure,(TII) I think this says much more than any other words. Michael and Kenny love films, plays, musicals, they create ART. and they create it with L.O.V.E.

    L.O.V.E. you all,

  14. @Anonymous Ha ha - Coca- Cola! :-)