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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Interested in Becoming Part of This Site?

Many of you have requested that this blog be "brought back to life" so to speak. Others have inquired how you can post videos, photos, and extended analysis to the site. I believe this is wonderful and can enhance both the number of regular postings and information available to all.

If you have ever wanted to post to a blog but didn't want the hassle of administering or moderating a blog, perhaps you'd like to join this established blog and grow it as a team as a member of the SeeingClues "staff".

If you are interested in obtaining authoring access to post your own stories and findings to this blog, please email Tell me a little about yourself, your ideas and the types of posts you would like to add, and soon you may be contributing to make this blog even better than before - and the place to go for the best photographical and video evidence and information to ultimately uncover the TRUTH, whatever form that may end up taking in the end....

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