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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Invisible Man

When looking for oddities in this investigation, our friends at TMZ give us a lot to ponder - if anything for the interesting and somewhat eerie coincidences. Take for example, this article that was posted almost a year ago on April 22, 2009 where TMZ says that "the rest of Michael Jackson is well on its way to vanishing too" and "it's a thriller, right?":

I did some research on the movie that is being referenced in the article, and thought the poster for the film was interesting as it shows a "green man" with sunglasses. Now where have we seen a green man before?

Just another "wacky" coincidence....

UPDATE #1: Looks like MJ might have had a little fun with the "Invisible Man" character in the past; (credit to "MSMJFANFOREVER" and "mykidsmum"):

See the disguise in the second half of this video: :

UPDATE #2  In the comments below,annabel said...
"Claude Rains also played the Phantom in a really crappy version of Phantom of the Opera"

Interestingly enough, in another article, MJ was referred to as the "Phantom of the Clinic":


  1. Too many "wacky" things to be considered "wacky coincidences" in my humble opinion. Now coincidence is Forrester Harvey on the poster for "The Invisible Man" Foreester - Forest Lawn and Harvey - - well we know who Harvey is right?
    Those would be "wacky" coincidences in my opinon - but then think again -maybe not! TWT

  2. Oh - and I just love the LGM....

  3. Claude Rains also played the Phantom in a really crappy version of Phantom of the Opera... What does the Phantom do? Besides falling obsessively in love with a cute singer, he's a creative genius who runs the show from behind the scenes. I realize that this is a serious stretch, but my brain is fried and I'm feeling whimsical. :)

  4. Very interesting! Love the green man. Indeed, the green man in “We Are The World 2010: Haiti Relief,” is one of my favourite clues. :)

  5. @annabel - perhaps it is not too much of a stretch, check out Update #2. :)

  6. in the TMZ article they say Michael made a "coherent" appearance. so to me that's saying they didn't think he was on drugs then or maybe they want us to know that Michael wasn't on drugs at all, if you believe TMZ is in on the hoax.

  7. Hey SC, I googled Michael Jackson Phantom of the Opera and look what I found:


  8. @angielove yes, i did see that article which was sort of ironic because many people thought that he WAS on drugs BECAUSE of the O2 behavior. You would think that a tabloid site like TMZ would make it seem like he was on drugs. Another thing you may notice is that they dramatically stopped calling him "Jacko" in articles after June 25th. It used to be a normal thing in EVERY article, but after 6/25, "Jacko" has only been used a few times in hundreds of postings.

  9. Thanks for putting together all this great info, SC. Everything always seems to have a connection in some way. Whatever happened with the little green man... did that ever get resolved? Every time I see him I think he's Michael inside that green suit... :)))

  10. Interesting SeeingClues this observation on TMZ not calling Michael Jacko too often since the 25th of June. I found it disrespectful before but now i feel Michael and TMZ are quite good friends. And to come lback to the association with Le Cirque du Solei, our friend Michael is going to be definitely the busiest "dead" of all times. I hope he is in great shape !

  11. Did you see that?
    Credits to thecheetoman from MJDH.

    One of the comments:

    "I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that this man is in front of the “Griffin” observatory. In H.G. Wells novel, The Invisible Man, the main character, Griffin, discovers a way to make himself invisible and then does so and causes chaos in the city."

  12. This "Mirror Man" is at the Griffith Observatory not the Griffin Observatory. Maybe that's near enough?

  13. WOW SC. You posted this early yesterday and then Cheetoman posted on MJHD that later that night David Blaine tweeted about the Invisible Man/Mirror Man. This is getting freaky. What is going on here people???????????????????????

    and does anyone know how to make a screen name on here so you're not anonymous??

  14. This is very interesting, indeed.
    What a fine collection so far: hatman, men in black, noseman, green man, invisible man, mirror man.
    I wonder who's next ? The Man himself? I hope so. But, of course, it may be just an illusion, each time.
    And as @alice said, this story of Cirque du Soleil looks fantastic. And reminds me of Barnum and the Greatest Show on Earth. ;)

    By the way SC it's great to 'see you' again on twitter. Thanks. And I'm sorry for what happened. Your poems are beautiful.

  15. Well, more confirmations of the fact that TMZ are working with/for Michael... not that I needed more. :) Everything was in front of our eyes, for those who paid attention to it. I for one barely knew what TMZ what before August 2009. And it is all about connecting the dots indeed.
    Great job!
    Take care,


    Talk about baaaaaaad attention span "issues" (blush, blush).

    :D :D :D

    THANKS A BUNCH for this post, SC! [Also, for washing the blues away for now :)]. Thanks to everyone else for their interesting comments as well. It REALLY warms my heart to see that we BeLIEvers really do make a ROCKING team :):):)


    ;) :P :D