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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Before And After: The Helicopter Ride

There's something peculiar about those L.A. Coroner's helicopters..they take a full bodied person and deflate them to the height of a surfboard. I suppose they have hired "spacebag" to make their body bags...

This is a comparison to follow up on a video MJFanFOREVERAndADAY has on YouTube which can be accessed from this link (unfortunately embedding was disabled so I can only provide the link:

To the left are screen captures of the body as it left the hospital and was about to be loaded into the helicopter. Then below it, is the body as it appeared after the helicopter trip. (click to enlarge)

Now here is another comparison where I enlarged both images 2x and have the "bodies" facing the same direction. You can clearly see they appear different. One even seems longer than the other.

I'm wondering if straps were omitted from the "body" coming out of the helicopter because if the flat "board" was strapped, it would call more attention to the flatness. Why else would they remove the straps while getting off the helicopter? What if the body fell off the stretcher while this is being televised around the world?

For additional oddities with the stretcher and the scene after the body leaves the helicopter, click to view these prior posts I published in November 2009:

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  1. I am guessing that the hospital had to make a decoy for safety reasons as all entrances to the hospital where being blocked by fans, this could have lead to fatality...The result was a show cased hospital ride with a dummy. Health and Safety comes first...

  2. Has anyone else noticed the resemblance of Mj in the blurry image of the helicopter door and the paramedic? It looks like MJ with a hat and ponytail.