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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"L.A.P.D". - Los Angeles Police Dummy?

This one posting by TMZ has bothered me for quite some time, so I decided to finally post about it to see what everyone thinks.

Back in February, TMZ photographed an "officer" who was sitting in a car near Dr. Murray's girlfriend's residence.
They said the officer didn't say much. Here is the article:

The "officer" looks very plastic-like, and is just blankly staring. So I decided to zoom in a bit. Here is his face:

Look at the hard ridges under his eyes, and above the cheek bone. The hair is also odd, and the mouth doesn't appear like it could open.
I also zoomed in on the left arm, which also looked odd:
Doesn't it bend in an odd way? The shape is odd - a little too thin and curved. The watch seems too high up near the hand. Also the whole arm has a plastic look to it.

What do you think? And if it is really a dummy they have photographed, what are they trying to say? Why would a real police officer, who is trying to be discreet, sit so still while photographers were taking photos of him and the contents of his police car?

While pondering that, check out this interesting video:


  1. Thank you so much for posting this blog. My father and I laughed when we saw this police officer. From the start we believed him to be a mannequin. He looks somewhat like the mayor from ghost. Quite a coincidence! This is another one of my favourite clues. :)

    Have a GREAT Day, SC:)

  2. That is good Mary, Mayor from Ghost; without his eyeglasses. That is probably why he didn't see TMZ taking his picture and is sitting so still. Boy can I relate!

    Maybe it is a plastic officer sitting here to slow down speeding in the area... could be... but I doubt it.

    Good to have you back blogging Mary! Glad you are feeling better today ~

    Another great find SC... maybe you should become a "detective" ROFL - have a great day!

  3. I remember seeing this on TMZ. I didn't think much of it but now that you say this, and I see the pictures I think you maybe right.

    Here in the county I live in the sheriff's office has many mannequins that they put in cars and park them at different places. Their reasoning is to make people slow down,and to make it look like they are more present.
    Haha, you very well could be right about this.
    That cop does look very fake to me.
    I think this is interesting. Do you think he was put there to divert attention from something else going on that day?
    SC, excellent post, and thanks for making me laugh this morning.

  4. @I Am Only Human What is interesting is that TMZ claimed this officer said something to them. Was the window ever rolled down for them to talk? It looks like the officer never moved.

  5. Please see this link. Only the L.A.P.D. one looks more realistic if indeed it is a dummy.

  6. @mjjveritas I just added a video which may be of interest. :)

  7. Hi, I looked more carefully to picture a real police officer wouldn't sit like this as a dummy while the photographs were taken photos of him. He would have talked with them probably to go away because he is in "mission". Oh, this makes me laugh because it doesn't look real at all. By the way he looks very melancholy, guess was used in a drama movie, before this "mission" haha, at Murray's girlfriend house. I'm not sure that house is of Murray's girlfriend. In fact I'm not sure of anything when it comes to the police investigation and related to Murray.


  8. SC, I don't think the window looks like it was down on that car. Very strange, that he would sit out there with the windows up. In the link I sent you it said that a lady tried talking to a fake officer and thought he was rude for not responding to her. Haha
    The video you posted is great. How cool, yet creepy are those dummies? It just goes to show that it could have been a dummy.

  9. Thank you for this post!! First, I thought it was interesting that this article was posted on TMZ on Feb. 3, the day that Dr. Murray supposedly visited Forest Lawn
    So I guess TMZ saw him at his girlfriend's on Feb. 2?
    Second, after watching that great video and getting the name of the person who made the "body" I googled "Tom Burman Michael Jackson" and guess what!! According to
    "Rick Baker who had done the makeup for Jackson's Thriller video was brought in to supervise the makeup for Captain EO. Tom Burman (who had done work on the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special) did the makeup design for Huston’s character and it took three hours each day to apply that detailed makeup."

    So Tom Burman worked on Captain EO.

    Also, take a look at the cover of this magazine "Michael Jackson as you've never seen him before." This hit the newstands July 15, 2009 - but isn't this very similar to what it said on the original version of the "This is It" poster?

  10. @pepper great research! hmmm.. we may have to make a "Part Two" for this post as we find more information. :)

  11. Just amazing how realistic the video "dummy" appears... SC thanks for adding this clip.

  12. I understand what you are saying, he does look like a dummy, but I see his other hand on the door handle as if hes about to open the door.

  13. Hi SeeingClues,

    The thing about the arm is that there is sunlight. It looks thin because the light is not hitting on that section of the arm; the light is hitting on the "left" part of the arm, part of the door, and some of his shirt.

    Nevertheless, good observations.