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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Image On Screen During "Smile" Performance

Perhaps just an optical illusion as the mind tends to take random patterns and associate them with human faces, but a particular image on the screen caught my eye in the beginning of Jermaine's "Smile" performance at the Memorial.

Here is a screen shot of the screen right at the beginning of the clip:

The imagine within the yellow box looks interesting. It reminded me of someone wearing a mask, so I looked through my image collection and found a photo of Prince wearing a mask - and it does resemble the mystery image a little bit:

Oh but how the mind can play tricks....


  1. the eyes remind me the eyes of poster movie Avatar hmm..

  2. I would chalk this one up to optical illusion. Brains are funny things. But, this is just my opinion. :)

  3. Light up your face with sadness
    Hide every trace of gladness...


  4. You know what I find weird now that I relook at the memorial service. How can a grieving brother get up and belt out a song like that. Oh yes, I know it's Jermaine but still. He does one hell of a job with the tears. We have seen that he can tear up on cue. It's almost like he's auditioning like I CAN TAKE THE LEAD! I CAN TAKE THE LEAD NOW! PICK ME! PICK ME!!!

  5. Yes indeed he switched the lyrics but I doubt that he did that for purpouse.He made a mistake but I guess it was because his emotions.Just my opinion.

  6. In my opinion this is Price's mask. you can see the Teal color of his feathers off his mask in ''the memorial'' screenshot. and it coheres with the ''switched'' lyircs: ''Light up your face with sadness
    HIDE every trace of gladness''.....