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Friday, February 19, 2010

Jermaine, Airports, and The Truth Unfolding

Since this video is causing quite the stir, I wanted to house it on my blog for "safekeeping" so to speak.

Jermaine may have the Guinness record now of "most slip-ups" within one minute. Right from the start he mentions that "HE had said he had a suffered a heart attack and all but Michael was very healthy". Who said?

And speaking of healthy? Was he healthy or taking drugs? That story changes at each interview the family does...

Then, of course, "Michael was not with us way before he arrived to the airport"..
(he should be happy he had an interviewer that didn't grill him).

Then "he passed before then, which LED to a conspiracy". So the "conspiracy" occurred after he passed? Speaking of "conspiracy", the AllJack5ons Twitter account tells us that they do not want to hear "conspiracy" talk from us, yet that is what they repeatedly discuss themselves in interviews.

Then.. "WHAT IF he administered it and my brother should have been in a hospital setting?" Notice he says "WHAT IF"...(UPDATE: we acknowledge after review that he could have said "WHATEVER", but we are still leaving the possibility open)

Then.. talk of the doctor not acting alone, Jermaine knowing the truth and that it will somehow come out (as he smirks while withholding his secret).

Then.. the interviewer asks "you just feel it's not your place to tell the authorities?" Jermaine says "It's not my place, but I know". (he is confident the authorities will figure it out on their own so holding back this information is not a big deal).

Virtually every sentence of this interview offers something to ponder. Perhaps Jermaine should continue to stay in the Land of Oz...............


  1. He seems awfully calm for someone who knows that there is a greater conspiracy behind his brother's death that may go unsolved/unpunished...

  2. about jermaine knowing and not sorry but if i knew who murdered my brother or what happened you bet your ass i would b all over the lapd...sorry doesnt add up...and who the hell laughs about it

  3. This behavior is very odd, when jermaine says: "Michael was not with us way before he arrived to the airport" .... That gesture, the sign with his face and then he correct the phrase saying "I mean when he way righ to the hospital" ...It's seem pretty much he es hidding something...

  4. The Divine Mrs JonesFebruary 19, 2010 at 1:20 PM

    We all make slip-ups when speaking..but to mix up a hospital with an airport..Hummm..I can't make that connection.
    Jermaine, to all intents and purposes, is a professional. He has been singing, performing and appearing publically for many years. This radio interview should have been a veritable cake walk for him, but he fluffed it up. WHY I wonder.
    These kinds of questions have been thrown at him for the last (nearly) 8 months, so he should have the answers known off by heart, but he doesn't seem to in this case..Again WHY..Is a conclusion to all of this near? Are we going to learn the truth once and for all? Whatever it may be!!!
    I, for one, will stay tuned.

  5. wow! i'm so proud that a video that i originally uploaded on the forum is causing this much attention!!
    Honestly, when i was listening to it live on the radio on Thursday morning, it literally stopped me in my tracks.....i was like, "WTF did he just say???"
    I couldn't wait to share it with you all.
    Bamsday is near, i just KNOW it....

    L.O.V.E to all


  6. Bless him. He keeps on giving and giving.....

    Yes MJAIR must have been very active taking Michael away that day.

    Besides what he says in this interview it's also the look on his face after the "airport" gaff and then he has that smirk when he talks about how he knows what is going on and it's all going to come out....almost like a kid holding a very big secret that they are dying to tell.....LOL

    We hope so, we hope so... :)


    PS Glad the blog is still up SC.

  7. A little bit surreal this interview...

  8. Glad you're back!

    Either Jermaine totally slipped up or he wants to continue to make slipups on purpose to keep people's interest in watching the Jacksons.

    If he knows whose involved, why leave it to the police. A private investigator can find out more. The family has money, they could hire PI and question everyone who was in the house that day. Hire a forensic expert to go back into the house and check out the bedrooms. Because they haven't done that tells me there is still a good chance MJ is alive somewhere.