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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Take "Note" - The Last MJ Signature?

Credit to "SayUBelieve" for discovering what appears to be a Michael Jackson autograph. The remarkable piece is dated "June 24, 2009".

Now we have seen other examples of signatures dated with just "2009", but this actually has the date. Is this authentic? If it is, then the fact he is bringing attention to the date could be significant.

This image was taken from a page on the Yahoo! Japan website:

Update: This autograph will be on exhibit from the 19th for only 5days at Roppongi Tokyo. After that, it will be auctioned in Las Vegas. The autograph was discovered in the US but the source is confidential.


  1. I Am Only HumanMay 5, 2010 at 8:16 AM

    This is very strange. First you would have to ask is of course is it real? I am no expert on this so I will go with my feeling and say Yes it is.
    The next odd thing is of course the full date. I would think it does mean something, but what? However it doesn't have all the usual markings that other Michael autographs do. IDK
    But the biggest thing to me is the fact it was found in the US, yet it is on display in Tokyo. WHY?
    How did it get there?
    Who is the confidential source of it?
    I would guess it will go for a lot of money seeing as it is dated. But I have to wonder why would someone want to part with this? Maybe the mighty dollar is more important, unless the money from the auction is going to a charity Michael supported.

  2. A dated original autograph.. missing the usual sparkler at the bottom IMO could be priceless - for it mostly likely if geniune to be his "last" Truth be told, I'd rather have Michael back. "He's the real thing" ~

    seriously though...

  3. Oh and SC - -another great find!

  4. This autograph hasn't the usual 'spark' at the end, though signatures like this one have already been seen, but rarely I think. Signature without the 'shine'.
    This is really strange. And I feel it's not as insignificant as it may seem.
    But I can be wrong, of course.
    Thank you SC for this.


  5. the "spark" at the end wasn't always done (just do an ebay search on Michael Jackson autographs and you will see that most do not have the spark.

  6. OK, I guess I'll comment here what I already tweeted to you. I found it odd the second you sent it over, but it continued to bother me and I couldn't sleep. If it is authentic, it is possible that it is a hint he has left, just because it is not something he normally does. "I am intentionally pointing this out to you - take note!".

    You just mentioned to me on twitter the possibility of someone else asking him to write the date...I hope not, because if that is the case, that alludes to the possibility of foul play....

    This is a very interesting to me and has the potential for various implications...some exciting, some concerning....

  7. Yes its real as it was featured in Julien's Auction.

  8. Hi,I was thinking much time of this signature if it's authentic and that date June 24 so important. I see 2 diff. colours of blue not uniform but maybe was the pencil "fault", I don't know, confusion more than ever. Interesting is also "SayUBelieve", I mean all words : Say You Believe. We have a lot of believe until now. Maybe is a clue but who can know that?
    I feel tired really, as we go deeper and deeper into a mystery not opposite.


  9. I think the pen got lighter as he made those big swooping parts of the signature - less pressure on the paper makes for a lighter "colour".

  10. SC I sit corrected...maybe my memory choses to remember the "spark" in his signature... Love to you always!

  11. i am tired,concerned, and troubled by all the hype that has nothing of mj truth. michael has a message of spiritual value yet material gain keeps dominating the arena. why promote it? what does it profit to gain the world ($$$) yet lose one's soul? whomever he signed this supposed autograph for evidently cares nothing about the man or his message. i doubt on june 24 mj walked out his door and just so happened to have signed an autograph for 1 person in the whole wide world. bs...! and as for that anonymous person you are no different than evan chandler!!!!

  12. Matthew 6:24
    No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.