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Friday, January 29, 2010

DOA? Someone Is Lying

Today on TMZ, they state that "documents state that Michael was already dead when he arrived at UCLA":

However, at 2:39 in this interview, Randy Phillips of AEG states that Michael's heart was STILL BEATING and he was on LIFE SUPPORT.

I do not know one hospital where there is a policy of putting DOA bodies on life support.

This proves that someone is lying.......the question is...why?


  1. That my friend, we already know from day one. On the one hand ' an old man, bald, frail and unrecognized in the first ten minutes ', on the other hand a ' last shot ' of a man that in nothing seems to be old and frail, seemingly alive and recognizable.
    Hardly these two versions can be true. Unless they are referring to two different people. If real, of course.
    Thank you SC.

  2. de hay mentira y especulacion las a mi me parece que etan partes algo oculta y para que en verdad mike esta vivo ,nos le parece raro que con una emergencia grande de una celebridad como michael jackson la ambulancia y peor aun de los bombero no iba a poner la sirena para llevar a este paciente al centro de salud mas cercano,y si el estuviese muerte en ese instante quien tendria que venir es el departamento legal de forencia que tiene sus propio trasporte este me parece pura mentira y ya les digo ponga un de logica y unas los echos extraños del 25 de junio del 2009

  3. There is definitely a "cover up"! But, when all that remains hidden is revealed will we who belive in this "man" rejoice or mourn?

  4. Thanks again SC . Interesting how Randy Phillips says around 5:14, "The one thing I've learned is that Neverland never ends".

  5. Ok here it goes when a person is brain dead, he can still have a heart beat, but never the less still brain dead.
    So they put the body on life support to presurve blood flow until the family arrives, to claim and view the body.
    Also life support preserves all vital organs in case the deceased was an organ donor.