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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunflowers & The Army of "Love"

TMZ announced a contest entitled "Show Us Your Stems!". The word "stems" is used to mean "legs".

Interesting that they opted for this particular word, with all of the sunflower talk on their site.

The sunflower is fascinating in itself, in that it could grow up to 10ft tall and contain a single flower, often seen growing in rows which give the appearance of them looking like an "army of flowers" marching.

This is an example of such a comparison. Taking the backdrop scene from TDCAU from This Is It with an image of a sunflower field illustrates the commonality between the images. By "morphing" the two together, you can achieve a symbolic image:

The "soldiers" are marching, with the light of the sun behind their backs, bringing forth that light.

House music duo "Basement Jaxx" remixed a Yoko Ono song entitled "Day of The Sunflowers (We March On). During their live concert performance at the O2, we see a backdrop that has a similar theme to the TDCAU backdrop, except using sunflowers:

Michael Jackson himself utilized the symbolism of the sunflower within his own performances, a notable example is during the performance of "Earth Song" in Germany during the HIStory Tour. At the end of the song, a girl presents a soldier with a sunflower, with the idea that perhaps we should be fighting for peace and not perpetuate the violence which is destroying our world.

The scene begins at 8:44 in the below video:

Below are some screen shots from the performance:

Sunflowers can represent a new hope and peace when darkness is present. The wristbands for the MichaelJackson Memorial even included images of sunflowers (see below TMZ article):

There is no denying that sunflowers are playing a part in the symbolism of what represents MJ's message - seeing the light and love in all things, and sharing that with others - being that "Army of Love".

So aside from all of the crazy stories on TMZ, debates on whether images of sunflowers are photoshopped; questioning LMP's intentions, or any other distraction, let's focus on the message, which is powerful in it's simplicity.

As his oldest son Prince stated at the 2010 Grammy Awards: "Through all his songs his message was simple: LOVE".

So let's unite, and not fight, and share the light.

Thanks to "MaryElizabeth73" and "MJHOAXLIVE" for inspiration and assistance for this article.

Love To All

Sunflowers were in This Is It! (thank you Adi!)

One of the zombies is wearing a hat with sunflowers!!! Here is the video and a screen shot!

And more sunflowers were found at the GRAVES @23 second mark (thank you hhdavid65!)

For more on the "Thiller" segment, see:

Update 5/23: Looks like one of the images in "Lightman" was sunflowers. "ForstAMoon" watched the "Lightman" clip from This Is It and noticed it flash by in the beginning.
Here is the video followed by a screen shot I captured:


  1. I really think one of the most significant things about sunflowers is that they aren't simply pretty flowers -- they're directly useful in a very tangible way.

  2. I agree annabel, look up on google... many uses for sunflowers that aren't harmful to our planet and very symbolic and just a down right cheerful flower. I love the picture you created by morphing the 2 together SC very nice and very signifcant to the message of uniting and love and peace.

  3. Excelente informe.Emociona!

  4. sunflowers are beautiful

  5. I thought it was yours, because I saw that on your blog first. Just see:

  6. Hi, SC really like what you've done with those images from TII and the one with sunflower field. In the back looks like a forest from where emerges the Triumph Arch, like in Earth Song where is the forest.

    Also these findings from TII -Thriller with sunflowers. Thanks to all who saw this, and to you to post it on blog. That is why I adore Michael and Kenny Ortega they used symbolism in each small detail in TII. Thriller associated to sunflowers -LIFE GIVING ENTITY. Wonderful!

    And it seems many go to this: Tom: CodeofThriller, even JodiGomez wrote a tweet "thrilled LOST FINALE".
    About that ticket at memorial and bracelets -wristband - I saw an arrow pointing to the bracelet-is symbolized as a circle coloured like a sunflower with orange? I saw that are 2 kinds of sunflowers, with some orange too, or am I too imaginative again ?:) anyway is interesting this with bracelets, told you at O2 conf. I saw bracelets at audience's hands, and I don't know the meaning for those.
    Thank you again for all posts on blog and writings


  7. @Anonymous. I was the creator of the sunflower photo. I posted it back on May 18th on Twitpic, before posting to the blog:

    I even show how I made it.

    I see that Polish blog has taken other images from my site.

  8. Ah, there are so many different clues though, so if we take the sunflowers, it has to be LMP involved, too, among quite many friends and family members of Michael, and some other clues would suppose many of the entertaiment industry to know about it, if it is a hoax, ad be all managed by Michael...and yet it seems possible...

    Cristinadobre, what kind of bracelets do you mean at the O2 announcement?

  9. Hi Anna, there are many videos with O2 Conf. I don't remember which one CNN or other transmission had images from behind of the audience and show the audience with hand up making pic. of Michael with cameras. If you stop the image you shall see on the ppl. right hand the wristband, it looks colour white. also are images of the 1-st raw with ppl. and you can see those bracelets-wristband. I wonder why all the audience to have that bracelets ? Audience of London, in London not LA. Have no logic. If it was a mark sign for that O2 conf. as a publicity for MJ's concerts I'm sure some TV channel would have mentioned this. Or some other reasons for these wristbands.

    My personal opinions are 2:
    1. those ppl. there are not real audience from London. I don't know the term in english now, some like utility men/women as they are used in movies.
    2. What we've seen was not filmed in London, so was filmed in LA.
    Because the dancers and the crew from TII had identic bracelets-wristbands but of different colours.

    I don't find other explanations for this with bracelets at O2 -Conf. maybe I'm wrong and is something else but what is a fact that the audience of Conf. had wristbands.

  10. Hi,again SC. I looked to video with sunflower from TII and it's interesting 2 grave crosses are either Sun cross or Celtic cross. Anyway as I read Celtic Cross is a combination with Sun cross. So we have again the symbol of Sun here.

    this is a link interes. with Sun cross

    and Celtic cross

    In this video TII-Thriller are visible these 2 crosses. I'm sure were chosen also for their symbol, meanings.

    Also I saw those ghosts lifted up and the "he" ghost has a interes. hat. It looks like Tito's hat on Twitter account, ha! Sorry Tito, this is how I see from images. Look at the shape and somehow the grey colour. I know it's funny.....


  11. Hi S.C.!!

    Have you seen this video? At 2:45 shows a great poster for Sunflowers Farmer's Market in Murray, Utah (LOL), 3:06 Kenny's twit, 3:44 sunflowers in scene from Jackson Family Dynasty.

    (credit to seekingtruthMJ

    And probably something everyone else has already heard of (it's a video game) but I just found out about this, perhaps just another strange, unrelated coincidence - a Sunflower singing about Zombies.

  12. The message of the SUNFLOWERS: A magic SYMBOL OF PEACE.

    Sunflowers have become the symbol of a world free of nuclear weapons.
    After Ukraine gave up it's last nuclear warhead, the defence ministers of the US, Russia & Ukraine met on a former Ukranian missile base, June 4 1996. They celebrated by scattering sunflower seeds & planting sunflowers. Former US secretary of defence William Perry said "sunflowers instead of missiles in the soil will ensure peace for future generations."
    *Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.