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Monday, January 25, 2010

This Is It: Thriller Backdrop

This film was to be played during the "Thriller" performance of This Is It:


  1. Thank you again for this, SC.
    As I have just read in one of the articles of this blog, this could have been the equivalent of 'Avatar' in the area of music concerts.
    And I fully agree with this opinion. These concerts were to be magnificent. Magnificent.
    And now that we have knowledge of what was prepared we do have an understanding of what we lost.

  2. amazing Thriller 2009..

  3. This was going to be AMAZING The Concert of all the Concerts.. I would have payed whatever just to see him the MASTER at work..

    The Media chose to destroy him.but MJ will always be alive to us.. Long live the KING
    Where you are MJ hope you are safe

    L O V E

  4. there he is...Mr. Polarity; teacher & pathfinder conscientious of humanity & able to share personal wisdom...God speed Wolf......