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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who Does Criss Angel Remind You Of?

Criss Angel posted this photo on his Twitter... He is donning a black fedora and holding a "lollipop" where have we seen that before?

He named the photo "No Eyes".

Friday, January 29, 2010

DOA? Someone Is Lying

Today on TMZ, they state that "documents state that Michael was already dead when he arrived at UCLA":

However, at 2:39 in this interview, Randy Phillips of AEG states that Michael's heart was STILL BEATING and he was on LIFE SUPPORT.

I do not know one hospital where there is a policy of putting DOA bodies on life support.

This proves that someone is lying.......the question is...why?

Monday, January 25, 2010

This Is It: Thriller Backdrop

This film was to be played during the "Thriller" performance of This Is It:

This Is It: Smooth Criminal Backdrop

This was intended to be played on the screen during the Smooth Criminal performance of This Is It:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

We're Speechless -MJ says "I Love You" To Camera

"Teaser" clip of Speechless from the This Is It DVD, with a special "I Love You" at the end:

Mystery "Man" in the Ambulance - Could It Be..?

I had originally posted this earlier and then subsequently removed it but due to demand I am reinstating this post...the images captured are up to your individual interpretation... -SC

While reviewing the ambulance footage as it leaves the home you begin to see interesting things through the window. If you stop this video at 37 seconds, you see what appears to be a shadowy man dressed in black with a fedora in the ambulance.

Here is the screen shot at 37 seconds:

Tis_Ruthy found another interesting image while watching the same video. Behind the glass and being blocked by the security guard, appears to be a face-like image...

This was discovered when she slowed down the video and captured around the 35 second mark:

She then did a comparison to a screen shot from This Is It:

This moving GIF, created by "Nina" matches up the mystery face with the image of the O2 press conference face, and it matches up exactly:

What is interesting is that security is focused on blocking the back of the ambulance, while the photographer had full access to the side (and hence alledgedly then snapped the "money" shot.) But was the BACK of the ambulance actually more revealing? Or just tricks of the eye?

Illusion? Reality? Comment with your thoughts...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Previously Unseen June 24th Photo Emerges

Newly discovered photo of Michael Jackson and Kenny Ortega, allegedly shot on June 24th, 2009 and featured on the DVD release.
They seem to be having a great time and sharing a laugh.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Coming Soon....BAM! "5 Bros Enterprises"

At the end of The Jack5ons - A Family Dynasty, a logo flashed briefly on the screen. This logo belongs to an entity called "5 Bros Enterprises", and the website can be accessed by typing in or
Is this a new Jack5ons venture? And for what purpose? Was it just to produce their show..or something more?

The website says, "Coming Soon". BUT IF YOU ARE PATIENT YOU WILL HEAR A LOUD BAM! THEN THE LOGO APPEARS.. (Make sure your computer speakers and volume are on).

There are many things to look at in this design, from the 5 images on the crown, to the "Griffons" - eagle-like Lions who "guard treasure"; a heart-like image behind the Jack5ons name... what can you find? You may want to pay close attention to the "Coming Soon" letters..what secrets do they hold?

Extra fun bonus game: Right click on the logo and hit "play" will see a special message and another lovely BAM!

Thanks to MJJLIVZ and Xenogears for their collaborative work...and thanks to Melodie for her work on the video.

UPDATE 1/22: Many have wondered what the background image is for the "Coming Soon". Thanks to Adi we have captured the a screen shot of the moving background image:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let us remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Let us take a moment to reflect on the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - a true inspiration.

"How Long"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hidden Image of MJ on AllJack5ons Twitter

Many thanks to DontBelieveTheHype on for discovering this. They lightened up the image on the AllJack5ons Twitter to find the secret MJ image..but even with the simple use of MS Paint, all you need to do is copy the image and invert the colors and you will see it...

So why is this "hidden"...and what does this mean? (click to enlarge)

Extra thanks to Xenogears who lightened the entire image to reveal more detail:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Only One Michael Jackson

It pains me to hear theories of "two" Michael Jacksons - a "black" one and then a "white" one. This is not the case. For those who need proof, here is a rarely seen and frankly, sad photo of a young Michael looking in the mirror at the effect of the vitiligo disease.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blast From The Past: Japanese Moonwalker Poster

Some of you out there have looked back to Moonwalker for "clues" to This Is It, so in honor of that I had to post this find; a vintage Moonwalker poster that was released in Japan.

..kinda reminds you of another poster.. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Is It "Thriller" Shoes

Here is a close-up image of the shoes Michael Jackson was to wear during the "Thriller" song performance at the O2 shows in London.

MJ had such an attention to detail, there were even images inside the shoes that no one would doubt to anyone that these are MJ's shoes only. :)

(click to enlarge)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dr. Murray's New Lawyer Has Similar Name to DEA Investigator

Perhaps a very bizarre coincidence...but Conrad Murray's new lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, has a VERY similar name to a DEA investigator working the investigator known as just "Michael Flanagan".

(click to enlarge)

According to TMZ, Dr. Murray's laywer is "J. Michael Flanagan".

Interesting coincidence...

UPDATE: Located the lawyer's website:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sony to Release New "This Is It" + Playstation 3 Bundle

Here is a picture of the box of the forthcoming "This Is It" Playstation 3!

It is scheduled to be released in Japan on 1/27/2010. No word yet on other regions.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Before And After: The Helicopter Ride

There's something peculiar about those L.A. Coroner's helicopters..they take a full bodied person and deflate them to the height of a surfboard. I suppose they have hired "spacebag" to make their body bags...

This is a comparison to follow up on a video MJFanFOREVERAndADAY has on YouTube which can be accessed from this link (unfortunately embedding was disabled so I can only provide the link:

To the left are screen captures of the body as it left the hospital and was about to be loaded into the helicopter. Then below it, is the body as it appeared after the helicopter trip. (click to enlarge)

Now here is another comparison where I enlarged both images 2x and have the "bodies" facing the same direction. You can clearly see they appear different. One even seems longer than the other.

I'm wondering if straps were omitted from the "body" coming out of the helicopter because if the flat "board" was strapped, it would call more attention to the flatness. Why else would they remove the straps while getting off the helicopter? What if the body fell off the stretcher while this is being televised around the world?

For additional oddities with the stretcher and the scene after the body leaves the helicopter, click to view these prior posts I published in November 2009:

"Where's the Photographer?"

"Getting off the Helicopter"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Flashback: Dr. Murray in Court

One item that hasn't been spoken about is how Dr. Murray is due back in court on Monday, 1/4/2010 for a follow up hearing on the child support case. Of course, here at the SeeingClues blog, it is not forgotten. :)

Will it happen? According to the end of this classic video containing the infamous funny money and the shot of the garbage, Dr. Murray's lawyer said, "He'll be here!" when the judge asked if he would be in court on 1/4.

We'll see if this happens or somehow disappears into thin air....

An interesting observation was included in a YouTube video by alwaysbelieveMJ, who noticed that the lawyer for Dr. Murray's child's mother attended the "private" funeral! The oddities continue on and on...

UPDATE 1/4: Judge tells Murray, see you in July!

Another MJ vs Criss Angel Comparison

I came across an image of Criss Angel that reminded me of a poster we all know.
Again, more similarities with This Is It and Criss Angel. Of course it could just be an interesting coincidence.. again..
(click to enlarge)

MJ's SS# - Right to Privacy in Death?

Judging by what the estate's lawyers are saying, you would think yes, as they are denouncing the public view of MJ's social security number for "privacy" reasons.

But according the the FAQ of the Social Security Administration's website, , an individual's social security number becomes searchable after they die:
(click to enlarge)

However, in the estate's lawyer's letter to Joe Jackson's attorney Brian Oxman, posted on TMZ (
they firmly believe that the public should NOT have access to the SS#:
(click to enlarge)

They are protecting the SS# as if he was alive....

So does this prove that MJ's SS# was NOT reported to the Social Security death index, and that any record of his SS# in the index is false?