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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who Does Criss Angel Remind You Of?

Criss Angel posted this photo on his Twitter... He is donning a black fedora and holding a "lollipop" where have we seen that before?

He named the photo "No Eyes".


  1. I have begged, and pleaded, and still- people are talking about Criss Angel being in on the Hoax. PLEASE Stop Talking about Criss. He Has NOTHING To Do With The Hoax. He's Been Wearing Fedoras And Sucking On Cherry Lollipops For YEARS. It Has NOTHING T Do With The Hoax! And His Show, Believe, Has Been A Dream He's Been Producing For SEVENTEEN YEARS! Please, Please, I BEG OF YOU. He Has NOTHING To Do With The Hoax.

    Really, Criss Isn't "Pretending" To Be Anyone But Himself. Fedoras And Lollipops Are Who He Is, And I've Only Seen MJ With Lollipops Once Or Twice.

    -Agent M-

  2. @Agent M - thank you for visiting and taking time to comment. We are not implying that Criss is in on any "hoax", but pointing out some interesting similiarities. We are simply posting interesting comparisons/discoveries, and it is true that there have been many commonalities between Criss Angel and MJ; which came "first" isn't as relevant as the similarities themselves.
    Your comment is well taken, and I have taken "pretending" out of the title. Much love - SC

  3. Take a look at this guy. He is for real at least: