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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Flashback: Dr. Murray in Court

One item that hasn't been spoken about is how Dr. Murray is due back in court on Monday, 1/4/2010 for a follow up hearing on the child support case. Of course, here at the SeeingClues blog, it is not forgotten. :)

Will it happen? According to the end of this classic video containing the infamous funny money and the shot of the garbage, Dr. Murray's lawyer said, "He'll be here!" when the judge asked if he would be in court on 1/4.

We'll see if this happens or somehow disappears into thin air....

An interesting observation was included in a YouTube video by alwaysbelieveMJ, who noticed that the lawyer for Dr. Murray's child's mother attended the "private" funeral! The oddities continue on and on...

UPDATE 1/4: Judge tells Murray, see you in July!


  1. I think the bald headed guy sitting next to the blonde lady (who's sitting next to Liz Taylor) looks more like the lawyer than the one in the above video.


  2. Some fashion advice to Doctor Murray. Yellow is so not your color. It's sooooo last season too. Someone buy this dude another tie, please, anyone.

  3. Dr. Murray, cannot afford a new outfit, because only the court accepts Gilda or Judy Garland bills. :) Even so, his yellow brick tie, reminds us to continue our journey along the yellow brick road!

    The amount paid was interesting, $1003.00, where’s the 7?