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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daylight Zombie?

In the previous post, the concentration was on sunflowers that one interesting item was missed!  Upon reviewing the Thriller footage from This Is It, what caught my eye is that in the beginning, the cemetary in the background is in full daylight.  Zombies don't come out during the day, right?   Well I see an image of what could be one. (look under the red arrow).

Upon blowing up the image, it looked rather interesting.  Could it be a person, emerging from a grave in broad daylight?   If so, was this scene created with MJ?  

The person in the scene looks to have the same clothes as MJ on the right.  What do you think?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunflowers & The Army of "Love"

TMZ announced a contest entitled "Show Us Your Stems!". The word "stems" is used to mean "legs".

Interesting that they opted for this particular word, with all of the sunflower talk on their site.

The sunflower is fascinating in itself, in that it could grow up to 10ft tall and contain a single flower, often seen growing in rows which give the appearance of them looking like an "army of flowers" marching.

This is an example of such a comparison. Taking the backdrop scene from TDCAU from This Is It with an image of a sunflower field illustrates the commonality between the images. By "morphing" the two together, you can achieve a symbolic image:

The "soldiers" are marching, with the light of the sun behind their backs, bringing forth that light.

House music duo "Basement Jaxx" remixed a Yoko Ono song entitled "Day of The Sunflowers (We March On). During their live concert performance at the O2, we see a backdrop that has a similar theme to the TDCAU backdrop, except using sunflowers:

Michael Jackson himself utilized the symbolism of the sunflower within his own performances, a notable example is during the performance of "Earth Song" in Germany during the HIStory Tour. At the end of the song, a girl presents a soldier with a sunflower, with the idea that perhaps we should be fighting for peace and not perpetuate the violence which is destroying our world.

The scene begins at 8:44 in the below video:

Below are some screen shots from the performance:

Sunflowers can represent a new hope and peace when darkness is present. The wristbands for the MichaelJackson Memorial even included images of sunflowers (see below TMZ article):

There is no denying that sunflowers are playing a part in the symbolism of what represents MJ's message - seeing the light and love in all things, and sharing that with others - being that "Army of Love".

So aside from all of the crazy stories on TMZ, debates on whether images of sunflowers are photoshopped; questioning LMP's intentions, or any other distraction, let's focus on the message, which is powerful in it's simplicity.

As his oldest son Prince stated at the 2010 Grammy Awards: "Through all his songs his message was simple: LOVE".

So let's unite, and not fight, and share the light.

Thanks to "MaryElizabeth73" and "MJHOAXLIVE" for inspiration and assistance for this article.

Love To All

Sunflowers were in This Is It! (thank you Adi!)

One of the zombies is wearing a hat with sunflowers!!! Here is the video and a screen shot!

And more sunflowers were found at the GRAVES @23 second mark (thank you hhdavid65!)

For more on the "Thiller" segment, see:

Update 5/23: Looks like one of the images in "Lightman" was sunflowers. "ForstAMoon" watched the "Lightman" clip from This Is It and noticed it flash by in the beginning.
Here is the video followed by a screen shot I captured:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Joe Jackson's Message To Fans

For those who are unable to view this via Twitter, below is the verbiage from a letter that Joe Jackson and Mr. Magestik Magnificent wrote to the fans who will be attending Conrad Murray's courthouse hearing on June 14th (click to enlarge):

The verbiage was released to today (May 11th). I have put it into a nice letter format for the visuals.

UPDATE 5/12 :
Looks like TMZ is watching this blog (or my Twitter) as they posted this version of the letter in their article on 5/12. They make it seem like it was the original Joe Jackson letter, when in actuality I copied the verbiage from and created the image with the nice font, for purposes of posting on Twitter and the blog. In any event, for TMZ to obtain it they would have either have to have seen this blog or my Twitpic with the file. Gotta love TMZ! (Hi, there!!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Take "Note" - The Last MJ Signature?

Credit to "SayUBelieve" for discovering what appears to be a Michael Jackson autograph. The remarkable piece is dated "June 24, 2009".

Now we have seen other examples of signatures dated with just "2009", but this actually has the date. Is this authentic? If it is, then the fact he is bringing attention to the date could be significant.

This image was taken from a page on the Yahoo! Japan website:

Update: This autograph will be on exhibit from the 19th for only 5days at Roppongi Tokyo. After that, it will be auctioned in Las Vegas. The autograph was discovered in the US but the source is confidential.