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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mystery "Man" in the Ambulance - Could It Be..?

I had originally posted this earlier and then subsequently removed it but due to demand I am reinstating this post...the images captured are up to your individual interpretation... -SC

While reviewing the ambulance footage as it leaves the home you begin to see interesting things through the window. If you stop this video at 37 seconds, you see what appears to be a shadowy man dressed in black with a fedora in the ambulance.

Here is the screen shot at 37 seconds:

Tis_Ruthy found another interesting image while watching the same video. Behind the glass and being blocked by the security guard, appears to be a face-like image...

This was discovered when she slowed down the video and captured around the 35 second mark:

She then did a comparison to a screen shot from This Is It:

This moving GIF, created by "Nina" matches up the mystery face with the image of the O2 press conference face, and it matches up exactly:

What is interesting is that security is focused on blocking the back of the ambulance, while the photographer had full access to the side (and hence alledgedly then snapped the "money" shot.) But was the BACK of the ambulance actually more revealing? Or just tricks of the eye?

Illusion? Reality? Comment with your thoughts...

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