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Thursday, June 23, 2011


My next post will be dedicated to an amazing, but unfortunately overlooked album in the Michael Jackson catalogue - Invincible.

 First  I'd like to commend @clearmjsname1 and @4THELEGACY2 on Twitter for igniting a grass roots effort to bring interest in this release "back to life".  I believe if any of us had the power back then to help promote the release in 2001 we would have many creative ideas to showcase the magic within the music.  Ten years later, in 2011, the internet has evolved dramatically and we now have a vast array of diverse mediums to communicate and have our voices heard.  Just look at the impact of social media today..Twitter..Facebook...Blogs...where one person, any person, has the ability to relay their messages to anyone in the world, in an instant...and people can come together to support a cause or idea..or collaborate in real time on a project.   If you utilize the technology in a positive manner, the possibilities are truly endless..and exciting!

Read more about the Invincible Campaign here: