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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Only One Michael Jackson

It pains me to hear theories of "two" Michael Jacksons - a "black" one and then a "white" one. This is not the case. For those who need proof, here is a rarely seen and frankly, sad photo of a young Michael looking in the mirror at the effect of the vitiligo disease.


  1. Poor Michael. He looks so sad in that picture. And people getting stuck on that "black" Michael and "white" Michael thing is just disturbing.

  2. This is a sad photo to view, Michael has endured so much during his lifetime. In this picture, he appears to be in “the depths of despair." A quote from, Anne of Green Gables, that can apply to life's circumstances.

    All of us are born special.

    God bless, Michael and his family.

  3. This reflection of sadness breaks my heart.
    Blessing for the 'man in the mirror'.
    Always beautiful.
    Thank you SC.

  4. :-(
    oh my, I've never seen this picture, it just breaks my heart...


  5. Thank you for posting this picture. Now everyone can see and understand the pain Michael felt looking at his body becoming discolored. What teenager cannot relate to the pain of looking different? Then multiply that 100 fold when as visible as Michael with the whole world watching you. Add in the pain of what body parts names your father said and the whole acne decade and you have absolute pain. Thank you again. Maybe now, haters and critizers will pause in their judgements.

  6. Why are the coats different colors?

  7. the camera flash lightened the one jacket.

  8. I am finding it hard to look at this photo - Michael looks so sad. It is heart wrenching.

    I can't begin to imagine what he has endured over the past decades...

    I love you Michael. I am here for you for what is to come.


  9. I've only seen him look this sad in two pictures, this one and a picture taken of him during his second trial. It breaks my heart to see so much anguish in his eyes, he doesn't deserve that kind of pain.

  10. No one ever understands something like vitiligo, until it affects them personally or someone close to them..which is a shame.

  11. No signs of Vitiligo on his face at that time!!!
    Check out these photos - they were done a few minutes earlier/later. No vitiligo only acne. His vitiligo started during Thriller era!!
    Little Susie

  12. Michael was always beautiful to me...This photo made me very sad...I can feel his pain.
    I had very bad skin as a teenager and can clearly rememember the cruel taunts as though it were only yesterday..
    Michael you were and still are an incredibly beautiful man in every way and I love you dearly..x

  13. Michael, I would take your pain as my own in a heartbeat. I hope you know how sincere I am when I tell you that. I am holding your hand.

    And on sidenote, you are just as smokin' in that photo as any one I have ever seen. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.